A Mini Kia Soul for the Holidays?

Kid Trax Mini Soul - Miami Kia Dealers

Ah, ’tis the season for celebration and gift-giving. Children everywhere are already putting together lists of their most desired toys.

Many Americans will be out shopping in jam-packed stores on Black Friday to find presents for family and friends.

And if you love your own Soul from Miami Kia dealers, then Kid Trax Toys has created the perfect gift for a little one you love. That’s right…a mini Kia Soul with a bumping sound system is hitting the stores this holiday season.

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Why a Kia is the Perfect Pick for College Grads

College Grad in Car - Kia Dealers in Miami

So this is your last year of college. You’ve come a long way baby. And now I bet you have some pretty big plans. You probably have an internship you’re prepping for, and it’s likely that you’ll be scheduling interviews soon.

If you want to show up looking like a professional, you’re going to need some appropriate wheels. It’s hard to imagine pulling up to a nice shiny office building in that clunker you’ve had since you were in high school.

But you’re also not sure exactly what the futures holds, and you’re still figuring out how you’re going to budget around paying back your student loans.

Not to worry because the Kia dealers in Miami have you covered. Their lineup includes vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. Here are three reasons you can get exactly what you need at Kia.

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2015 Kia Rio 5-Door vs. 2015 Honda Fit

Kia_VS_Honda - Kia Dealers

The Kia Rio 5-door is a hot competitor in a broad segment of subcompacts. Smaller cars have seen some of the highest sales numbers in the market in recent years due to the focus on fuel economy.

But Kia dealers understands that consumers who want to purchase a practical car aren’t looking for boring. Though buyers are going smaller in size, they’re still searching for pleasing designs and satisfying performance.

And that’s why the Rio5 is a top choice for drivers. It has more power than its competitors, like the Honda Fit. And that’s not even to mention the Rio’s superb looks.

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Why Lease a Kia?

kia-international - Kia Dealers in Miami FL

Purchasing a car is a big decision because it’s a major financial commitment. It can be the perfect move if you know exactly what kind of vehicle you want and you plan to own for several years.

However, if you’re not sure what type of car would be the best fit for you or if you haven’t nailed down your long-term plans, buying can be risky.

You don’t want to be locked into a vehicle that doesn’t match your lifestyle. And you don’t want to put tons of money into a purchase if you might just trade it in a few years from now.

If that’s the case, leasing may be the right option for you. Kia dealers in Miami, FL make leasing easy, and they offer a totally diverse lineup of high quality, stylish vehicles for you to choose from.

These are some key benefits of leasing to help you figure out the best option for you.

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3 Reasons to Opt for the Forte EX Over Corolla S or Civic EX

Kia_VS_Honda_VS_Toyota-Miami Kia Dealers

There are a lot of options when you’re shopping for a sporty compact sedan. And some of them have been around for quite awhile.

Small cars like the Toyota Corolla S and Honda Civic EX have long had pretty solid footing in this arena because newcomers typically haven’t brought comparable performance and reliability to the table.

But that has changed thanks to Miami Kia dealers. While Toyota and Honda offer the same stale options year after year, Kia’s Forte EX is shaking things up. This little sedan is showing consumers that a daily commute doesn’t have to be boring.

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Kia is Targeting Efficiency with Soul EV and Hybrid Models

Kia-Optima-T-Hybrid-Kia Dealers in Miami

Kia and its sister company, Hyundai, are working hard to improve their vehicles’ fuel economy over the next several years. They plan to increase their lineups’ efficiency ratings by 25 percent by the year 2020.

They also intend to boost the number of their eco-friendly models from their current combined 7 to at least 22. They’re looking toward the future, and they know that future must include increasingly sustainable solutions.

It’s clear that this work is already well underway at Kia. The Optima Hybrid, which gets 40 miles per gallon on the highway, has been generating a lot of interest among consumers who shop at Kia dealers in Miami.

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Kias Offer Top Safety Features

2014 Kia Forte Airbags - Miami Kia Dealers

It’s no coincidence that Kias get such high safety ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Kia takes safety extremely seriously to make sure that you have maximum protection in whichever one of their models you choose.

So you can take a deep breath and let it out because Kia’s experts have used leading technology to create outstanding safeguards for you and your passengers.

Whether you choose the Optima with its 5-star overall safety rating or the Sorento with features like Front Active Headrests, Miami Kia dealers have you covered in case the worst should happen.

Here’s a closer look at some of the latest safety measures they’ve incorporated into their lineup.

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