Kia Earns Title of Highest Dependable Brand During 2023 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study

Every year, automotive publications and organizations that place a focus on the auto industry from time-to-time publish reviews and put together “Best of” lists. 2023 feels like the busiest year so far with awards, lists, studies, and competitions running amuck with another chance to win a prestigious title nearly every week. One automaker that seems to stand out during all of this is the Kia Corporation. Every competition that takes place has a Kia model listed, and the one of the most recent rewards is earning the title of the number one mass-market brand during the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study.

“J.D. Power collects and assembles tens of thousands of customer voices from verified owners. Kia customers have responded with high quality ratings praising their experience after three years of ownership…Earning the distinction of the most dependable mass market brand for the third year in a row, in addition to receiving awards for the Kia Sportage, Kia Forte, and Kia Optima shows that Kia has listened to the voice of the customer and is giving them the dependability they desire.” – Doug Betts, President, Global Automotive Division, J.D. Power

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Kia Continues to Rack Up Awards in 2023 As Utility Vehicle of the Year

Awards season has been pretty crazy for 2023 so far. Every week, another competition or “Best of” list concludes, and we find out who the big names in the industry think are the best cars on the market. It’s not just one person’s opinion, either. A lot of the winners are picked based on data and a jury panel made up of a variety of people from different backgrounds with different values, and they all still come to an agreement on the best-of-the-best. The Kia Corp has been on fire since 2023 started, racking up awards left-and-right, and the most recent is the Utility Vehicle of the Year in the 2023 AutoGuide Awards, naming the 2023 Kia Sportage as the winner.

“The Sportage is a Kia icon, but it’s been elevated to new heights after its significant overhaul for the 2023 model year…We’re humbled the esteemed editors at AutoGuide have recognized how much thought we put into improving the Sportage and expanding the model line with HEV and PHEV powertrains.” – Steven Center, COO and EVP, Kia America

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Vincentric Names Two Kia Models During the Best Value in America Awards

Car research is always a must-do when entering the auto market for a new car, and depending on the purpose of the car, the must-have features can vary. Maybe it’s connectivity, or price, or the total lifetime value. That last one means many things, starting with the initial purchase, covering maintenance costs, annual fees for vehicle registration, etc. All valid things to consider. Automotive publications and other platforms have been busy hosting awards over the last two months, and Vincentric recently concluded the Vincentric Best Value in America Awards. This year, Vincentric named two Kia models on this list – the 2023 Sorento PHEV and 2023 Rio.

“Both the Sorento PHEV and the Rio had strong performances in this year’s Vincentric Best Value in America Awards…The Sorento PHEV had the best fuel economy ratings and the lowest operating costs in its segment, which helped it outperform 22 competitor models and claim victory for Mid-Size SUV. The Rio impressed by having the lowest insurance cost, repair cost, and total ownership costs in its segment. ” – David Wurster, Vincentric President

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Kia Wins Three Categories During Best Cars of 2023 Competition

What’s the easiest way consumers can learn about the best car(s) available in the auto industry? Many resources can provide excellent research, whether it’s a review from a trusted source like Kelley Blue Book (KBB), a months-long study by J.D. Power, or an awards competition like the many held every year. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding a “Best of” list and reading on the best model for each car segment. That brings us to another well-known automotive online publication, The URL is simple to remember, and millions of consumers read up on new cars at every day. That’s why when listing the winners for the “Best Car of 2023”, Kia knows will give the automaker plenty of time to shine with three models winning this year.

“The 2023 Niro HEV rises to the top of our rankings because of its affordability, fuel economy, functional Aero Blade, and stand-out styling inside and out…Available in three powertrains, the Niro is offered as an EV, plug-in hybrid or hybrid, which is our favorite. Its EPA-estimated 53 mpg combined left our editors impressed. The five-seat compact hatchback sports an SUV-like profile. The dynamic dashboard design, padded surfaces and satin-finish accents give the Niro a classy ambiance, and the interior features innovative materials. For shoppers that want a little customization without the cost, the ‘Aero Blade’ accent panels are available in different colors. The 2023 Niro’s innovation proves affordable alternative-fuel vehicles can come with style.” – Editor-in-Chief Jenni Newman

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Four Kia Models Land on 2023 Best Value New Cars Report

Every new year feels like the perfect time to make a change for the better. Whether a resolution to stay away from fast food, or buying a new car, change is good. With many consumers entering the market for a new vehicle, a poke in the right direction is always nice. With the many automotive sources online and in print that publish car reviews, “Best of” lists, and have award competitions, consumers have more information than ever to make an informed decision on the best car for them. Recently, concluded its’s 2023 Best Value New Cars report, and continuing its already burning success when it comes to awards and lists, Kia took five of the 34 spots listed in the report.

“We expect affordability to be top of mind for consumers in 2023. Finding affordable vehicles that still offer impressive technology and safety features can be challenging for car shoppers…’s 2023 Best Value New Cars report will help shoppers find a quality vehicle within their budget including five options in small SUVs, sedans and plug-in hybrids from Kia.” Jane Ulitskaya, Editor

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Kia America Donates $100,000 Towards Tornado Disaster Relief in Georgia

In 2019, the Kia Corporation started changing lives with its “Accelerate The Good” charitable initiative. What once started off as a scholarship program, known as the Great Unknowns Scholarship for students in need looking to pursue their dreams of higher education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and/or Math (STEAM), the automaker expanded to non-profit charity organizations and donating to many disaster relief efforts. In October 2022, Kia donated $600,000 to four non-profit organizations to provide housing, medical care, meals, and greater access to digital learning for the families and children of Bryan County, Georgia. Kia also donated a total of $500,000 to the American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Ian. Kia America comes back to Georgia following the recent tornado, joining Kia Georgia to contribute $100,000 to the American Red Cross of Georgia in support of their tornado relief efforts.

“The Red Cross of Georgia is grateful to Kia America and Kia Georgia for their generous donation to help provide relief to those impacted by disasters here in our state…With this support, our dedicated Red Cross volunteers will continue to deliver safe shelter, food, comfort and hope to those in need.” – Dee Dixon, Regional Chief Executive Officer of the American Red Cross of Georgia

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