Kia Corp Sponsors AO22 and Celebrates Kia Arena Inauguration

Automakers have been really getting involved with the community over the years. In these trying times, it’s nice to see those with the big bucks giving back and helping where they can, whether donating to charities or offering automotive services to deliver goods to those in need. Another way to get involved is to take part in sporting events – no, not saying we’re going to see a Hyundai Sonics playing basketball – but many automakers are starting to sponsor sporting events and games. This can come in the form of paid advertisement or fully supporting an event. This year, Kia Corp is returning to support the Australian Open 2022 (AO22), the largest tennis event of the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently going on now, from January 9 – 30, 2022, Kia will be offering players a chance to get around the tournament area and Melbourne Park, as well as match officials and VIPs in comfort and safety during the Open from January 17-30, 2022. Presented to tournament officials, a fleet of 130 Kia vehicles will give players a hands-on experience of the popular Kia Sportage SUV, the luxury Carnival MPV, and all-electric EV6 crossover. Kia is also running an “Aces for Oceans” campaign during AO22 that will benefit aspiring tennis players through the Australian Tennis Foundation.

“As the major partner of the Australian Open for over two decades, we look forward to deepening our engagement with millions of fans around the world, while cementing the status of the Australian Open as one of the world’s most exciting sporting events…In line with our commitment to spurring innovation that is inspired by nature, we are pleased to work with Tennis Australia and fans to help preserve oceanic environments around the globe through our ‘Aces for Oceans’ campaign. With each ace served during the AO and fans’ online participation, Kia will assist those aspiring to reach their tennis dreams by donating tennis equipment made with recycled waste materials to the Australian Tennis Foundation,” – Artur Martins, Head of Kia’s Global Brand and Customer Experience

Also a win for Kia Corp, the AO22 also celebrates the inauguration of Kia Arena, a 5,000-seat capacity stadium where AO22 and future tournament matches will be played. Earlier this month, on January 13, 2022, Kia held an official vehicle handover ceremony at Kia Arena in Melbourne Park to celebrate its opening. The event was attended by Kia and Tennis Australia executives, former Australian Open champion Rafael Nadal, and wheelchair tennis champion Dylan Alcott. The fourth-largest Australian Open stadium at Melbourne Park, Kia Arena was constructed ahead of AO22 and already has plans for diverse cultural, sports and entertainment programs following the tournament schedule. Kia Corp is getting a lot of marketing ops for this, and just some icing on the cake is an EV6 exhibition booth also operating during AO22.With the various opportunities that will be created from the synergy Kia Corp has with the Australian Open will surely continue to help the automaker as Kia pours all of its recourses into electric vehicle development. Interested in going green? You can help Kia America when you buy a new Kia EV from Miami Lakes Automall.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media

Kia EV6 Wins Two More Awards for 2021-2022

We’re already several weeks into 2022, but vehicles released in 2021 are still winning awards, and automotive publications are still happy to share the results of their “Best of” lists. Two new recent awards for Kia Corp are due to the all-new Kia EV6 hatchback. The first all-electric vehicle with no predecessor from the automaker, the EV6 brings long-range, zero-emissions power, 800V ultra-fast charging, and a new Kia signature style to the crossover and SUV market. That’s why it won these two prestigious awards – “Car of the Year” award at the prestigious 2022 What Car? Awards, and was crowned World Champion at the Inaugural “Best Cars of the Year” Awards.

Winning an award from What Car? is a historical mark for the automaker, with the EV6 being the second time an electric vehicle (EV) has ever won the What Car? “Electric SUV of the Year” award. The first time was the Kia Niro EV in 2019. In the ten months since its release, the EV6 has won a record number of awards and accolades, with highlights in 2021 like being named “Crossover of the Year” by TopGear. In 2022, the popularity will surely continue, and What Car? shared some thoughts on why.

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Miami Lakes Kia League of Legends Championship Europe

Kia Corp Sponsors LoL LEC for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Over the years, Kia Corp has been going through some major changes, to the name, to the logo, and to the lineup. During this time, Kia has also found ways to connect with the youth, a smart choice for any company with a shifting demographic. The majority of consumers making up the auto market today are late Gen X consumers, Gen Y consumers (Millennials), and young Gen Z consumers. Those are the people automaker’s need to talk to, and not too long ago, it was clear some of them don’t know a single thing about Millennials – commonly confused with Gen Z. When it comes to the world of video and computer games, that speaks to gamers of all ages, and becoming the official sponsor of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has put Kia in the spotlight for the last four years.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with the LEC, one of the world’s premier eSports leagues…As the LEC’s longest-running main partner, we look forward to deepening our engagement with global eSports fans in 2022, while introducing innovative experiences based on Kia’s brand belief that ‘movement inspires ideas.’” – Hyojung Jung, Kia’s Head of Marketing Communications Group

2022 makes it the fourth year-in-a-row that the Kia Corporation becomes the main automotive partner during the spring and summer LEC seasons in 2022. Held at the Berlin LEC Studio, the spring season lasts from January to April, where defending champions and top contenders will compete, followed by the summer season in July to September. Players will also get their own Kia Player of the Game segment online as a highlight of their skills.

