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When Kia designs and engineers their vehicles, they do so to exceed your expectations and demands. For them, it isn’t just enough to build a car you’ll like, it’s imperative they build a car that delivers qualify and dependability. It’s one of the many reasons why Kia has become a popular brand because they have built their reputation on their commitment to quality.

When you visit Miami Lakes Kia, your Kia dealership of choice, you’ll have a chance to discover the elation you’ll feel from driving their vehicles. With that in mind, here’s a look at how Kia is able to achieve exceptional performance and how this benefits you.

GDI Technology

Kia is proud to offer gasoline direct injection technology in their engines. How this works is the fuel goes straight to the engine’s combustion chamber. This creates a better operating engine where you’ll receive exceptional benefits such as improved performance and great efficiency.

Stop & Go Technology

Did you know that for every 15 minutes your vehicle idles in traffic, it loses up to a quarter of a gallon of gas? Now factor that into a given week of encountering regular traffic and you can see how much gas your vehicle wastes on your commutes alone.

Kia was mindful of this when they engineered their vehicles; this is why they offer stop and go technology. With this, it will turn off the engine when your vehicle comes to a complete stop. Once you let your foot off the brake pedal the engine restarts effortlessly. This technology can help you save money on fuel expenses as well as help you reduce wear on your engine.

A Commitment to Innovation

These two features show cutting edge ways Kia is enhancing the performance of their vehicles. Along with this, Kia is constantly on the lookout for new innovations that can improve your drives. By taking this approach to discovering new ideas and through their careful approach of testing them, you’ll find confidence in knowing Kia is working hard to find the best ways to make your drives rewarding.

If you are ready to experience Kia’s exceptional performance, feel free to visit us. While here, we can help you learn more about all the performance benefits Kia can offer you.

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