Kia Motors Debuts New Generation Kia Sedona Overseas

Kia Motors is as busy as ever, we’re surely pleased. The new 2021 Kia Stonic, the mid-cycle refresh on the Kia Stinger, and the newest addition, the Kia Sonet, there’s a lot to love. Now there’s another new addition, except it’s more like a new generation of a vehicle sold overseas that we know by another name. Stateside, we know it as the Kia Sedona minivan, whereas in Korea, the automaker calls it the Carnival, and for 2021, the new Kia Carnival will go on sale in Korea this year, subsequently followed by international markets. We’re not sure if Kia Motors will follow the pattern of the Kia Optima and change the names, but we think the fourth-generation Kia Sedona (Carnival) might just make it here by 2022.

Sure, 2022 seems a bit far away, but good things take time. An automaker needs to make sure their vehicles are successful before producing all-new bodies for the U.S. and other countries that drive on the right side of the road and then the delivery costs to get them there. Like all automakers, Kia Motors is just teasing the new Kia Carnival minivan, and it’s looking pretty nice, inside and out.

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Kia Motors and Hyundai to Release Tech for Better Car Cabin Air Quality

Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s an English-language proverb, but it rings true, and more so now than ever. In a post-pandemic world, whenever that will be, businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to thrive in a broken economy, and every industry is looking for ways to help healthcare officials. The Hyundai Motor Group, the umbrella automotive group that houses Kia Motors, has developed a new technology to help keep the air quality in the cabin of vehicles cleaner. This sounds very familiar, probably because many automakers are starting to look into ways to improve their vehicles for handling the pandemic, aside from social distancing which is difficult inside the cabin of most vehicles.

There are three bits of technology to take a look at. “After-Blow”, “Multi-Air Mode”, and “Fine Dust Indicator”. Each is made to improve the air and overall quality of the cabin. With viruses becoming airborne, keeping the air quality in private and enclosed spaces high is a huge concern. Hopefully mode car models will adopt this new technology while we keep chugging along.

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Details on the 2021 Kia Stinger Mid-Cycle Refresh

When we first heard the Kia Stinger sports car was already getting a mid-cycle refresh, we were a little stunned. Thought to be the sports car of the decade, the Stinger was released in 2018, and not only does the Kia Stinger outperform the likes of the Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, but it’s also way more affordable. It was a very popular vehicle, winning many awards, and then kind of fell off the face of the world. We liked the Kia Stinger, loved it really, and we’re sure many others did, too. Maybe it was just missing a little something for the majority of the crowd, and Kia Motors looks to rectify that with a mid-cycle refresh, and we finally got all the details.

“The Stinger projects an air of elegance and comfort, and also great purpose, for long distance driving. The updated model builds on the svelte gran turismo design we introduced three years ago with modern flair and a subtle hint of aggression to enhance its on-road presence. The interior, too, has been enhanced, and the new design elements and technologies incorporated into the Stinger reconfirm its credentials as the consummate grand tourer.” – Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design

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2021 Kia Sonet Highlights

We learned about the new 2021 Kia Sonet, another vehicle making a global release from Kia Motors. We’re pretty excited that the South Korean automaker is starting to make this move of sharing more new models with its international markets, especially here in the U.S. Kia Motors is no stranger when it comes to America – this automaker competes with the big boys, and the more cool concepts they bring our way, the better. Following quickly on the heels of two new additions, the 2020 Kia Telluride SUV and 2020 Kia Seltos Compact SUV, the 2021 Kia Sonet joins the family, another compact SUV but the baby of the family. Check out all of the highlights!


Kia Motors is definitely changing it up with the powertrain when it comes to the Kia Sonet. There are just so many options – three engines, five transmissions, and the Sonet comes with Kia Motors new Smartstream six-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT). There are two gasoline engines, the versatile Smartstream 1.2-liter four-cylinder and a 1.0 Turbocharged engine with Gasoline Direct Injection. For those looking for a cleaner burn, there’s also a diesel option, the efficient 1.5-liter CRDi diesel engine. Between these three engines, consumers may have the option for a five- or six-speed manual transmission, an intuitive seven-speed DCT, a six-speed automatic, or Kia’s revolutionary new six-speed Smartstream iMT. If that doesn’t sound like enough personalization, the Sonet also offers Multi-Drive and Traction Modes for added convenience, driver-confidence, and safety.

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2021 Kia Sonet Revealed for Global Release

The 2020 Kia Seltos was a real surprise for North America wasn’t it? Originally built for and sold in the India market, we didn’t think Kia Motors was going to bring the compact SUV to the states. After all, they have plenty of models overseas we may never see. Maybe it was the success, selling 50,000 Kia Seltos units in two months, or maybe it was the transition of the Kia Optima into the 2021 Kia K5. Whatever the case may be, Kia Motors is starting to share the love on a global scale, and the Kia Seltos was just the first. The next vehicle to come from the South Korean automaker is the all-new Sonet, a smart urban compact SUV made in India but aimed for global outreach.

Manufactured at Kia’s state-of-the-art production facility at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, the Kia Sonet was revealed during a digital presentation held by the Kia Motors Corporation. Another compact SUV, this is growing proof that Kia Motors may be downsizing, shifting to manufacturing more sedans and even micro electric vehicles. Bring it on! It’s about time another great vehicle came from Kia that can handle a sharp turn, and if it takes a smaller SUV, and eventually a crossover to get there, so be it. A mid-cycle refresh of the Kia Stinger is not enough!

