Kia Unveils EV5 Concept at 2023 Chinese EV Day

When the Kia EV9 all-electric SUV was first revealed by the automaker, consumers may have been wondering, “What about EV7, or EV8?” And for that matter, what about EV1-5? The Kia EV6 came out of seemingly nowhere. Well, we have an answer for the EV9. Kia stated that the EV9 is the ninth all-electric addition to its lineup, so why not just call it “Electric Vehicle Nine” or EV9? It sounds like an early concept code name. Well, we’re going to be seeing more of that in the prequel, because Kia just revealed the newest addition to the lineup – the Kia EV5 Concept.

“The Kia Concept EV5 takes influence from the contrast and complementarity of natural landscapes and man-made architecture. It is designed to inspire our customers on every journey, while providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. Created for those who seek inventive new ideas, the SUV brings together emotional form language with innovative, user-focused interior architecture,” = Karim Habib, Executive Vice President, and Head of Kia Global Design Center

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2023 Kia Niro Wins Two Awards from WWCOTY

The Kia Corporation is no stranger to winning awards for some of their best and most popular vehicles on the market today, and every week there’s something new. In March 2023 alone, nine Kia models were named on the Car and Driver 2022 Editors’ Choice Awards List, and two more Kia models were named as finalists for the 2023 World Car Awards. Dealing with another “World Car Award”, the 2023 Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) awards recently concluded, and a hybrid that’s been gaining a lot of attention recently won another award before the month closes out. Earning the title of “Urban Car of the Year” is the one and only 2023 Kia Niro.

“When I first saw the Niro, I was struck by its design. Kia has checked all the boxes and I appreciate that it offers different powertrains to address the varying needs of buyers from continent to continent…The Kia Niro is a worthy winner of the Women’s World Car of the Year. It’s comfortable with advanced safety features and it’s practical – it’s one of those vehicles that can easily fit into one’s lifestyle.” – Marta García, Executive President, Women’s World Car of the Year

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Kia Reveals Photos of EV9 All-Electric SUV

In September 2022, the Kia EV9 was spied to be in its final testing phase. It was only a matter of time before the automaker finally stopped teasing the reveal of the EV9 and give us all the details. In March 2023, the Kia Corporation finally revealed full images of the exterior and interior design of the Kia EV9, but continues to hide specs and entertainment options from the public eye. We’re unclear on what the powertrain will be, just that this might be the last model to use the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), developed by the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG). Continuing Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, the EV9 is sure to highlight its unique combination of sleek, sculptural shapes and geometry while keeping the SUV striking and serene.

“The Kia EV9 breaks new ground, aiming to redefine standards for design, connectivity, usability and environmental responsibility…The Kia EV9 offers customers an exceptionally high-quality proposition and a fresh EV perspective in the family SUV sector. This new vehicle typology provides instinctive experiences and excellent comfort for not just the driver, but all occupants, through innovative use of space, technology and design.” – Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center

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Two Kia Models Named Finalists for 2023 World Car Awards

This year feels like it’s just dragging on, doesn’t it? It feels like it’s time for another cataclysmic event to shake things up, but so far it’s a snore. Maybe the world has finally calmed down, but there’s one industry that’s a busy as ever. With many automakers bouncing back from the semiconductor chip shortage, making partnerships and signing contracts throughout the year to insure their share of such a tiny but power component, awards shows have definitely picked up. Every month, every week, another automaker lands in the winner’s circle, and in March 2023, two Kia models land amongst the best-of-the-best as finalists during the 2023 World Car Awards – the Kia Niro and Kia EV6.

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Kia Officially Teases the Kia EV9 All-Electric SUV

Back in November 2021, the Kia Corporation began to preview its upcoming EV9 all-electric SUV, following in the wake of the successful Kia EV6 all-electric hatchback. During the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, we saw the Kia EV9 concept raised up on a platform, and took the EV6 for a test drive, and since then, the EV9 was spotted to be in its final testing phase. Now in 2023, the automaker is finally ready to release the Kia EV9 SUV officially, starting with two teaser videos that can be found on the brand’s YouTube Channel – “Silhouette” and “Lights”.

“Lights” just places a larger focus on what I’ll bet are LED taillights and the illuminated front fascia, with a grid of digital lights on either side. With striking lighting patterns to complete the bold identity of the EV9, there is even talk of this SUV becoming the new flagship model of the automaker, or at least the new SUV flagship for Kia. At the moment, the teaser videos don’t really tell us much. We get a preview of the unique blend of sleek and sculptural design of the body, following the brand’s new design philosophy “Opposites United”, seen clearly in the design of the digital representation of the Kia EV9, revealed in November 2021.

