Jeep Chose McIntosh’s Audio System Here’s Why

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Audiophiles are obsessed with McIntosh audio systems, and it’s easy to understand why. But, unfortunately, the McIntosh name isn’t a household name. But first, understand that McIntosh keeps the home audio segment on lock. The New York-based company set out its journey to quality audio in 1949. Then, in the mid-’90s, McIntosh waltzed into the car audio arena, but unfortunately, it took two to tango.

Automotive Transition

Initially, McIntosh introduced the MX406 Audio Center Control. The Audio Control Center included AM/FM Tuner and a CD Player. In addition, the single-DIN unit incorporated speakers with the trademark McIntosh blue meters.

The millennium strikes and McIntosh premiered the 200-watt McIntosh Audiophile Sound System for the third-generation Subaru Legacy and a Harley Davidson motorcycles system. By 2005-2006 the Ford GT received a customized audio system from McIntosh, but the relationship wasn’t lasting, and McIntosh retreated from the automotive audio industry.

The Lessons of ‘Failure’

McIntosh set out a goal, arousing interest in the home audio arena. So they bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee and installed a reference audio system. Next, McIntosh took the Jeep to Detroit and demonstrated the home system to the Stellantis dream team: Executive automobile designer Ralph Gilles and Former CEO of Fiat Sergio Marchionne were captivated by the audio system. Both knew the McIntosh to be the perfect fit for the new Grand Cherokee L and the re-energized Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer .

Miami Lakes Auto Mall McIntosh

McIntosh MX1375

Available solely on the Jeep Grand Wagoneer , the entertainment system appears standard on the Obsidian and Series III models and optional on the Series II models. With 1,375 watts over 24 channels to 23 speakers stationary to 16 locations in the cabin. There are also 6×9-inch woofers in each door, four 2-inch ceiling mount speakers, and a 12-inch dual-coil subwoofer in the cargo.

McIntosh MX950

The audio system comes standard in the Grand Wagoneer, premium trims of the Grand Cherokee L, and optional in the Wagoneer Series III. The entertainment system consists of 950 watts over 17 channels through 19 speakers in 12 different locations throughout the vehicle. The speakers in both setups illuminate with the McIntosh logo, the volume and tuning knobs with ribbed edging similar to the home systems.

The Sound of Music

Attention to detail was the mantra. Jeep and McIntosh enriched the vehicles with quality sound and a vigorous bass in every trim level, starting with the trim fasteners and isolators on the interior panels. Jeep engineers also created a “low noise floor,” acoustically laminated glass, active noise cancellation, with sound restraining pads enclosed in the doors. The low noise floor stipulates a vehicle that sounds consistently impeccable, whether 80 mph or at a complete standstill.

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