Although many auto shows were cancelled after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there were still a handful of shows that made the cut before everything started shutting down. One of these was the Delhi Auto Expo in February 2020, where the Kia Sonet concept was first unveiled. Its reception went well, and that was all Kia Motors needed to put the vehicle into production. Sales of the vehicle are already set to commence in India, with sales in Kia’s global markets soon after.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the Sonet, which is made in India for the world. After the success of the Seltos and Carnival, we are confident that Kia will revolutionise yet another market segment in India with the Sonet by addressing the unmet needs and aspirations of customers…The Kia Sonet is designed and developed to deliver a best-in-class experience in quality, design, technology, features and drivability to attract a wide spectrum of customers across segments. The Sonet will be produced at our state-of-the-art Anantapur plant to Kia’s exacting global standards, and we are sure it will be received with enthusiasm by new customers and existing fans of the brand alike.” – Kookhyun Shim, MD and CEO at Kia Motors India

A testament to the new Kia Motors slogan, building vehicles that are as fun to drive as they look, the all-new Kia Sonet doesn’t just come with an expressive style for a luxurious yet youthful appeal, but it comes with a strong road presence with its compact body, Kia’s signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille, and sporty silhouette – a trend in Kia Motors design started with the one-and-only Kia Stinger sports car. Offering over 30 segment-best features and 57 UVO Connect features with new technology, there’s just so much to talk about when it comes to this compact SUV. So, look for our highlights page when we talk about all the all-new 2021 Kia Sonet has to offer. Be sure to keep your eyes on Miami Lakes Kia social media to find out when the Kia Sonet goes on sale in the U.S. market.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media

Highlights on the New 2021 Kia Stonic

Here’s a name we don’t hear too often – Stonic. What does that name even mean? We’re not sure, but we do know it’s the moniker of a compact crossover by Kia Motors. The South Korean automaker has claimed that it’s starting to look at smaller vehicles, even so much as to start producing sedans, and refreshing one of Kia Motors small crossovers is really pushing the envelope. We just finished talking about the Kia Sonet compact SUV, quickly following the Kia Seltos compact SUV. With all these new products in store, the rest of the lineup needs some new duds and new tech. Recently, Kia Motors introduced the significantly upgraded Kia Stonic with two new powertrains and Phase Two of UVO Connect telematics.


Kia Motors took a dip into mild-hybrid technology with 48 volt diesel mild-hybrid powertrain called EcoDynamics+. The upgraded Kia Stonic features an upgraded version of this powertrain, paired with Kia Motors Smartstream 1.0-litre T-GDi (turbocharged gasoline direct injection) engine with the 48V mild-hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) system. The new setup comes with a compact 48-volt lithium-ion polymer battery that supplements the engine’s torque output with electric power and comes with a new Mild-Hybrid Starter-Generator (MHSG) unit. This MHSG unit has been designed to switch between two modes – motor and generator – and, connected by a belt to the engine’s crankshaft, supplements the engine with electric power assistance to reduce engine load and emissions during acceleration and recuperates energy from the crankshaft to recharge the battery in generator mode when the car is decelerating.

A new intelligent Manual Transmission is also available for models that come with the EcoDynamics+ engine, a clutch-by-wire system that continues to contribute to fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions while giving the driver control of switching gears. Performed electronically, it works seamlessly with the MHSG to switch off the engine with Kia Motors Idle Stop & Go start-stop system. The Smartstream gasoline powertrain mentioned above will also be available, revising the range of Kia Stonic gasoline engine options to maximize efficiency, lowering CO2 emissions, and improve the overall drive.

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Kia Motors and Hyundai Use MoceanLab to Benefit the Community

Does anyone remember MoceanLab (pronounced as it sounds, Motion-Lab)? It’s an experiment of sorts started by Kia Motors, and largely the Hyundai Motor Group, in California, aimed at launching its own fleet of self-driving cars via a car sharing program that will basically give Hyundai its own autonomous ride-hailing network. We last heard about this MoceanLab was in November 2019. After the holidays, COVID-19 started to quickly spread, and the pandemic did a number on a lot of industries, including the automotive industry. Kia Motors was quick to bounce back and get started on the development of new vehicles for a post-pandemic world, including micro EVs and Purpose-Built Vehicles. Becoming part of the solution, Kia Motors has also joined many automakers and organizations in aiding its community in its COVID-19 relief efforts, and Kia Motors continues to push forward by providing eco-friendly transportation to frontline personnel through its mobility service venture – MoceanLab.

“We recognized the critical need for safe and hygienic transportation during the pandemic, and wanted to offer an innovative mobility solution, particularly for frontline workers…We are pleased that MoceanLab’s ‘LA Heroes Fleet’ is contributing to the city’s fight against COVID-19, and we will continue to work closely with the City of Los Angeles to find more opportunities to make a positive impact in the region.” – Kyounglim Yun, Executive Vice President and Head of Open Innovation Strategy Division of Hyundai Motor Group

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Kia Seltos Earns Spot on Wards 10 Best UX list for 2020

Kia Motors is one automaker that is quick to bounce back after the shutdown from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the world is still bracing the virus, Kia Motors is doing its best to aid local communities. Its MoceanLab experiment kicked things into high gear, and it’s already proving how effective purpose-built vehicles (PBVs) may be. While Kia Motors and the Hyundai Motor Group continue to expand, organizations and publications are starting to put together their Best Of lists now that we’re well into the second half of the year. The latest accolade for Kia Motors comes from WardsAuto, landing on the Wards 10 Best UX list for 2020.

That “UX” is short for User Experience, and Kia Motors is definitely known for giving its consumers a taste of luxury in a non-luxury brand vehicle. The Kia Stinger was a fine example of this, able to give consumers performance, style, and technology for a fraction of the price. It’s one of the reasons the Kia Stinger won so many awards during its first year of release. Now, a fresh face has come out of the gates, a compact SUV that goes by the name of the Kia Seltos. This is a compact SUV with so much to love.

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