New Partnership for Hyundai, Kia, and Uber Air Taxi

It’s been a while since we talked about the Urban Air Mobility group started between the Hyundai Motor Group, Kia Corp, and Uber of all things. The partnership debuted an air taxi during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in early January. It was just before the Coronavirus went global, the auto industry shut down temporarily, and manufacturing plants every where needed to reorganize how to work in new conditions. So we can understand not hearing much about this air taxi for over a year, we get it. Thankfully, Kia Corp is always surprising us with some good news, and the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group announced today a new partnership with ANRA Technologies to move forward with the air taxi project and enter the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.

Yes, the Uber Air Taxi sounds a little nuts. How long did it take people to trust perfect strangers to drive them from A to B? And some of the crazy stories that surfaced, yikes. Are people going to trust perfect strangers to fly them through the air? Well, we do it every day – we just overlook the fact that commercial airline pilots are complete strangers because they have a uniform and a license to fly an airplane. Surely, a program of sorts will be instated and a network of licensed Uber pilots will be put together.

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Kia Upgrades the Soul for 2022

During the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, Kia Corp, then Kia Motors, revealed the one and only 2020 Kia Soul, the next generation of the funky hatchback (third gen), and it was as great as ever! Many people found the Kia Soul to look a little odd – it’s pretty cube-shaped, blocky even – but that’s part of its charm. The first Kia model to introduce the GT-line, X-line, and EX Designer Collection, the Kia Soul continues to go strong, and Kia Corp recently released the highlights and specs of the next model year, the 2022 Kia Soul.


So many changes have come to the 2022 Kia Soul, it’s like an all-new vehicle. The new Kia Soul comes with the same two powertrains. A 2.0-liter DOHC engine, optimized with dual continuously variable valve timing (CVVT) can be found under the hood on the majority of the trims: LX, S, X-Line, GT-Line, and EX. Able to generate 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque, driving this “cube” is very smooth. The 2022 Kia Soul Turbo comes with a 1.6-liter DOHC engine with a turbocharger and can generate 201 horsepower. Odd that the GT-Line doesn’t come with this.

The six-speed manual transmission on the LX trim has been discontinued. Now, the LX joins the trims that come with an Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT). Again, the Turbo 1.6T trim differs, equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

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2022 Kia Telluride Highlights

Kia Corp has revealed the 2022 model year for the largest SUV in the lineup, the Kia Telluride. Winning awards since its release, including the Triple Crown of Automotive awards, the Kia Telluride will continue to go strong for years to come. Continuing to keep it simple, the 2022 Kia Telluride still comes with only four trim levels, with front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) available, but SX has a new addition this year. Check out the specs below.


The same powertrain will be returning to the large Kia SUV for the 2022 model year, starting soon if not already. Automakers like to release model years about halfway into the year preceding it. Under the hood of each 2022 Kia Telluride will be a 3.8-liter V6 Lambda-II engine, optimized with gasoline direct-injection (GDI) for the best performance this SUV can deliver. Able to generate 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque, whether drivers choose FWD or AWD, they’re getting a solid ride out of this SUV. An electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission with a Sportmatic Sports Shifter sends the power to the wheels, with an EPA of 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway when choosing FWD, and a fuel economy of 19/24 mpg city/highway when choosing AWD.

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Five Kia Corp Models Win Awards in Russia

Kia Corp is well on its way to make more noise with its upcoming electric vehicle lineup. With seven more all-electric vehicles set to launch by 2027, the automaker has already started off with the EV6, the first all-electric dedicated vehicle to be added to the collection. What we mean by that is, the EV6 never had an internal combustion engine predecessor, it started as an electric and will end as an electric. However, over the last twelve months, Kia Corp has released more than just the EV6 – the brand-new Kia Carnival comes to mind, as well as the refreshed Kia Sorento, redesigned Kia K5, and that fancy Kia Seltos that surprisingly went global. All of these, plus the overseas Picanto, and there are plenty of award shows that want to put the spotlight on Kia. All of these vehicles won awards during the 2021 Russian Car of the Year annual Awards Ceremony for their respective classes.