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miami-lakes-kia-motors-great-unknowns-scholarship Promo

Kia America Has Plans for the 2022 Super Bowl LVI

Kia Corp has been getting involved more and more with the youth community, and their latest announcement of being the official sponsor of the League of Legends championship for the fourth consecutive year, it’s clear this is a smart move that will continue. The demographic tomorrow is the youth of today, and if a company wants to survive, they need to adapt to the new audience. Not just sponsoring events, Kia America has also helped its community in times of disaster during the pandemic, such as donating to Covenant House and other charities, and every year a new Super Bowl Campaign. 2022 will be no different, and here’s a look back at previous endeavors by Kia Corp.

Giving Back

Back in 2019, during the ultimate EDM music festival (the annual Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festival), Kia America put together an unforgettable experience for partygoers to help them refresh and refuel to party on. One major initiative, Accelerate the Good, was the major jumping off point for Kia going beyond events and giving back to the community in larger ways. Last year, Kia donated $200,000 to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts after the hurricane season hit New Orleans and the U.S. mainland. That’s in addition to the $250,000 donated to Covenant House.

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Kia and Hyundai Shift All Focus to EV Development

Kia Corp and the Hyundai Motor Group as a whole (the Group) are one of the most forward-thinking automotive groups out there. Kia has been working on hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), electric vehicles (EVs) – also known as battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) – and even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. With the majority of the industry moving towards EVs, competition is going to get even fiercer, and that means those already up ahead in the race need a little boost to stay ahead. A staff email leaked to South Korean newspapers tells us that the Group is taking the competition seriously and is shifting all of its focus onto electric power.

The last model only equipped with an internal combustion engine is the 2022 Kia Carnival MPV. Powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, capable of generating 290 horsepower, this may be more or less a minivan, but the 2022 Kia Carnival can accelerate from 0-60 mph in seven seconds. A step towards a life of luxury on the road, this MPV can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably, and even comes with a VIP lounge seating setting for full reclining seats, raised power footrests, comfy headrests, and a customizable leather seat trim. Two dual 12.3-inch displays stretch across the dashboard can provide the driver with information and access to entertainment options. There is also a rear-seat entertainment system that comes with a 12-speaker Bose stereo. Another luxury SUV, the Kia Carens, was teased, but that’s it.

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Kia EV6 and Carnival Win 2022 GOOD Design Awards

It’s January 2022 and Kia Corp is already earning some rewards. Known as the GOOD DESIGN Awards, the Kia EV6 electric crossover and fourth-generation Kia Carnival MPV both took home top honors in the “Transportation” category, adding onto the already growing list the EV6 and Carnival have earned since their debut. The EV6 is its own success, the first all-electric vehicle to come from the automaker with no predecessor, and the Kia Carnival will be the automaker’s attempt at surpassing the mass market and go luxury. In 2020, Kia was ranked as the highest non-luxury brand during the 2020 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, giving the automaker the guts to introduce its first luxury model, the Kia Carnival.

“Securing these GOOD DESIGN awards is an endorsement of the approach we took with the styling of the Kia EV6 and Kia Carnival, and is a tribute to the collaborative efforts of our talented international design team. It truly has been a pivotal year for us; we launched our brand new design philosophy ‘Opposites United’, the ethos of which is already transforming our cars, and we are determined to ensure Kia keeps challenging the boundaries of automotive design.” – Karim Habib, Head of Kia Design Center

The GOOD Design Awards may not be the most well-known name to consumers, but the awards ceremony has been going on since 1950, making it one of the oldest design competitions in the world. Organized by Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, a judging panel of industry leaders from over 50 countries vote on new models every year that display “innovation, sustainability, superior design, and unparalleled function”. In recent years, GOOD Design has awarded Kia more than once – last year, the third-generation Kia K5 sedan and the fourth-generation Kia Sorento SUV won over the “Transportation” category, and even the Telluride SUV and the Soul crossover won awards earlier than that.

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Hyundai Motor Group and Kia Present Future of PBVs

Every year, auto shows happen all-year-long, and we’re always looking forward to what automakers are willing to show off. In a world of electric vehicles (EVs) and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), connected features, and eventually smart cars like smart phones, the next big thing seems to be creating a mobile ecosystem. Cars are no longer just machines to get us from point A to B – just about every automaker at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show talked about transforming a vehicle into a digital or physical living space. Last year, the Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) and Kia Corp discussed a new airtaxi service and urban air mobility, amongst other things. Now, the Group has revealed how it will help Kia meet the second path of its S Plan Strategy Purpose-built vehicles. More than that, the Group presented a “metaverse” that will go far beyond the world of automobiles.

