Is the Next-Gen Jeep Cherokee Underway?

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Blue Jeep Cherokee Off Road Outside Mountains

The first Jeep Cherokee to ever cross the assembly line was a re-imagined and rebadged two-door remix to the Jeep Wagoneer. Fast forward to the second generation, and the Cherokee transition to a fresh platform. By 1984, the Cherokee went from body-on-frame to gliding on a unibody construction. The Cherokee’s boxy exterior would mark the SUV’s place in history as one of the first modern SUVs with four doors. Moreover, the Cherokee would go on to establish the SUV segment and assist in constructing the automaker’s empire.

However, in 2001 Jeep upset a lot of Cherokee lovers by renaming the SUV to Liberty for North America. The Liberty name would continue to survive the fourth-generation Cherokee, redesigned in 2008.

By November 2013, Lady Liberty sang as long as she could, and Jeep returned the Cherokee nameplate to the North American market. With a complete refresh, new powertrains, extra features, and additional trims, the Jeep Cherokee reemerged, but so did the debate. During the time of the Cherokee’s reestablishment, controversy ensued, and sports and business corporations had to retire Native American names. So here we are nearly ten years later; where does the Jeep Cherokee stand?

For starters, America’s favorite automaker is a mastermind brand that continues to grow and expand. For instance, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L now features three rows, and the accolades soon followed with the release. The full-size flagship, the Jeep Wagoneer, and the premium Grand Wagoneer also reprise their iconic roles. Moreover, Jeep also has a small electric crossover due for a debut in 2023.

However, there’s little to share about the OG of Jeep’s empire. The Jeep Cherokee that once read welcomes consumers to the sport-utility vehicle segment now goes overlooked by enthusiasts. Now the Cherokee’s relationship with fans is no fault to fans, especially since the Jeep SUV hasn’t attained a refresh since the 2014 model year. Since the Cherokee hasn’t retained a refresh, the SUV is one of the oldest compacts on the market. Even the 2022 Jeep Compass welcomes a mid-cycle refresh resembling a miniature Wagoneer.

So what’s Jeep’s plan for the Cherokee? Will the automaker ‘Old Yeller’ be the loyal SUV?

The Cherokee Plan

Global President of Jeep Brand Christian Meunier and head of Jeep Brand of North America Jim Morrison spoke about the future of the Jeep Cherokee. Both execs insist that the Cherokee still holds a purpose in the Jeep lineup. Morrison stated the plans for the next-generation Cherokee will be “bigger and better than ever.”

Morrison mentioned that the automaker would not meet expectations for the sixth-generation Cherokee anytime soon. However, when the Jeep Cherokee is ready for refinement, it will receive a lot of electrification. The automaker’s electrification plan will introduce the smaller Jeep in the first half of 2023; from there, an off-road SUV, and a family SUV will come to fruition in 2024.

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