The 2016 Kia Forte: A Surprisingly Customizable Compact

Kia Forte 1

When in the market for a new vehicle, you generally have many options – not the least of which being the option to design your own personalized model. This is pretty amazing, since it basically eliminates the need to choose from only those models sitting out on a dealer’s lot – you can design your own, have the automaker build it to your specifications, and then delivered to the dealer just for you.

Several automakers have caught on that consumers enjoy building their own vehicles – including, it seems, Korean automaker Kia. Just take a look at the new 2016 Kia Forte, which offers an amazing degree of customization on what is unquestionably an excellent model.

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The 2017 Kia Forte: A Touch of Europe


Car owners have different priorities while shopping for a new car. Some prefer a powerful engine, while others appreciate a variety of innovative technologies. One common desire among prospective car owners is “elegance,” and which part of the world offers better delicacy and grandeur than Europe? Luckily, these customers don’t have to look very far to get this bit of “European flair.”

The new Kia Forte will reportedly add several refinements inspired by popular luxurious European vehicles. Team this up with the styles and capabilities that often accompany a South Korean-produced vehicle, and you’re eying one unique car. If you’ve been eyeing a Kia Forte in Miami, you have to see what the engineers did to add this breath of European elegance…

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2016 Kia Cadenza Premium vs. 2016 Kia Cadenza Limited

2016 Kia Cadenza

It can be stressful choosing between any of Kia’s vehicles. If you’ve established that you want to pursue the luxurious Kia Cadenza, your decision is made even more difficult: which of the two trims do you choose?

Each of the options include their own features and capabilities, and they both truly transform the premium sedan. If you’re anticipating shopping for a Kia Cadenza in Miami, see which of the two trim options you should be opting for…

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The 2016 Kia Forte vs. the 2016 Honda Civic: Head-to-Head

Kia Forte Exterior 2

When it comes to affordable new sedans, there are honestly only a few options that reign supreme over this enormous share of the market. Of all the brands dominating the auto industry, few actually make great strides in the sedan models the average person can afford, instead spending much of their time and energy on improving those luxury models guaranteed to bring in a big sale.

But it’s these affordable vehicles that carry the market to the average consumer, and among these there are two major players that sit atop the popularity rankings: the 2016 Kia Forte, and the 2016 Honda Civic. These two giants command the market in this segment and each offers a unique perspective on the affordable sedan. If you’ve seen a Honda Civic or Kia Forte in Miami or other major cities, it’s no surprise – these are two highly popular brands, and offer two great choices to sedan drivers.

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Kia Meets Luxury In The 2016 Cadenza Sedan

2016 Kia Cadenza

When a powerful luxury car is released, we typically expect such a vehicle to come from somewhere in Europe – maybe Italy or Sweden, who have been known for decades as quality luxury carmakers. That’s why when Korean automaker Kia released their ultra-luxurious, super-classy full-size Cadenza sedan, we were delightfully surprised, not to mention impressed.

Featuring a gorgeous architecture and plenty of luxury amenities either standard or available, the 2016 Kia Cadenza represents the right step toward luxury for this respected, efficient auto brand. With vehicles like the Cadenza, Kia could stand to carve a serious niche in the luxury car market here in the U.S.

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