Kia and Hyundai Secure New Plant for BEV Cell Production

The spotlight has been on the new all-electric vehicle from Kia Corp, the Kia EV6. With a showcase during the Emmy Awards over the weekend and “America’s Got Talent”, there is certainly a lot to look forward to. A first for the automaker, the EV6 is the first all-electric vehicle with no predecessor. With that came not only its own powertrain but also its own platform, the new E-GMP platform built in 2020. Recently receiving the ‘Carbon Measured’ from Carbon Trust, a certification that the EV6 is eco-friendly. With so many vehicles in the lineup, how will Kia factor in the production needed for battery-electric vehicle (BEV) battery cells? Don’t worry, it’s all going to plan – the Plan S Strategy.

In early January 2020, Kia Corp was still Kia Motors, and came out with big cojones. The Plan S Strategy is the business plan Kia Corp will be using to dominate the electric vehicle (EV) market, owning a 6.6-percent global market share of all EVs sold. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but currently, there are more than 200 models available in various parts of the world. Multiply that by one million, and 6.6-percent is suddenly a lot more powerful. If all goes well, this could soon become a reality.

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Kia Showcases EV6 During the Emmys

A year ago, Kia Corp released the new Kia K5 sports car. It was the new generation of the Kia Optima, built with a new look that deserved a new name – at least in the states -the Kia K5 is actually the name given to the vehicle in its homeland of South Korea. Kia took as many opportunities to show off the vehicle’s performance, including a partnership with Summer’s hottest show, America’s Got Talent, and the Television Academy for the 72nd Emmy Awards telecast. Well, this year Kia did it again with the recent 73RD EMMY® AWARDS and NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” for the all-new 2022 EV6 Crossover.

“The Kia EV6 is just the beginning of what the future holds for the Kia America brand…Based on the success of the partnerships Kia enjoyed last year with both the Emmys and America’s Got Talent, we continue the launch of this all-new vehicle and highlight Kia’s shift to electrification. These shows feature some of the most inspiring talent in the country today and allow us to introduce our new brand ethos of “Movement That Inspires” to a nation that is getting ready for an EV future.” – Russell Wager, vice president, marketing, Kia America

The Emmy’s took place over the weekend (September 19, 2021), on the CBS Television Network, also available via stream on demand on Paramount+. Via an integration showcase during the Emmys, the EV6 will be featured as the brand’s first dedicated all-electric vehicle. Kia Corp has been going through many changes as a company with the new Kia logo, the new name, and now a new lineup of all-electric vehicles destined to be added in the coming years. The 60-second ad spot for the EV6 was called “Writer”, and you can see it below.

A little interesting, the commercial follows an aspiring script writer suffering from a little bit of writer’s block. The writer decides to take her new Kia EV6 for a drive, and bouts of inspiration hit her to fuel a love story that takes place in Paris during the early 1700s. Historical fiction is always fun – you can make anything up but still relate it to real life events and make it sound real. As you can see in the video, bits of the story are spelled out in large words as the writer drives through the city, passing by people dressed in period costumes, a band of violin players, and a mysterious masked figure. Coincidence or a vivid imagination, Kia Corp ends the ad with its new tagline, “Movement That Inspires”.

As for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, the Season 16 Winner and Runner-up received their very own Kia EV6 as part of their prize packages. During the show, Kia was able to show off the brand’s halo sports sedan, the 2022 Stinger and the new EV6 Crossover. Hmm, Kia was so sure it was getting rid of the Kia Stinger but calling it the halo car gives us hope it might stick around a little longer. Our love letter to the Kia Stinger was not in vain, after all.Find your Kia Stinger at Miami Lakes Automall or call us to find out when the EV6 will be available.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia

Kia Scores High During 2021 J.D. Power APEAL Study

A few weeks ago, Kia Corp landed several spots on the 2021 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) for various car segments. In short, Kia Corp was the highest-ranking vehicle in five segments, with the least amount of problems within the first 90 days of ownership. Wear-and-tear can affect this, and so J.D. Power takes another look at new vehicles from another angle. Not just performance, but how does the driver feel behind the wheel of their car? That’s why the J.D. Power Automotive Performance Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study™ exists, and although the spelling may not be the same, this study really focuses on the “appeal” of a new vehicle.

