The Best Accessories for the 2022 Jeep Gladiator

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Gray Jeep Gladiator Two Jet Skis on the Beach

The 2022 Jeep Gladiator is a pickup destined to redefine how enthusiasts savor the great outdoors. Although hundreds of pickup trucks are on the market, there’s only one Gladiator, and gladiator is a perfect name for the pickup. Additionally, the Jeep pickup is the only truck with removable doors , a retractable/removable roof, and a fold-down windshield. Some contenders may argue that the Jeep Gladiator holds a steep starting price for a compact truck; however, compared to competitors who charge for additional features, the Gladiator premieres those same options as standards, and the price is well worth it.

As an impeccable off-roader, the Jeep Gladiator is the perfect truck for a multitude of different activities. However, to truly appreciate the Gladiator, here are a few add-ons that take the pickup to a new level. So take a look at the five accessories or aftermarket kits designed for the ultimate adventure .

Tonneau Cover

Pickup beds are a lifesaver because anything that doesn’t fit in the cabin quickly finds room in the five-foot bed. But, unfortunately, that same gear is exposed and left available for the taking. Fortunately, the tonneau cover is a soft or hard bed cover that maintains the truck bed’s security. Although there are many hard rubber covers, the reinforced vinyl covers provide the best of both worlds with safety and protection from other elements. Of course, there are more tops than the Mopar tonneau cover that head upstream in the pricing department, but the Mopar (82215617) Tonneau Cover is the perfect level of protection at a feasible price.

Bed Extender

The Jeep Gladiator comes standardly equipped with a five-foot bed. Unfortunately, there are no longer or shorter bed sizes. Luckily, there are tube frame extenders that allow enthusiasts to receive more from their five-foot bed. Once the tube frame extender is installed, enthusiasts can lower the tailgate and flip it over for an extra two feet of usable bed space.

Lift Kit

The Gladiator is a capable truck ready to unleash more capability with a lift kit. Additionally, the lift kit makes the Jeep pickup appear more monumental, all while increasing the approach angle and breakover angle. The added clearance from the lift kit is critical because the Jeep Gladiator has a long wheelbase, and when it crests a hill, the pickup risks bottoming out.

Cargo Rack

If the 2022 Jeep Gladiator cabin is packed, then chances are the truck bed is full or close to it. However, packing up the five-foot truck bed isn’t the best idea, especially if the truck is carrying mountain bikes or surfboards. Fortunately, the adjustable rack system allows room for a cargo rack, bike mount, or kayak rack overhead, with plenty of space for stowing bags below. Furthermore, an elevated bed rack provides more usable space in the bed.

Storage Box

A place to store smaller valuable items in the truck bed is essential. A SwingCase is a hard-plastic locker that swings from its stowed position for necessary use. The SwingCase’s curved shape traced the wheel well and hinged to the back near the tailgate. Although a small tab allows the SwingCase to be locked in both positions, the case is also lockable with its own key.

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