“We are extremely proud that this year Kia has won a record number of awards at the Russian Car of the – one of the most important automotive competitions. Our models became the best in five classes. However the title of “Favorite brand in mass segment” is an exceptional honor for us. It has remained an emotional target for us over a dozen years, being a symbol of recognition and trust of Russian consumers. We appreciate a lot the success we have achieved in Russia. The requirements for a car among Russian car owners are much stronger than in other markets due to difficult road climate conditions and people’s expectations that the car will become a reliable assistant for all occasions. For us, this success means that for millions of customers in Russia, Kia cars meet all requirements and provide excellent customer experience for their owners. Eventually, this is the goal of all our work”. – commented Alexander Migal, Managing Director of Kia Russia & CIS

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Kia EV6 First Edition Sold Out

There have been a few hiccups with the Kia EV6 First Edition model. Aside from the reservation website going down on June 3rd – which reopened on the 8th – the global chip shortage for semiconductors is going to be a hard hurdle to jump as the year goes on and chips become more scarce. After all, what is an electric vehicle? The First Edition EV6s may be the only units available of this new model, with a limited run of 1500 units. They were all available for reservation on, but don’t rush to the manufacturer website. All 1500 units have already been bought up by fans and consumers alike.

“Kia welcomes the first EV6 buyers who join us in this historic movement…Kia’s ‘electric lifestyle’ delivers a unique combination of luxury, performance and technology and the First Edition EV6 will provide owners with an experience all of their own.” – Sean Yoon, president and CEO of Kia North America and Kia America

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Any time an automaker launches a Launch Edition of a new vehicle, or even a special edition, they go fast. Consumers can’t seem to resist the temptation when they see the words “limited” or “special”. On top of the reserved EV6 unit, consumers also got to choose one of three gifts that would come with the EV6 First Edition model. Consumers who reserved a unit could also choose (1) an at-home vehicle charger with a 1000 kWh credit within a national charging network, or (2) an Apple Watch. Personally, I hate Apple products, so I can proudly say over 80-percent of registrants chose the smart option – an at home charger. Seriously though, if buying an electric vehicle, getting an at-home charger just makes sense. For those that picked the smart watch, all it does is allow them to link up with EV6’s suite of Kia Connect services – something you can do with a smartphone, albeit. Bravo on that choice.

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Kia Motors Reveals All-New Kia Sportage


Kia Motors, or should we say Kia Corp, really loves its lineup. I mean, really, really loves the lineup. So much so, that whenever a new vehicle comes out, or even a refreshed version is released, it’s all the automaker can talk about. Not too long ago it was the highlights of the 2021 Kia Seltos, boasting all the good news about the redesigned 2021 Kia Sorento, recording death-defying stunts with the Kia K5, a refreshed Kia Stinger that received a special edition Kia Stinger Scorpion package, and then there’s the electrifying Kia EV6. The next lover Kia Corp is gushing over? Only the all-new Kia Sportage will do, setting new standards for the SUV class.

Entering its fifth generation, the all-new 2021 Kia Sportage embodies Kia’s new design philosophy – Opposites United. Made up of five pillars – Joy for Reason, Power to Progress, Technology for Life, Tension for Serenity, and Bold for Nature – this SUV has been carefully crafted to inspire customers with its new interior and exterior design. Received earlier this year to great acclaim, SUV design will have new benchmarks to surpass if they’re going to compete with a Kia model. Redefining itself every year with bigger and better ideas, Kia Corp is giving the Sportage a new lease on life.

“Reinventing the Sportage gave our talented design teams a tremendous opportunity to do something new; to take inspiration from the recent brand relaunch and introduction of EV6 to inspire customers through modern and innovative SUV design. With the all-new Sportage, we didn’t simply want to take one step forward but instead move on to a different level in the SUV class,” – Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design Center

The front fascia starts out with a detailed-orientated black grille graphic that stretches across the width of the face, drawing the eyes to the main frontal features of the all-new Sportage. Although Kia Corp has designed a new “Tiger Face” that seems to be appearing on more eco-friendly models like the EV6, the “Tiger Nose Grille” returns for the new SUV. From the side, the all-new Kia Sportage is sporty, yet refined with new features for the Sportage lineup, starting with a black roof to contrast the rest of the body color. From front to rear, a chrome beltline follows the SUV into a new rear spoiler that says this SUV is just as sporty as the rest.