 Purpose-built vehicles, also known as PBVs, are vehicles built with a singular purpose. This definition is too simplified though. During the presentation by Hyundai and others at the 2022 CES, clips of a certain PBV were presented and gave a much clearer picture of what the Group and Kia has in mind. This idea became even more apparent during the first COVID-19 outbreak. When someone needs medical aid, if not brought to a hospital themselves, they need to be transported via an ambulance, but in the worst-case scenario, ambulances are just something to keep people alive between the origin point and the destination point.

What if instead of an ambulance, we have an entire hospital on wheels? That’s what we saw in the various clips, a miniature hospital with all the necessary machines and equipment a doctor would need to treat a patient in transit. Think of all the people that could have been saved if they could get life-saving surgery on the way to the hospital.

That was just one of the many examples Hyundai showed us. An ecosystem of mobility, a personal mobile pod that could fit within most doorways was also shown. Empowering those that may have trouble with mobility (elderly or the handicapped), these pods could autonomously navigate their way to their home, pick them up, and bring them to their next destination. Moreover, for long travel, these pods will connect with a shuttle where the pods are placed in a larger capsule while on the way to their destination.

These next few are going to sound futuristic. Some of you may know of Boston Dynamics and the works they do with robotics. Their most well-known robot is Spot, the robot dog that is able to perform multiple operations, from navigating various terrain to keeping people company. Yes, this is the next step. One of the other things the Group is working on is making robot companions that can connect with people, maybe not on an entirely personal level, but I’m imagining the helpful robot arm from Tony Stark’s lab, maybe even H.E.L.P.eR. from The Venture Brothers on a less lethal scale. Regardless, robots that can help people connect with the world around them is a growing industry, with even exoskeletons and wearable robots that can help people move, operate heavy machinery, perform repetitive motions or lift heavy objects with ease due to the hydraulics in the robot suit or vest.

Lastly, the “Metaverse”. Hyundai and Kia are working on making more than just virtual reality a thing. Imagine an engineer who needs to go onsite to fix a problem, but is currently on the other side of the world. So, this engineer logs onto a computer and enters a virtual reality model of the building and machinery. On-site, in the real world, a robot being controlled and navigated by the engineer is then brought to the machinery and performs the repairs. This is just one example.

Another example of the “Metaverse” is a lot like Regal 4DX or the Spiderman ride at Universal Studios. Consumers can go into PBVs, enter the “Metaverse”, pick an avatar to represent them, and then travel virtually anywhere, as long as there is a robot to connect to. Whatever the robot experiences, its sensors will relay that data to the PBV. Is it windy? You feel the wind. Want to explore the canyons of Mars? Go for it.Now that’s an interesting future. Want to learn more? Follow us on Miami Lakes Kia social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: YouTube/Hyundai Motor Group

Kia and HMG Share Plans for 2022

Back in 2020, when Kia Corp was still known as Kia Motors, the automaker launched its Plan S Strategy. Kia became determined to not only make good on its claim to become the next all-electric automaker, but Kia Corp also wants to be a leading name in the electric vehicle (EV) market, with the goal of obtaining 6.6-percent of all global EV sales. With two large goals within the next few years, with 25-percent of all sales coming from eco-friendly vehicles by 2025, and selling 500,000 EVs worldwide and 1 million eco-friendly vehicles by 2026, the automaker is already ramping up 2022 for the next step to meet these goals and more. Plan S is about a lot more than just battery-electric vehicles (BEVs).

“This year, we plan to introduce an array of smart solutions for industries that are core to our future strategy, such as autonomous driving, robotics and urban air mobility, thereby realizing the myriad possibilities in the lives of our customers…Despite recent difficulties and the uncertainties about some of the new challenges that lie ahead, let’s make bold moves with positive energy, realizing the better future for our customers and humanity.” – Hyundai Motor Group Executive Chair Euisun Chung

For those unaware, the Hyundai Motor Group is the parent company that Kia Corp is a part of. Any tech Hyundai develops, Kia gets, and although we do highlight all the work Kia does in-house, much of the ground-breaking tech lately is thanks to Hyundai. Most notably the Kia EV6, built on the dedicated BEV Platform, called the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), built by the Hyundai Motor Group, henceforth referred to as “the Group” for the remainder of the article. In conjunction with Kia and in-house development, the Group’s 2022 New Year address took place in the ‘HMG Park’ metaverse platform where Chung presented many upcoming plans, as well as doubling down on the Group’s position as a leading eco-friendly enterprise.

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