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Our Jeep dealer is fully aware that many drivers do not use the horn on the wheel of their Jeep for the right reasons. It’s often out of impatience, frustration, or anger.

And you know what? That’s not okay. Of course, there are several appropriate uses for your horn, and we’re here to offer a crash course in proper horn honking etiquette!

DO: Honk Your Own To Avoid Collisions

If you find yourself in a situation on the road where you feel a collision is imminent, honk your horn to get the attention of other drivers. The horn will most likely alert of other drivers of your presence on the road, especially if another driver has totally disregarded the rules of the road and nearly caused you to get into an accident.

While you shouldn’t do this out of anger, you should do it when necessary to avoid the possibility of having your well-being at risk.

DON’T: Honk Your Horn at a Slow Driver

We understand the frustration of getting stuck behind a slow poke on the road. You’re busy, you’ve got places to go, you’re in a rush—we get it, we really do. But never under any circumstance you should you honk your horn at the slow driver in front of you.

Many people often do this to get the driver in front of them to move faster. But this is a mistake. In fact, you don’t know why the driver in front of you is moving slow. It could be due to illness, mechanical problems, intoxication, or any other problem where speeding up could be dangerous for them. A little patience goes a long way.

DO: Honk Your Own on Narrow Mountain Roads

The great thing about a Jeep is that it can take you anywhere, even the narrowest mountain roads in the country. However, it’s also best to practice safety during these scenarios, and that’s when your horn comes in.

If you’re driving on a narrow mountain road and can’t see the road at least 200 feet in front of you, honk your own so any drivers nearby will be aware of your presence. Just because you’re driving a dependable Jeep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t it as safe as possible.

DON’T: Honk Your Horn at Pedestrians, Cyclists, Etc.

It’s generally a bad idea to honk your horn to get the attention of pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-drivers. Honking your own can startle them and cause a disturbance. It’s easy to forget how loud a horn can sound outside of a vehicle.

The only time honking your horn at a non-driver would be appropriate if it were to avoid a collision.

Take these tips and practice them on the road next time you feel the need to use your horn. Like anything Jeep-related, our Jeep dealer recommends safety on the road at all costs!

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