So, here’s how it works. Complementing the J.D. Power IQS, the APEAL Study is also conducted by sending out surveys to owners of new 2021 model-year vehicles after 90 days of ownership. The surveys are designed to measure 37 attributes, ranging from the thrill of getting into the driver’s seat, ready to hit the road, or how well the engine responds to the pressure on the pedal and a sense of control. This year, the APEAL Study was fielded from February through July 2021, and a total of 110,827 responses made up the scores of each automotive brand. This year, the overall score of the automotive industry has increased, with a higher appeal to new vehicles more than ever.

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Kia Corp and Hyundai Motor Find New Ways to Store Energy

Here’s an interesting story. With all of the automotive technology and startups in the world, there is a lot of potential for electric vehicles and even self-driving vehicles in the very near future. Some automakers, Kia Corp and Hyundai Motor and Co included (the Group) have been pushing the envelope to go a step further for some time now with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Now, the Group is working on clean, free energy. Or at least, that’s how it seems. The below project sounds very reminiscent of a certain clean energy project pulled off by a certain Japanese automaker, Hitachi Europe LTD, and ENGIE, the largest natural gas distribution network in Europe. There’s nothing like some healthy competition.

Like the aforementioned project, this takes three players – OCI Solar Power, one of the largest utility-scale solar energy developers in Texas; CPS Energy, the nation’s largest municipally-owned, fully-integrated electric and natural gas utility; and the Hyundai Motor Group, a South Korean multinational automotive group that consists primarily of the Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation. The three parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the intent to use recycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries and use them as devices for energy storage. Yep, very familiar.

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The High Point of the Kia Stinger

“Candles that burn twice as bright, burn half as long.” That’s how the saying goes, and the same could be said for the Kia Stinger. Could a quote be any more true for the rise and fall of this sports car? The first of its kind to come from Kia Corp, then still known as Kia Motors, when the automaker was mainly known for its SUVs, hybrids, and electrified vehicle options. At the time, Kia was rethinking its design language for vehicles – the automaker wanted to “make cars that are as fun to drive as they look.” When the Kia Stinger was first released, dealerships couldn’t keep them on the lot. If that’s so true, why is Kia thinking of bringing the axe down onto the Stinger, possibly the hottest sports car in the lineup?

That’s a hard question to answer. Based on company sales, the Kia Stinger is still going strong. Just look at the July 2021 sales for Kia Corp. Whether we break it down by month or year-to-date, the Stinger is selling about as many units, with only 8 units less in July 2021 vs July 2020 and selling over 100 units more than in 2020 between January and July. So what’s the deal with the mid-cycle refresh of the 2021 Kia Stinger? It’s still as popular as ever.

Some nice but unnecessary changes were made – the front fascia comes with a new face, multifaceted reflector LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights, and a new rear combination lamp that stretches the width of the trunk. Keeping the sports car look, consumers can choose 18- or 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels that come with geometric designs. The interior is still as great as ever, adding a metallic finish to the bottom of the steering wheel and an HD 7.0-inch fully-digital instrument cluster to match. Various trims can also come with Kia’s upgraded 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system and make use of the new mood lighting system.

Soon after the refresh, Kia also released the 2022 Kia Stinger Scorpion Special Edition. Only available in a limited run, only 250 units will be available per month while still in production. Built on the Kia Stinger GT2, available with with rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD), include blacked out fender garnish, side mirror caps, and darkened exhaust tips; body-colored rear spoiler; 19-inch black wheels; and carbon fiber-pattern trim for the interior. The exterior paint comes with three options – Snow White Pearl, Aurora Black, and Ceramic Silver – and the interior comes with Red Nappa Leather or Black Nappa Leather for the upholstery. The starting MSRP for the 2022 Kia Stinger Scorpion Special Edition with RWD is $52,585 (plus destination fee), and $54,785 (plus destination fee) for AWD.

Best of all, the Kia Stinger (GT) is faster than most luxurious brands that booast performance, such as BMW and Porsche. Some of these vehicles can cost upwards of $80,000. The 2021 Kia Stinger has a starting MSRP of 33,090 (plus destination fee), and the fastest of the 2022 models, the Stinger GT2, starts at $51,290 (plus destination fee). Buying a more expensive vehicle that can’t even win a race is like buying a Tesla when you could just wait for the Kia EV6. Just doesn’t make any sense.Find out why they Kia Stinger was, and still is, a very popular Kia Sports car, at Miami Lakes Automall.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media

Kia and Hyundai Introduce Hydrogen Vision 2040

It wasn’t too long ago that Kia Corp and the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) entered into an agreement with the Next Hydrogen Corporation to work towards the development of a new “Electrolyzer Stack” to design and produce a new hydrogen fuel cell for future Kia and Hyundai vehicles, as well as other machines. At the Hydrogen Wave global online forum held on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the Hyundai Motor Group announced its plans to popularize hydrogen by 2040, a business strategy called “Hydrogen Vision 2040”. The goal is simple – Hydrogen energy available to ‘Everyone, Everything and Everywhere’.

