Jeep Bucket List: Terrains to Conquer

When most people shop for Jeeps for sale, they aren't looking for luxury vehicles or those that can reach top speeds. They are looking for rugged, powerful vehicles that can conquer any terrain -- and that's what Jeep delivers. 

While some people might consider "rugged terrain" to be the icy, snow-packed roads they have to plow through in the winter, others have a more thrilling experience in mind, such as climbing over rocks and skimming through low streams. Jeep can handle it all.

If you are a real Jeep enthusiast, you may even build your own bucket list of the toughest trails and terrains you want to conquer. We've put together a few of the most notorious to help you complete your list:

Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo on an island near the Philippines was the subject of an iconic, award-winning photograph -- of a car feeling from the fiery ashes of the second-largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. That was just over 20 years ago, and even though there have been only a few minor eruptions since then, adventurers from all over the world still come to the island to take their chances.

Jeep enthusiasts and other off-roders come to Mount Pinatubo to drive through the sand, mud and shallow rivers. They drive through dense forests and cavern trails carved out by the flow of lava. There is even a desert-like area of the island that is said to resemble the surface of the moon. 

You likely don't want to pay to ship your Jeep overseas, so you can rent a Jeep while you're there to get the full experience without breaking your budget.

Rubicon Trail

This trail is so popular with off-roaders that Jeep hosts its annual Jeepers Jamboree there and has even named a special concept edition after it. The Rubicon Trail is considered one of the hardest off-road courses in the country, if not the world.

Located in El Dorado County in California, the Rubicon Trail is 22 miles long and is actually part county road. However, after you get past the paved portion, you'll get to the rugged trail, which passes by Loon Lake, El Dorado National Forest, Tahoe National Forest, Wentworth Springs and other scenic landmarks. 

You can attempt to tackle the entire trail, or you can enter at one of the many points along the trail to take a shorter route around specific landmarks. Each of the sub-trails has different obstacles and difficulty ratings. Ledges, narrow paths along steep dropoffs, huge rocks and other obstacles are all waiting to be conquered. In the winter, the whole trail can be covered in up to 10 feet of snow.


Moab, Utah is the location of the annual Easter Jeep Safari, and it's where Jeep puts many of its new models through their paces to see what they can handle. There are an extensive network of trails in Moab that attract all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts, including off roaders, mountain bikers and hikers. The city is also the home of the Canyonlands National Parks and the Arches, which are popular tourist attractions.

You can find trails of all types in Moab, suitable for all kinds of Jeeps and all experience levels. You don't have to go shopping for Jeeps for sale before you head to Moab. Plenty of Jeep rentals are available, as well as guided tours.

Imogene Pass

The west didn't get a reputation for being wild for nothing. The Imogene Pass in Colorado is found at an elevation of 13,114 feet, making it the second highest of any mountain pass accessible by a vehicle in the state.

Located in the San Juan Mountains, Imogene Pass is an unpaved trail that passes through ghost towns, glimpses historic establishments, and takes you right to the peak of the summit. It won't be easy work getting there, but if you do, you'll have a wonderful view greeting you at the end of the day.

Superlift ORV Park

The Superlift ORV Park in Arkanas is a privately owned and smaller off-roading area that is ideal for novices and families who want to have a little fun but who aren't up for such dangerous adventures. The park includes 1254 acres of off-road trails, cabins, camping areas and more. The trails are also suitable for ATVs, dirt bikes and 4X4s.

You can plan a whole vacation here, spending your days exploring the trails and settling down under the stars at night.

Ocala National Forest

Florida may not be known for its mountains or canyons, but that doesn't mean you can't find good off-roading opportunities here. The Ocala National Forest is the second largest national forest in Florida, and it encompasses 607 square miles. Many visitors come here to see the large Florida Scrub habitat or to view the largest concentration of sand pine in the world. 

Off-roaders come here to enjoy the many trails around the forest and the more than 500 lakes and ponds. Since the forest is relatively flat, these trails are ideal for novice drivers. You can enjoy some bumpy fun without having to worry about seriously damaging your Jeep or injuring anyone in the vehicle.


There are many, many more trails and natural areas that would be ideal for exploring with your Jeep, but these are just some of the top spots that off-roaders like to explore. You can really put your Jeep through its paces and earn your stripes as a Jeep fan by exploring one of these trails. 

Of course, scheduling a vacation around one of these trails gives you a good excuse to go shopping for Jeeps for sale. Maybe you want to upgrade to a more powerful model, or maybe you want to switch from your office Jeep to a model that's dedicated to exploration.

Whatever you're looking for, Miami Lakes Jeep has the Jeeps for sale that you need. Stop in to see us and pick out the right model for your next off-roading adventure.


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