Surprising Facts Jeepers Don’t Know About the Jeep Wrangler

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SUV and crossover sales have soared in the past decade as consumers have sought spacious alternatives to clunky sedans. For Jeep enthusiasts, the desire for vehicles that are spacious and can perform both on- and off-road is not a new feeling. One customer favorite? The Jeep Wrangler. Many consumers are enthralled by the Wrangler’s performance chops and recommend it as the ultimate off-road vehicle, but do they know all the interesting tidbits and ins and outs of the vehicle? Let’s break down a few facts that some Jeep enthusiasts may not be aware of.

Although the Wrangler is usually described as having launched in 1987, the reality is that the model is a continuation of the CJ (Civilian Jeep) model that debuted after World War II. Jeep saw itself forced to rebrand the vehicle after a series of missteps in the press that alleged the CJ had a disproportionate turnover risk. In reality, it was one CJ among hundreds with a faulty build that failed the test and Jeep saw itself forced to rebrand. In a way, the Wrangler keeps the spirit of the CJ alive.

It’s no secret that the Wrangler stands out, almost as if in a segment of its own, as one of the most unique vehicles ever made. In fact, the Wrangler is so unique that it’s the only vehicle designed to have its doors removed. The reason for that is not only to honor the brand’s military heritage, it’s also another way for Jeep to drive the point home that the Wrangler is not some ordinary commuter. Without doors, the Wrangler transforms itself from a stylish commuter to a rugged and aggressive off-roader.

Readers will be surprised to learn that the inspiration for what eventually became the Wrangler was actually a bulldog! An English bulldog to be exact! Michael Santoro, Jeep’s designer, revealed to _ Motor Authority _ that while researching the brand’s past the team discovered that a bulldog was the inspiration for the Wrangler’s fascia. The Wrangler, just like a bulldog, has the same low wide stance.

Another important design cue that customers may not realize is the fact that Jeep designed the Wrangler with customization in mind. Jeep firmly believes that access to customization is part of the brand’s future, they intentionally want the Wrangler to appeal to consumers just so they can customize it. The Wrangler makes it possible for consumers to add gadgets, lifts, and so many other aftermarket options to their vehicles.

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