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Kia Motors Reveals the 2022 Kia Carnival MPV

Just the other week, Kia Motors announced the virtual reveal of its Kia Carnival MPV, or Multi-Purpose Vehicle, spurned from its earlier motivation to produce purpose-built vehicles (PBV) after the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We didn’t know much, aside from a V6 engine and possibly three-rows, but now that the official reveal has taken place, Kia Motors has released all of the details on the all-new 2022 Kia Carnival MPV. Set to replace the outgoing Sedona, the Carnival MPV will be the first vehicle to be sold in the U.S. with Kia’s new logo, we can expect to see it in dealerships by the second quarter of this year.


Available in LX, EX, SX, and SX-Prestige trim levels, a single source makes up the powertrain for this new vehicle. A simple 3.5-liter V6 engine optimized with gasoline direct injection (GDI), and able to produce a best-in-class 290 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. torque is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Already showing some of its multiple purposes, the Carnival MPV has a towing capacity of 3500 pounds. Built on the same all-new 3rd generation “N3” platform as the capable Sorento and sporty K5, this new MPV is lighter, stronger and quieter than the outgoing Sedona. Plus, better driving dynamics equals better fuel economy.

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Kia K5 and Kia Sorento Win 2020 GOOD DESIGN Awards

When it comes to designing an automobile in the 21st Century, the look and feel of a vehicle is constantly changing. With so many automakers adding all kinds of tech to vehicles, the line between performance and sci-fi luxury begins to blend. As automakers expand and grow, so should the look of their vehicles based on technology and engineering and the new capabilities they offer. Steadily outpacing the industry is Kia Motors, an automaker with possibly the most alternative fuel vehicles making up its lineup, and on the way to holding a 25-percent market share of all electric vehicle sales by 2025, according to Plan S. With these new vehicles comes a new style, and current models in the lineup may be a good look at what’s to come. The Kia K5 and Kia Sorento recently won the 2020 GOOD DESIGN Awards.

Going on for 70 years, the GOOD DESIGN Awards is one of the oldest design competitions in the world. In the auto industry, automakers are constantly trying to come up with new looks and styles that will attract consumers and catch their attention. With constant competition, automakers need something that helps them stand out, and programs like the GOOD DESIGN Awards highlight vehicles for innovation and pushing the envelope for style in the marketplace. Kia Motors models continue to do so every year.

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Kia Motors Starts New EV Joint Venture with

Kia Motors is one of the automakers that bounced back from the pandemic shutdown with a vengeance. Right from the gates, Kia Motors blew up the auto industry by spearheading the production of Purpose-Built Vehicles (PBVs), investing in a new 800-volt battery system for electric vehicles (EVs), and announcing a new plan to design and produce micro EVs. Kia Motors, part of the Hyundai Motor Group, is also working with the automotive group to develop new forms of transportation, with projects like the MoceanLab. The most recent venture for Kia Motors is a new partnership for the development of customized EV mobility services.

Called “Purple M”, a new joint venture was created in partnership between Kia Motors and, a Korean technology firm pioneering the transition to autonomous Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS). Unlike the customization app Kia Motors released for EV models, the goal of customized EV mobility services are to create transportation services tailored for specific needs, such as ride-hailing, fleet management, demand-responsive shuttle, and smart logistics. With the implementation of’s unrivalled IT technology to Kia Motors already strong global presence, Purple M will make use of’s proprietary Urban Mobility Operating System (UMOS), a comprehensive mobility platform, to create new concepts for mobility services. The two groups share a common goal many automakers are currently chasing after – creating a mobile ecosystem where anyone and everyone can get some kind of private or public transportation.

“With the newly established Purple M, Kia will be reborn as a leader for the era of e-mobility… is a leading Korean company in the field of future innovation technology, and is the best partner for successfully promoting a differentiated e-mobility service business.” – Ho Sung Song, CEO and President of Kia

The challenge will be how quickly the common public will adapt to autonomous vehicle and air transportation services. A self-driving electric vehicle is one thing, with many organizations gaining popularity across the world, but trusting a total stranger to fly you somewhere? Sure, thousands of people get on planes driven by someone they don’t know every day, but that guy is a for sure board-certified pilot. We have a way to go before AirUbers become a thing.

