Why the Jeep Wrangler is More Popular Than Ever

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Sales of the Jeep Wrangler topped 190,000 units in 2017 alone, and have been skyrocketing for the past decade thanks to the introduction of the four-door Unlimited Wrangler in 2007. The popularity of such a peculiar vehicle may be puzzling to some, but it’s not hard to understand the Wrangler’s wide appeal when you take into account the Jeep brand heritage, the on- and off-road capabilities, and the vehicle’s own authenticity. “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” is the Wrangler’s slogan that drivers and passengers alike embody when they’re riding in one. And with a slogan and lifestyle appeal like that – well, it’s easy to see why the competition is outsold year after year.

When we talk about heritage and authenticity regarding the Jeep brand what we mean to discuss is a design that has withstood the test of time for over 75 years now. The initial prototype, what we can call the Wrangler’s inspiration per se, the Willys MB, was commissioned by the U.S. Army during World War II. Demands of war dictated that the vehicle be rugged and capable, and so a legacy was born. Even the most devoted Jeepers can’t pin down the origins of the name, however, many believe that it stems from the Army slang for “GP” or “General Purpose,” while others attribute it to a comic strip with a character named Eugene the Jeep. This specific lack of certainty has done nothing more but add to the brand’s origin lore.

Civilian Jeep vehicles became common when veterans began to buy the surplus of Willys MB post-World War II, prompting the brand to realize that there was demand in the market for this specific kind of transportation and thus the CJ-2A was born. The Wrangler as we know it took much longer to arrive, with its introduction to the automotive market in 1987 with American Motors Company at the helm of production and manufacturing for Jeep. One thing’s certain though – the iconic look of the original Willys, complete with its rounded headlights and seven-slotted grille, helped the Wrangler grow near and dear to America’s collective heart.

It took some time for the Wrangler to become the commuter vehicle it is today in terms of improvement and popularity. Initially, the Wrangler was popular among serious off-roaders and modification devotees, making it essentially a weekender – and while today’s Wrangler is more than able to keep up with the best commuters, it’s still where the pavement ends that it really shines. Like we said earlier, the “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” slogan isn’t just for show. Skilled Jeepers often chew up trails and terrain where other vehicles can’t even dream of rolling their tires. The short wheelbase, exceptional ground clearance, and short front and rear overhangs make off-roading in the Wrangler a breeze.

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