For the interior, Kia Corp only uses the highest quality materials that are nice to look at and touch for a sense of luxury. The center console offers storage, operating system configuration, cupholders and soft-touch switches, and the transmission has been reduced to a shift-by-wire transmission rotary dial to get rid of some of the clutter. New tech also pops up with a sculpted integrated curved display and slim crush touchscreen pad. The display covers the width of the front of the Sportage, and with three-dimensional air vents, the cabin really does feel like a cockpit.

Remember the X-Line? Kia Corp was working on GT, X, and Designed Collection versions of some of its vehicles a few years ago. The all-new Kia Sportage brings it back with the Sportage X-line, featuring a unique bumper, side sill, and curved roof rack added to the exterior, and bold quilting and black metal wood in the interior. Consumers have the choice of signature sage green or black for the color of the seats.

Due for a global market launch later this year, Kia Corp will reveal more information about the all-new Sportage in time. When there is more to know, you can learn all about it here on the Miami Lakes Automall Kia blog. Or, visit us on Miami Lakes Kia social media to keep up with what’s new for Kia Corp. In the market for a new model? Check out our inventory of new KIa models today.

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Kia Americas Reopens Reservations for Kia EV6 First Edition Models

The world of digital devices and the internet is hitting some crazy hiccups lately. If it’s not the global shortage of semiconductor chips, it’s cyber security threats and internet shutdowns. Many companies and organizations have been affected, as well as many industries as a whole – automotive included. Recently, Kia Corp and Kia America launched the new Kia EV6, starting with the EV6 First Edition model. Potential owners have a chance to reserve theirs, but due to technical difficulties, the reservation site was closed on June 3rd, but has reopened as of now. You can hold yours with a $100 fully refundable deposit for the limited run of EV6 First Editions at, delivery in early 2022.

“Early demand for the all-new EV6 has been overwhelming and we quickly reset our special Reservation website to handle expanded access and traffic…Fairness is a fundamental component of our corporate culture, and therefore we thought best to suspend the original process, enhance the reservation procedure, and then reopen this exclusive opportunity to the many folks who had been in line and excited to join us on this journey.” – Russell Wager, vice president, marketing, Kia America

What is so special about the EV6 First Edition model? Like any first edition of a new model release, there are bound to be extra features not available for other models or come with all the goodies at a better price before it goes into mass production. With only 1500 units set for production, the EV6 First Edition is bound to come with more than just a nice sound system. Speaking of which, First Edition models of the Kia EV6 come with a premium 14-speaker Meridian audio system with a two-year subscription to SiriusXM. Other features include an Augmented Reality (AR) Head-Up Display, Remote Smart Parking Assist, a wide sunroof, and 20-inch wheels. Built off of the EV6 GT trim, the EV6 First Edition is powered by a 77.4 kWh battery with a 160kW front motor and a 270kW rear motor and comes with dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD).

Fancy, right? That somewhat unknown feature, Remote Smart Parking Assist, is pretty helpful for these ever-crowded parking lots. Some people have no manners and can’t be bothered to be aware of the space around their vehicle before opening the door and possibly dinging the adjacent vehicle. We’ve all been there, on either end of this automotive sin. Luckily, Kia EV6 First Edition models can try to avoid this with Remote Smart Parking Assist, where the key fob can move the vehicle in and out of a parking space by moving forward or backward and comes with a button to turn the vehicle off.