Back to the electric vehicle side of things, Purple M is all about establishing a comprehensive and flexible e-mobility service platform that can deploy EVs anywhere. To do this, the joint venture will need to expand and shake hands with specialist providers in the country, specifically Korea and its various mobility market players to develop a flexible e-mobility infrastructure that can offer a wide range of services to a broad consumer base versus a small, controlled populace. Most-likely though, any e-hailing service will start small.

Purple M also aims to develop models and vehicles that will set new standards for mobility business models in the post-coronavirus era, an objective Kia Motors was also quick to learn about. Automakers can’t just keep producing the same bread-winning models and expect business as usual. Purple M was made to challenge conventional designs and reimagine transportation for the future. We’re also going to see part of Kia Motors Plan S Strategy come to fruition. The Korean automaker wanted to establish a leadership position in the future automotive industry when it came to electrification, connectivity, and autonomy. Through Purple M, Kia Motors will be collaborating between larger, well-established firms as well as smaller, younger companies in Korea to establish a new start-up ecosystem, an empire of sorts.

As Kia Motors continues to push the auto industry forward, we’ll continue to eagerly watch what comes next. Follow along with us on Miami Lakes Kia social media.

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Kia Motors Heat Pump Improves EV Driving Range

Sometimes Kia Motors feels like the leader of electric vehicles (EV) in technology and sales. If anything, the automaker’s Plan S strategy and claims to become the next all-electric automaker. Already underway, the Futuron concept is set to release in the coming years, along with another EV model. Engineering new ways to make use of electric vehicle power, Kia Motors is working with parent group Hyundai Motor on a new piece of technology that will not only optimize the features already used by EVs, but will also help to improve the distance and driving range of upcoming models, especially in the cooler temperatures.

South Florida and many parts of America may be entering the summer this month (June 2020), and although the summer season is a cause for heat, these storms have been leaving the atmosphere a little cool, and come autumn and winter, it can be pretty chilly. What does that mean for EV drivers who want a little extra heat in the cabin? The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system works harder, and that can decrease the power of the battery, reducing its driving range. To combat this, Hyundai and Kia Motors have presented a heat pump, and it’s been working in cars like the Kia Soul EV since its first generation.

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Kia Optima Officially Renamed the K5

By the end of 2019, Kia Motors was already announcing upcoming changes to its lineup for the upcoming years. The COVID-19 pandemic may have sent many industries into a frenzy, but as auto manufacturers start re-opening plants and getting back to work, plans for 2020 need to get picked back up where they were left off. That means big things like Kia Motors investing in a new 800-volt battery system pack for electric vehicles, or small things like the new Kia Optima getting a name change. Well, that’s not all that’s new about the 2021 Kia Optima, or it seems like we should start saying “2021 Kia K5”.

It’s official, the Kia Optima will henceforth become known as the Kia K5, and not just overseas but in the U.S. too. Yes, the Kia K5 has been the moniker for the Optima in South Korea, homeland of the large sedan, but will now be adopting the same name for the next generation of the model in 2021. Aside from this tidbit of knowledge, there hasn’t been much else information shared about the new Kia K5 except an all-wheel drivetrain (AWD) has been confirmed along with the new name change.

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Comparison of Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade


The 2020 Kia Telluride spearheaded sales for Kia Motors when it was released in March 2019. Having popped up all over the place and at many auto shows, including the five Kia Telluride concepts at the 2018 SEMA Auto Show and stealing the spotlight during 2018 Fashion Week in New York. Here’s the thing…the Kia Telluride is Kia Motors largest SUV in the lineup, meaning it comes with a new platform. Sitting under the Hyundai Motor Group umbrella, Kia Motors and Hyundai tend to share technology and the like. Hyundai also has a new three-row SUV called the Palisade coming out, built on the same platform as the Telluride. How do the two compare? Let’s find out.

