Did You Know The Jeep Renegade Contains its Own Scavenger Hunt?

June 9th, 2017 by

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Just like a scavenger hunt for kids, your new Jeep Renegade comes with a hunt for hidden gems, and you probably don’t even know it. The Renegade has over 30 hidden features, or gems as we like to call them, (and those are just the ones that have been found so far). These are some of our favorites:

Headlamps and Taillamps


What do you notice inside the headlamps and taillamps from these photos? If you look carefully they have the classic seven-slot grille on them. See it now?



Both the front and back windshield have fun graphics that you may or may not have noticed. The front windshield has a Jeep riding up it and the back windshield actually has a Yeti walking around. Every notice these before now?

Fuel Cap

The fuel cap hidden gem is the coolest yet weirdest of them all. Look behind the fuel cap and you will see a spider saying “ciao baby.” There is no meaning behind this that we know of, but it is certainly unique.

Front Seat

Photo source: Jeep Renegade Forum

Most people probably haven’t removed the cushion from the front passenger seat. However, if you were to remove it you would find a map and coordinates. The map and coordinates are actually to a trail in Moab, Utah.


Photo source: Motor Trend

Last, but not least the wheel. There is a good chance if you have noticed any of these gems before, this is the one. If not, look closely and you will notice a Jeep graphic in the wheel.

* Cool right? Let us know if you have done this hunt for the images in your Renegade. If you found anything else share it with us on Facebook. If you don’t have a Renegade yet, but are interested, you have come to the right place. Check out our Jeep Renegade inventory at Miami Lakes Jeep here. *

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