“Hyundai Motor Group’s vision is to apply hydrogen energy in all areas of life and industry such as our homes, work-places and factories. The goal is to make hydrogen readily used for everyone, everything, and everywhere…We want to offer practical solutions for the sustainable development of humanity and with these breakthroughs, we aim to help foster a worldwide Hydrogen Society by 2040.” – Chairman Chung at the Hydrogen Wave online global forum

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Kia America Donates to Red Cross for Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief

2021 has been a good year for 2021 so far – better than 2020, but with a few surprises in store. Monthly and quarterly sales have been up, new vehicles are winning awards, and the new EV6 is on the way. In August 2021, Kia Corp sold 74-percent of available inventory, with many models jumping in popularity. With the current good fortune the automaker is experiencing, including the high-rankings received during the 2021 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, it’s time to share with the community and give back a little. This hurricane season was rough, and the most recent damage came from Hurricane Ida, hitting New Orleans with one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the U.S. mainland. To aid with relief efforts, Kia America donated $200,000 to the American Red Cross.

“Helping individuals and communities in need is part of Kia’s brand purpose and these funds will support people impacted by this devastating storm…Responding to disasters is a team effort and Kia applauds the American Red Cross and its trained workers from across the United States who quickly mobilized emergency supplies into multiple states.” – Sean Yoon, president & CEO, Kia North America and Kia America

The American Red Cross disaster relief efforts are focused on providing shelter, food, and comfort to those affected by Hurricane Ida. This is a continuation of Kia Corp’s “Accelerate The Good” initiative. The last time we heard about this initiative was in May, with Kia donating $250,000 to Covenant House, the largest, primarily privately-funded charity in the U.S. Focused solely on helping homeless and trafficked youth. Prior to this was the second year of the Great Unknowns Scholarship, offering scholarships to students in the U.S. planning to pursue a college undergraduate degree in one of the disciplines included in STEAM: Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math.

Another way Kia America has recently become more involved with its community is with EnableLA, a ride-hailing service for people with mobility barriers in the Los Angeles area. Made up of a fleet of Kia Telluride SUVs transformed into WAVs, or wheelchair accessible vehicles, each vehicle has been designed with many various mobile solutions, such as wheelchair access, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), UV-free antimicrobial lights, and drivers trained in healthcare. Part of the Universal Mobility Project, EnableLA will be the first of many endeavors to create a mobile ecosystem in the world today.

It’s all about sharing good fortune. As we mentioned, the 2021 J.D. Power IQS recently wrapped up, and although the automaker fell from its previous higher standing when it comes to ranking, several vehicles were ranked as having the best initial quality in their class. The Kia Forte was the highest-ranked vehicle for the Compact Car segment, along with the Kia Soul for Small SUV segment, the Kia Telluride in the Upper Midsize SUV segment, the Kia Sportage with the Compact SUV segment, and the Kia Sedona was ranked highest in the Minivan segment.Want to help Kia give back to the community? You can show your support by purchasing a new Kia vehicle at Miami Lakes Automall.


Kia Corp Receives Many Segment Awards During 2021 J.D. Power IQS

It’s finally that time of year when automotive journalists and publications get together and start to release their reviews, their “best of” lists, and release the results of any studies going on in 2021. There have been quite a few recently, especially putting some spotlight on Kia Corp, and the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) is not an uncommon name when discussing the South Korean automaker. Kia has appeared time and again with high-ranking vehicles on the IQS, and in 2021, Kia takes home the title of “highest-ranked” in several vehicle segments.

The last two years have been a little rough for the automotive industry. First COVID in 2020, now the global chip shortage in 2021, it’s a surprise that so many made it through. This hardship is reflected in the 2021 J.D. Power IQS, making 2021 35 years of conducting this study. In total, the auto market improved quality by 2-percent in contrast to it’s typical 3-percent increase. Based on the study, infotainment systems and smartphone connectivity have become a problem for several automakers, but as the results will soon show, Kia Corp is rising to the challenge.

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