Powertrain and Drivetrain

Who isn’t going to look at this? These are two large SUVs able to sit seven-to-eight passengers. They have to have a lot of power under the hood to carry everyone and cargo from point A to point B. The competition is going to be heavy with these two, because both, the 2020 Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade not only come with the front-wheel-drive standard, with all-wheel-drive also available as an option. They both also share the same engine.

Under the hood is a 3.8-liter V6 able to generate 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. All of that is controlled through an eight-speed automatic transmission. How do we tell the difference? The 2020 Kia Telluride has received marginally better EPA ratings than the Palisade, with a fuel economy of 20/26/23 mpg city/highway/combined compared to the Palisade’s 19/26/22 mpg city/highway/combined.


The good thing about Hyundai and Kia is although they may share the platform of a vehicle, they don’t just slap another badge on and call it a day. That would be ludicrous. Behind each vehicle is a design team dedicated to creating something different for the new lineup. On the outside, where the Telluride looks aggressive and ready to tackle some off-road terrain, the Palisade is a little more tame, going for a more luxurious and stately approach to style. Neither vehicle looks anything like the other, and although the interior of the Telluride handles cargo better than the Palisade, both SUVs have an upscale cabin capable of luring luxurious brand buyers.

Soft-touch materials and clever storage solutions can be found throughout the 2020 Kia Telluride, an increasingly winning feature of automobiles for all of our gadgets and gizmos. The Palisade also has some places for kid stuff when it comes to families with little ones that need to be entertained but too young for a tablet or smart device. Both vehicles offer a little something to attract consumers.


Some say it all comes down to the price. We don’t think so, and it seems neither does Hyundai or Kia. This comparison has had a lot of similarities, but the Kia Telluride has shined plenty throughout. When it comes to the price, both SUVs also fall within the same range. The starting MSRP for the Hyundai palisade is $31,550* and the starting MSRP for the 2020 Kia Telluride is $31,690* – not even $150 more. A marginal difference in price for a marginally better vehicle, right?

The 2020 Kia Telluride is available now at Miami Lakes Automall. So, come and check out why it’s got a leg over the competition in the SUV market today.

*Plus destination fee
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Kia Telluride Gets Street Cred in Texas


The Kia Telluride is really making a name for itself since its release in March 2019. Not only did this large SUV spearhead sales for Kia Motors, with a total of 5080 units sold, but also helped the automaker launch into their best quarter 1 (Q1) sales since 2016. The Telluride did mot than help Kia with sales though – it’s also quickly becoming critically acclaimed with awards. Like every success by Kia Motors, the Telluride is already getting concepts for other variations, but it’s not a hybrid or a plug-in – it’s a Telluride pickup truck.


Kia Telluride Lifestyle Truck

The image above is a digital rendering of the proposed pickup truck based off of the Kia Telluride, called a “lifestyle truck”. It’s not an official render, done by an artist that goes by the name of St00k on KiaTellurideForums. Although the image isn’t an official look at what a Kia Telluride pickup truck could look like, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at Kia Motors America, Michael Cole, spoke with MotorTrend in a recent interview. During the interview, he hinted at Kia Motors getting a version of their parent company Hyundai’s upcoming production truck.

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Who Said EVs Can’t Perform?


Who said electric cars (EVs) can’t perform? High-performance vehicles with alternative fuel are quickly becoming the next big thing in the pre-autonomous auto market. Self-driving, autonomous vehicles are also on the horizon, but they may be a little further out. Many automakers have resigned to finally embrace the change of the alternative fuel market, and some are thinking, “Hey, let’s do what we do best.” Still, make high-performance vehicles but make them so that they’re powered by an electric motor. Sound crazy? Kia Motors doesn’t think so.

The 2020 Kia Soul EV debuted at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, and it’s been getting the attention of a newborn baby! Following the pattern of the 2020 Kia Soul, the all-new 2020 Kia Soul EV is a last-generation replacement. With 40-percent more torque, nearly 85-percent more power, and an even longer driving range, the 2020 Kia Soul EV will be setting the stage for future Kia models.

