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So you bought your vehicle from a Jeep Dealer , and you’re getting pretty savvy when it comes to off-roading . Ready to take on some dunes?

There are a few valuable tips that can help make your day a blast instead of a bummer. Check out these strategies for successfully negotiating sandy terrain, and add the dunes to your list of conquered landscapes.

H2O for the Road

This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people head out for an adventure without remembering the basics.

It’s always important to have survival staples with you, including water and food. In this particular case, water is absolutely essential. If the temps are high and you do get stuck for any reason, you could be in serious trouble.

Avoid an emergency and make sure you bring plenty of water with you.

Drop that Pressure

Any time you’re going to be driving on sand, you should let some air our of your tires. Bring it on down for the period of time that you’re off-road.

However, it’s key to remember that such low pressure will quickly turn into a problem on pavement. Make sure you fill your tires back up before heading home on the road.

Keep On Keeping On

Forward momentum is absolutely going to be your best friend when you’re traversing sandy areas. Speed is a fine balance in this situation.

Keep yourself moving at a good clip so you don’t sink in, but also avoid going so fast that you lose control. If you do need to slow down, remember that the sand will stop you quite quickly

If you hit the brakes, you’re likely to create a nice big pile of sand in front of your vehicle. Then it will be more difficult to get going again.

If You’re in a Pickle

Okay, so sand definitely isn’t the easiest surface in the world to tackle, especially if it’s your first time. Sometimes after getting stuck, you can manage to get yourself back on track.

First of all, don’t gun it. You’ll only dig in deeper. Instead, try to back out gently or try to aim yourself downhill before attempting to move forward.

If you’re really and truly stuck, we hope you planned ahead. Having someone with you who can act as a tow buddy is a smart idea. Think about it—there aren’t usually any stable objects around in the desert.

Without a tree or any rocks, it won’t be possible to winch yourself out. Unless you want to be working with a shovel in the hot sun, invite another off-roader with a capable vehicle along.

You’ll have more fun together, and you’ll both have backup in case someone gets into a tricky situation.

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