Now, I’m not the best at math, but seven and eight come after six. So, some people may be wondering what happened to the Kia EV7 or Kia EV8. Those two models may never come to be, because we’re way past that. The name “EV9” actually comes from Kia’s EV nomenclature. The automaker takes the prefix, “EV”, and pairs it with its number in chronological order of electric vehicles (EVs) currently in the lineup. So, the Kia EV9 is the ninth all-electric model amongst Kia’s already dedicated EV lineup. Growing at a fast rate, with plans to release 14 BEV models by 2027, as discussed during the Kia 2022 CEO Investor Day.

Kia plans to fully reveal both the exterior and interior design in mid-March, and the total specs and product information will be fully disclosed during the Kia EV9 World Premiere in late March. We wonder what the starting MSRP will be with all of the current competition out there. The 2023 Kia EV6, also considered to be an SUV in some spaces, starts at $48,700 (plus destination fee), so it might be not much more than that, maybe $5000 more if we’re aiming low. It’s anyone’s guess, but there are a couple of things we definitely know for sure. Starting with the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), developed by the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) as the new platform for upcoming EVs to the lineup.

Well, actually, the E-GMP is going to be discontinued and replaced with a new platform already in the works. Could it be the Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) HMG is working on? Maybe, but we know that the “Opposites United” design philosophy ensured the vehicle was more sustainable, built of upcycled materials developed from collected waste deposited into the marine ecosystem to make up the flooring of the vehicle, and the seating fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and wool fibers. The LED pattern on the front fascia is said to be a “star cloud” pattern that serves as a welcome light for the driver when the vehicle is unlocked. With geometric lines that resemble rocks in the fenders and pillars, the zigzag of lightning in the taillights, and the unique Daylight Opening (DLO) panoramic sky roof are all cues to the design philosophy of matching machinery with nature.

Riding on 22-inch wheels, the EV9 has already been tested for capability, trekking a 4WD climbing hill and a rough terrain at Kia’s global Namyang R&D center in Korea. With exceptional performance on road and off road, the EV9 concept interior is just as upscale. With an interactive 27-inch ultra-wide display that controls media, climate control, comfort, and a next-gen camera monitoring system, the interior can also be turned into a lounge area when the vehicle is stationary. One of three modes, Pause Mode turns the cabin into a real lounge front row seats that can swivel around to face the third row and folding the second-row seats into a table. The Kia EV9 is shaping up to be a real game-changer. We can’t wait to see how much of the original concept went into the final production model. We’ll know more by the end of March 2023. Keep up with us on Miami Lakes Automall social media to find out what’s new for Kia.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media

Nine Kia Models Named on Car and Driver 2022 Editors’ Choice Awards List

Buying a new car, and more importantly, the right car, can be a daunting experience for a new consumer entering the auto market. Luckily, some of the pressure and stress can be taken away by the many automotive journalists and publications that post reviews and “Best of” lists to clear out the clutter and discuss some of the best vehicles on the market today. Buying the right car for 2022 gets even easier when a big name like Car and Driver publish their 2022 Editors’ Choice awards list of winners. This year, nine models by Kia earned a Car and Driver Editors’ Choice Award for its respective car segment.

“Kia has been coming on strong in recent years, building more and more vehicles that are showing up well in our testing…Their inclusion on our Editors’ Choice list is confirmation that they’re members of the automotive honor roll—no small achievement.” – Rich Ceppos, director, Car and Driver Buyer’s Guide

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Kia Earns a TSP+ from IIHS for the 2023 Kia Telluride

For the last few years, the Kia Corporation has gone through some various changes. It was around the time that Kia produced the Kia Stinger sports car and when the automaker was still known as “Kia Motors”. The original name is still hidden in the new Kia logo, and its lineup continues to expand. Going in an all-electric direction, Kia is still focused on performance, but deriving it from a purely electric source. One, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, but also because as cars evolve, the space left over from a missing engine can now be replaced with a CPU to turn a vehicle into a mobile and digital lounge. This also calls on the automaker to provide greater safety, and with an already impressive record, Kia once again earns a TOP SAFETY PICK+ (TSP+) rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). This time, it’s for the 2023 Kia Telluride SUV.

“Since its introduction in 2019, consumers have continually gravitated toward the Telluride because it checks all the right boxes…Our highly decorated Telluride has been lauded for design, performance, technology, and safety features, which is further emphasized as a result of the TOP SAFETY PICK+ award that reflects Kia’s commitment to making safety a priority.” – Steven Center, COO & EVP, Kia America

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