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Miami Lakes Kia Sponsors Blackpink

Kia Motors Connecting with a Younger Generation

Kia Motors is sure one major auto brand that talks to the younger generations when it comes to the evolution of the automaker. One of the first vehicles to get the attention of the youth was the Kia Soul hatchback. The next was the new sports car, the Kia Stinger, currently the automaker’s new icon. Just last week, Kia Motors surprised us with its sponsorship of the eSports European Championship for popular PC game, League of Legends. Actually trying to connect with the next generation of consumers instead of designing what they think we want (Chrysler Portal *cough cough), Kia has more plans to get the winning vote of Millennials and Generation Z.

The Great Unknowns Scholarship

With the Super Bowl only weeks away, every major consumer and automotive brand out there will be battling to get those highly sought-after commercial spots. To continue the trend of being for the youth, Kia Motors is putting aside the tried-and-true method of overpaying a well-known celebrity to endorse their brand. This year, it’s about the kids, the future of our country.

Launching what Kia Motors calls the “The Great Unknowns Scholarship,” it’s described as a means to “help young people in need get a foothold in higher education.” It’s not something revolutionary, using an ad seen by the thousands of people watching the Super Bowl is a great way for anyone to get their name out there, for nearly any cause. Last year, Hyundai ran an ad promoting nonprofit group, Hyundai Hope on Wheels, that distributes a small portion of proceeds from every Hyundai vehicle purchased to institutions fighting childhood cancer. Kia Motors, a corporate affiliate of the Hyundai Motor Group, is doing the same this year.


Ever hear of the South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK? Maybe not, but South Korean girl bands and K-Pop groups are really becoming increasingly popular. Ever since Korean star Psy and his popular Gangnam Style music video went viral, people have been looking over east for new music stars. BLACKPINK is one of those musical groups, currently revving up for their 2019 World Tour. Kia Motors has chosen to serve as their sponsor, hence the picture above with the group posing with a Kia Stinger.

The partnership with BLACKPINK is surprisingly the first in a series of collaborations Kia will be announcing with K-Pop superstars this year (2019). As the title sponsor of the group’s World Tour, Kia Motors will hold a series of experiential events throughout the duration of the tour, some of which will give local fans a chance to meet the K-Pop stars. The World Tour runs from January 2019 on a global scale, including seven cities in Asia.

League of Legends European Championship

Kia Motors is also sponsoring a well-known event amongst PC gamers. It’s the European Championship for League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for PC and Mac computers. Connecting with eSports and eSports fans on this level is a large win for the automaker. Video games have created a whole new community of people, and getting their attention will be a win for Kia.

Throughout 2019, Kia Motors will be creating digital content with a six video series media campaign to advertise the championship, as well as their involvement. A short promotional segment titled “Ready to Play” has already gone live. Popular faces from the League of Legends world, Romain Bigeard, Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black, Daniel ‘Drakos’ Drakos, Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain, and Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day head out to attend the LEC in the Kia Stinger sports car.

Connecting with the next generation of the auto market should be the focus of all automakers going forward. Kia Motors already has a great start. Check out all the great vehicles Kia Motors has at Miami Lakes Kia.

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Miami Lakes Kia EVgo Electric Vehicle Charging

Kia Motors Gets New EV Charging Station App

Miami Lakes Kia EVgo Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles. When consumers hear that blend of words, they may have the fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere because their electric motor battery died and an electric charging station is nowhere in sight. That’s not necessarily true – especially in South Florida. Downtown Miami has many electric charging stations, and more EV charging stations are popping up in Brickell, South Beach, and Wynwood. Charging an electric vehicle gets easier every year, and with helpful apps like PlugShare, anyone with a smartphone can find the closest charging station to them. Automotive brands out there are taking notice, and the Hyundai Motor Group, owner of Kia Motors, has recently finalized a partnership with EVgo to make finding charging stations easier.

EVgo and Kia Motors

EVgo is the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the United States. Operating as an app, EVgo works much like PlugShare. PlugShare can shows consumers all kinds of charging stations and filter the results, displays a Google Maps-type map to show the driver local charging stations on-the-go, as well as provide details about each. For EVgo, users would get similar features, able to get a quick look at available charges. That’s about to change with this new partnership.

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