Three Reasons to Love the 2016 Sedona

Minivans. As much as people love to hate them, they are the Swiss army knife of the automotive industry. They are essential to the modern day family, or the active older adult couple. They can haul, tow, carry, and accommodate just about anything you need them to, and they are doing it with more style than ever before. Embracing minivan ownership is one of the best decisions you can make for your active family, and Kia is helping drivers cope with the transition with the new 2016 Kia Sedona. Read the rest of this entry >>

Why the 2016 Rio Needs to be More Than a Fuel Efficient Car


The reception for the upcoming 2016 Kia Rio is pretty consistent across the board. Many were hoping to be impressed by something beyond the eye-popping fuel economy numbers, and it appears like the brand delivered.

Just take a look at what two of the bigger review sites had to say about the Rio’s non-fuel-efficiency specs and features:

Edmunds: “[The Rio] might still win you over with its inviting cabin, strong engine performance and excellent value.”

Car and Driver: “The Rio is a stylish, well-equipped and fuel-efficient sedan or five-door hatchback…Build quality is top-notch though, plus the refined interior and lots of standard and available convenience features make the Rio a good value.”

Those are pretty positive remarks, and neither (really) mentioned the fuel economy. This is of utmost importance to the brand, as a variety of circumstances have led to fuel economy generally being deemphasized.

Before you go shopping for a 2016 Kia Rio, see what the company is doing to buck the trend of the sedan being regarded as “fuel efficient” vehicle…

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Kia Has Big Plans for the Next Five Years


Kia has some big plans up their sleeve. They’re not only looking to add close to a dozen low- or zero-emissions vehicles to their lineup over the next five years, but they’re also intending on releasing a hybrid SUV, a plug-in hybrid Optima, and a fuel cell sedan. All said, this would create many jobs for the company.

To learn more about the brands ambitious plans, continue reading after the break. Then, when you’re shopping for a Kia Rio in Miami, you can better understand what to expect from the company over the next half-decade…

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Three Best Attributes of the Kia Sedona


The Kia Sedona is undoubtedly the most impressive minivan currently on the market. We get it… minivans often carry a negative stigma that may turn some customers off. However, Kia’s engineers have assured that their newest Sedona’s only resemblance to rival minivans will be the classification.

Check out the three best attributes of the van before you shop for the Kia Sedona in Miami

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Testimonial: Why the Kia Rio is a Great Starter’s Car


When New Hampshire radio host Tom Whalen got his first job, he immediately pursued a new car. The 25-year-old intended to put the vehicle in his name, so he was seeking a ride that was affordable. He also needed to travel a lot for work, so fuel economy was certainly a priority.

When Tom got to a Kia dealer, he quickly found the perfect vehicle that fit all of his needs. To learn more about his logic and decision, continue reading after the break. We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but let’s just say you’ll be itching to pursue a 2016 Kia Rio when you’re finished…

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Kia Unveils Two Awesome Sedona Concepts


The Kia Sedona is considered one of the best minivans on the market, yet the brand was compelled to produce a pair of concepts that could incredibly be considered upgrades. Revealed at the 2015 SEMA Show last week in Las Vegas, the two vehicles quickly took the internet by storm.

Check out the brand’s Photo Safari Sedona and Ballast Point Sedona via Joe Lorio of You may be inspired to modify your own 2016 Kia Sedona

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