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Kia Americas Reopens Reservations for Kia EV6 First Edition Models

The world of digital devices and the internet is hitting some crazy hiccups lately. If it’s not the global shortage of semiconductor chips, it’s cyber security threats and internet shutdowns. Many companies and organizations have been affected, as well as many industries as a whole – automotive included. Recently, Kia Corp and Kia America launched the new Kia EV6, starting with the EV6 First Edition model. Potential owners have a chance to reserve theirs, but due to technical difficulties, the reservation site was closed on June 3rd, but has reopened as of now. You can hold yours with a $100 fully refundable deposit for the limited run of EV6 First Editions at, delivery in early 2022.

“Early demand for the all-new EV6 has been overwhelming and we quickly reset our special Reservation website to handle expanded access and traffic…Fairness is a fundamental component of our corporate culture, and therefore we thought best to suspend the original process, enhance the reservation procedure, and then reopen this exclusive opportunity to the many folks who had been in line and excited to join us on this journey.” – Russell Wager, vice president, marketing, Kia America

What is so special about the EV6 First Edition model? Like any first edition of a new model release, there are bound to be extra features not available for other models or come with all the goodies at a better price before it goes into mass production. With only 1500 units set for production, the EV6 First Edition is bound to come with more than just a nice sound system. Speaking of which, First Edition models of the Kia EV6 come with a premium 14-speaker Meridian audio system with a two-year subscription to SiriusXM. Other features include an Augmented Reality (AR) Head-Up Display, Remote Smart Parking Assist, a wide sunroof, and 20-inch wheels. Built off of the EV6 GT trim, the EV6 First Edition is powered by a 77.4 kWh battery with a 160kW front motor and a 270kW rear motor and comes with dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD).

Fancy, right? That somewhat unknown feature, Remote Smart Parking Assist, is pretty helpful for these ever-crowded parking lots. Some people have no manners and can’t be bothered to be aware of the space around their vehicle before opening the door and possibly dinging the adjacent vehicle. We’ve all been there, on either end of this automotive sin. Luckily, Kia EV6 First Edition models can try to avoid this with Remote Smart Parking Assist, where the key fob can move the vehicle in and out of a parking space by moving forward or backward and comes with a button to turn the vehicle off.

Pushing forward with new and advanced tech, AR Head-Up Displays are becoming ever more popular with Kia Corp and future models. Sweeping displays and dashboards, “Hello Kia” and virtual assistants, and new powertrains, Kia is an automaker that continues to transform and bring new high tech, luxury, and convenience to the automobile. Looking for your own new Kia model? Find yours at Miami Lakes Automall. Remember, only 1500 units of the EV6 First Edition model are available for reservation at

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All the Cool Tech in the EV6

Last week, we discussed the reveal of the Kia EV6, the very first vehicle to come from the Kia Motors Corp, now Kia Corp, and known as Kia America for Kia Motors America. There was so much information to cover, we decided to split it up a bit. The new powertrain, style, and interior cabin of the EV6 already has a lot going for it, but the technology really sends this electric vehicle into a new age.

Standard and Available Tech Features

Starting with the dashboard, the driver has a panoramic dual integrated 12-inch TFT center cluster displaying vehicle diagnostics, and the infotainment screens form a wide, curved display that extends across the length of the instrument panel. An Augmented Reality (AR) Head-Up Display (HUD) is available, and makes viewing this information easier, including speed and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) alerts, vehicle information, lane guidance and turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

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2020 Kia Telluride Named on Car and Driver 10Best Trucks and SUVs list


This month is just so amazing for the 2020 Kia Telluride, we feel like we could cry tears of joy – oh jeez, call the Wahmbulance, because our little big SUV just won another top honor in the industry. Right on the heels of being named SUV of the Year by MotorTrend and winning two awards during the 2019 Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) Texas Truck Rodeo, the 2020 Kia Telluride SUV also landed on one of Car and Driver’s 10Best lists. Yowza.

For those not in the know, let’s do a run-down of why this is important news. Car and Driver is a very well-known auto industry publication held in the highest regard by car enthusiasts and automotive manufacturers alike. Known for its expert editorial team, over the years they have displayed integrity, engineering insights, and high standards. Absolutely a leading online source of information, when reviewing the auto market, Car and Driver holds the largest audience of any monthly automotive magazine and every year puts together a number of 10Best lists.

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Miami Lakes Kia Optima PHEV

Kia Announces Kia Optima PHEV for 2017

Miami Lakes Kia Optima PHEVKia has been kicking up dust for awhile now with it’s eco-friendly vehicles such as the Kia Optima Hybrid, the Kia Niro, and Kia Soul EV. Well, what’s better than a hybrid for eco-sustaining enthusiasts? A PHEV vehicle, Kia’s first to be exact, and they’re putting the name on one of its best and brightest – the Kia Optima PHEV is coming to town.

Originally teased back in June, Kia released a single webpage discussing some of the outstanding features and design choices for the Kia Optima PHEV. First off, plug-in hybrids have a charging port, so that will be a new exterior feature. Second, the Optima PHEV will have re-profiled front and rear bumpers that enhance airflow over the body and improve aerodynamics.

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Why Lease a Kia?

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Purchasing a car is a big decision because it’s a major financial commitment. It can be the perfect move if you know exactly what kind of vehicle you want and you plan to own for several years.

However, if you’re not sure what type of car would be the best fit for you or if you haven’t nailed down your long-term plans, buying can be risky.

You don’t want to be locked into a vehicle that doesn’t match your lifestyle. And you don’t want to put tons of money into a purchase if you might just trade it in a few years from now.

If that’s the case, leasing may be the right option for you. Kia dealers in Miami, FL make leasing easy, and they offer a totally diverse lineup of high quality, stylish vehicles for you to choose from.

These are some key benefits of leasing to help you figure out the best option for you.

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Kia’s K900: To Luxury and Beyond

2015-kia-k900-Kia Dealers in Miami FL

Hearing the name Kia might conjure up images of a few hamsters who really know how to get down. But that won’t be the first thing that comes to mind for long.

Though the cheeky, creative Kia Soul commercials do bring a smile to our faces, we’ve also got to make room for a new side of the brand that has just made its debut.

While we have seen Kia dealers in Miami, FL offer upscale models like the Optima and the Cadenza with huge success, we’ve never seen anything from them that could quite prepare us for the unbelievable luxury of the K900.

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