Two of the Best Off Roading Spots in Florida

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Come check out the Jeeps for sale at Miami Lakes Automall, before you know it you will be tearing up these great off-road spots.

Lazy Springs

Lazy Springs is located in Felda, a small town on the western side of the state The best part about Lazy Springs is that it is not just an off-road park. So, when mudders get tired of tearing through mud, they can enjoy other activities like fishing, camping, and water skiing. Park entry is $10 per vehicle and an additional fee of $10 per person, and entry is free for kids under 9 years old.

Redneck Mud Park

Redneck Mud Park is one of Florida’s most well-known mudding spots and it is located north of Lazy Springs Park in Punta Gorda. Aside from mudding off-roading, there are a variety of other activities such as camping, air boat rides, and concessions. The park also frequently hosts huge events such as mud races and DJ nights. Park entry is $60 for the entire weekend and $30 for the day.

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