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Kia Brings Back Hamsters to Promote New Soul EV

Some things that are old get the chance to become new again. Old customers of Kendall Kia Miami can become the new customers of the superior Miami Lakes Kia, and an old ad campaign of Kia’s has gotten a new look to promote the new Soul EV.

That same theme of transformation is played out in the new ad, which features the quirky Kia hamsters toiling away in their design laboratory. While they’re putting the finishing touches on the new Soul EV, a pet hamster from their lab (don’t think about it) rolls off the shelf in its hamster ball and makes a run for the Soul EV.

The hamsters have already pressed the magic ready button that zaps power into the Soul EV, and the hamster in the ball is caught in the cross fire. 

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What You Should Know About Special Ordering a Car

Kendall Kia Miami offered to special order vehicles before it closed its doors and was reopened under a new dealership. Now, customers are learning about the benefits of shopping at Miami Lakes Kia, which include a better selection, great prices, and the ability to special order some vehicles. These and other benefits have earned Miami Lakes Kia a reputation as one of the top Kia dealerships in South Florida.

If you have never special ordered a car, you may be confused about what the process is like or what to expect. Here are a few important things you should know about special ordering a car:

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3 Kia Models for Cool Parents

When you are a parent, you need a lot more from the vehicle you drive. You need a lot more cargo room, a lot more passenger room, great gas mileage to keep costs low, and safety features to keep your family protected on the road. Traditionally, the minivan and station wagon have been the vehicles of choice for parents since they meet all those criteria. However, many parents don’t like driving them because they don’t seem “cool.”

At Miami Lakes Kia, we offer a wide selection of new and previously owned Kias to help you find a vehicle that is not only safe and practical for your family, but that also looks cool. We invite former customers of Kendall Kia Miami, which was recently closed, to come in and check out our inventory, as well as anyone else in the area who is looking for a new vehicle.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety and security. Here are a few Kia options that keep the “cool” factor and that parents will love:

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