Jeep Unleashes Six Gladiator Concepts at the 2019 Easter Safari

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Jeep is so excited to celebrate the arrival of their all-new Gladiator pickup that it’s dedicated its entire 2019 Easter Safari lineup of concept trucks. This time around not a single Wrangler was found. Jeep is presenting six pickups in total at the 53rd Moab Easter Safari. Here are the outrageously awesome details of all the trucks Jeep is bringing to the 2019 Easter Safari.

Jeep Five-Quarter

This wild creation is one of Jeep’s best and its base is a truck that started out its life as a 1968 M-715 – a military version of the civilian Gladiator truck. Initially bought on Craigslist, Jeep went wild with the refurbishment including the addition of a modified Hellcrate engine. That’s right, this old off-road Jeep has a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine with over 700 horsepower under the hood. The truck maintained some of its original frame, but Jeep did reinforce and modify it – especially with a heavy duty coil suspension system. The inner workings weren’t the only alterations Jeep performed on this M-715. All the sheet metal on the front was removed and traded for fiberglass and carbon fiber that’s painted in a brushed metal style. Additionally, Jeep also fabricated an aluminum bed complete with wood slats on the bed floor, a removable soft top, and a cabin that’s loaded with color and aluminum accents that complement the exterior. A “Hellcrated” badge is the perfect finishing touch.

Jeep J6

This is a more realistic offering from the brand. The J6 is a two-door standard cab truck that could easily be the off-road Gladiator of anyone’s dreams. For this occasion Jeep used a Wrangler Unlimited chassis instead of the longer one that’s standard on the Gladiator. Under the hood of the J6 is a stock 3.6-liter V6 engine, but Jeep added many other parts to help fortify it on the trail. The J6 features a 2-inch lift kit, 37-inch tires, and 17-inch beadlock wheels. There’s also a stinger bar, steel tubing in the bed and 10 LED lights. Apparently, Jeep is considering making some of these features – including the new wheels that are about four pounds lighter – factory options.

Jeep Wayout

Overlanding enthusiasts will love this one that’s meant to go “Wayout” into the wilderness. An added rooftop tent sleeps two was added to the Gladiator’s roof. That’s right, this concept is actually Gladiator-based unlike the previous two we just mentioned. Just like in the J6, Jeep added 37-inch tires, 17-inch painted steel wheels, and a two-inch lift kit. There’s also a snorkel for water fording purposes and a 12,000 pound Warn winch. All of the camping gear used to outfit this concept is actually available from quite a few aftermarket retailers for the Gladiator. In addition to the rooftop tent, there’s also a camper awning, a bed-drawer system with lockable dry storage, and auxiliary fuel tanks. This Jeep is ready to get away from it all.

Jeep FlatBill

This pickup is intended to mimic a Motocross support vehicle and Jeep displayed it as such always toting a few motorbikes on the truck bed. Jeep wanted to embody the motocross attitude and it did so by stitching things like “brah” on the seats and stickers in the door jamb that read “Don’t bro me if you don’t know me.” This pickup features 40-inch tires, 20-inch off-road wheels, upgraded shocks, and Dynatrac Pro-Rock 60 axles that back its loud appearance with exceptionally rough performance on the rocks.

JT Scrambler

Sweet retro looks are in charge when it comes to the JT Scrambler. Jeep gets a little tongue-in-cheek with the use of the Scrambler name – a long-rumored name that enthusiasts were convinced would be used for what we now know as the Gladiator. The body of the JT scrambler features body stripes in Punk’N Metallic Orange and Nacho – quite interesting names for a few colors. The appearance is to remain a concept for now, but Jeep has not ruled out that something similar may one day go into production. Just like the 1982 Scrambler that served as inspiration, this concept has a brown roof, and just like the other concepts presented at this year’s Easter Safari, this JT Scrambler features a 2-inch lift kit, 37-inch tires, and 17-inch wheels – this time they’re painted bronze.

Jeep Gladiator Gravity

The Gladiator Gravity is the most down-to-earth concept among this bunch. Its purpose is to show off the Mopar parts that future Gladiator buyers can use to beef up their pickups. Mopar has gone above and beyond and included $8,000 worth aftermarket parts on this Gladiator Gravity. Aftermarket parts include 35-inch tires, a cat-back exhaust, 17-inch off-road wheels, cold-air intake, heavy-gauge steel rock rails, and plenty of LED lights to light up the trail. There’s also a Mopar cross rails and cargo carrier that serve as storage solutions on any adventure.

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