Pushing forward with new and advanced tech, AR Head-Up Displays are becoming ever more popular with Kia Corp and future models. Sweeping displays and dashboards, “Hello Kia” and virtual assistants, and new powertrains, Kia is an automaker that continues to transform and bring new high tech, luxury, and convenience to the automobile. Looking for your own new Kia model? Find yours at Miami Lakes Automall. Remember, only 1500 units of the EV6 First Edition model are available for reservation at

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Kia Corp Reveals Special Edition Kia Stinger and Kia K5

Kia Corp is proud of its latest sports cars added to the lineup. It starts with the Kia Stinger, released in 2018, and paving a new way for Kia Corp style and performance. Receiving a mid-cycle refresh, the Kia Stinger got upgrades for the 2022 model year of the Stinger sports car. In 2021, the Stinger was met with another contender for the belt, the Kia K5, originally known as the Kia Optima. Also refreshed and renewed for its new generation, the Kia K5 was all the automaker could talk about, and was quickly collecting automotive awards like the Kia Stinger. Celebrating both, Kia Corp is releasing a 2022 Kia Stinger Scorpion Special Edition and 2022 K5 GT-Line AWD Premium Package.

“Stinger was a wake-up call to a segment long populated by European sport sedans when it debuted in 2017 (as a 2018 model). It redefined what enthusiast drivers thought about Kia and proved we could compete against the best vehicles in a hotly contested space…Since then, Stinger has built a loyal following of those looking for something unique and the Scorpion is set to continue that approach.” – Sean Yoon, president & CEO, Kia North America and Kia America

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2022 Kia Seltos Adds Nightfall Edition

The Kia Seltos is a compact SUV from Kia Corp that was first released in India and then went global. Soon after, the Seltos quickly made a name for itself, earning a spot on the Wards 10 Best UX list for 2020. Its popularity rising, the Seltos was almost a match for another SUV that shook the Kia Corp lineup – the Kia Telluride. Winning awards left and right, Kia released a special edition of the large SUV – the Kia Telluride Nightfall Edition. Like many automakers, there is always some sort of “blacked-out” package that makes everything, including the badges and decals, black. For 2022, the Kia Seltos joins the club with the Seltos NightFall Edition.

Sold as a new trim level, consumers won’t have to choose which trim to get if they’re just looking for the Nightfall aesthetic. This means getting gloss black roof rails and rugged side sills, a black grille, gloss black emblems – including the new “Kia” logo – with 18-inch matte black alloy wheels and possibly gloss black skid plates. If curious about the differences between this and the version on the Telluride, the Telluride came with some extra bits specific to the SUV and was an add-on package. This meant consumers could choose what trim level they wanted to add the package to. This package includes gloss black greenhouse trim/lower door side molding, gloss black front bumper side air-duct garnish, a new radiator grill in black, LED headlamps and fog lamps with black inner bezel, and 20-inch wheels.

On the one hand, having a trim level works. With the powertrain not changing much from last year, having a new style choice will draw some new consumers. A 2.0-liter DOHC inline four-cylinder engine able to produce 146 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque is a good start, but the Kia Seltos Nightfall Edition is locked into the 175hp 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with all-wheel drive (AWD). Whether the NightFall Edition will be available in other colors has not yet been discussed. This means having the above-mentioned components in black while having the rest of the body another color for contrast or to make those components stand out. When Kia offered the NightFall Edition on the Kia Telluride, consumers could also choose Snow White Pearl, Everlasting Silver, Gravity Gray, Ebony Black, Sangria, Black Copper, Dark Moss, and Wolf Gray for the paint job.

New style isn’t the only upgrade for the 2022 Kia Seltos. As always, Kia Corp is constantly making vehicles safer, and this year, every Kia Seltos gets the benefits of more standard advanced automatic safety features. These include forward collision avoidance, lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, driver attention warning, lane follow assist, and automatic high beams. This is a step up from last year, keeping many of the goodies from the base trim, the LX. Pricing for the 2022 Kia Seltos is estimated at $22,490 (plus destination fee), with the Nightfall Edition at $26,690 (plus destination fee). It’s a sweet deal for the turbocharged engine and AWD, plus the aesthetic appeal of a blacked-out compact SUV.

Find your new Kia Seltos at Miami Lakes Automall Kia and look for the Nightfall edition in 2022.

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