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Miami Lakes Auto Kia Family Cars

Kia Family Cars: SUVs and Minivans

Miami Lakes Auto Kia Family CarsLooking for a family car, isn’t easy. There are so many choices, on the road and on the lot, and it can become pretty challenging to reach a decision. That’s why blogs like ours cut through the mess and present some of the best cars available so family-oriented drivers can get the facts about several cars on a single page. Today, we’d like to take a look at some great options for the family from the Kia lineup.

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2016 Kia Sedona SXL: Luxury For You – And The Whole Family

2016 Kia Sedona SXL

Look, we know how tough the daily grind can be on a daily driver. With errands to run, kids and family to shuttle around, and cargo to haul back and forth, it can be tough to balance practicality with pleasure when it comes to picking the vehicle that’s right for you and your situation. But when a capable, spacious minivan comes along that also offers a stylish, convenient design, it might be hard to believe it’s real – but real it is, and it’s called the 2016 Kia Sedona SXL.

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Three Reasons to Love the 2016 Sedona

Minivans. As much as people love to hate them, they are the Swiss army knife of the automotive industry. They are essential to the modern day family, or the active older adult couple. They can haul, tow, carry, and accommodate just about anything you need them to, and they are doing it with more style than ever before. Embracing minivan ownership is one of the best decisions you can make for your active family, and Kia is helping drivers cope with the transition with the new 2016 Kia Sedona. Read the rest of this entry >>