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Jeepers are going to be happy to hear about all of the hardtop and Sunrider soft top configurations available on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL model. Jeep has been consistently improving their removable rooftops, and the 2018 Wrangler JL model is the best one yet – the fussy hassle of removing the top before heading out on the trail is a thing of the past. With less time to be spent removing the top, Jeep adventurers can enjoy more time outdoors. Knowing how to remove the top beforehand really helps make the process more efficient, and we’ve constructed a simple guide for consumers. We recommend having someone to lend a helping hand with the removal of the hardtop as it is a more laborious process than the removal of the Sunrider soft top. We’ve also got a video for Jeepers to follow along with the written instructions:

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Sunrider Soft Top Removal

Gone are the days of the zip-out windows, the press-and-seal slider system is here to stay. From start to finish, the Sunrider soft top only takes about a minute and a half! Here’s our step by step process:

  1. Open the trunk to gain access to the back window. Next, grasp the corners of the rear window while pulling up and away from the vehicle until the window is only attached at the top. Slide the window out towards the left by using the new sliding track system. Place the window in the trunk to avoid damaging it.
  2. The side windows function in the exact same way, with the press-and-seal slider system. First, unlatch the window column off the back corner. Next, pull the window panel away from the Jeep by undoing the velcro, and slide the window off the guiding track towards the front of the vehicle. Repeat this process for the other window and store the panels responsibly to avoid damage.
  3. With all three windows removed, it’s time to work on the actual rooftop. Inside the cabin, there will be two latches – each one behind its respective sun visor. Undo each latch to unlock the soft top.
  4. After unlocking the soft top, go ahead and push it back halfway. Jeep lovers will be glad to learn that they can complete the topless look by unhooking a latch on the back of the rooftop. From here on out, the top will fold back like a traditional convertible top and will rest above the trunk.
  5. Secure the soft top by locking it into place using the locks to connect the soft top legs to the frame of the Wrangler. Push the soft top upwards to make sure it is locked in place.

Hard Top Removal

As we previously mentioned, the hard top removal is a bit more challenging but can be completed in under five minutes. Follow these steps with a buddy to hit the pavement quicker:

  1. The front panels are called the freedom panels, and they are held in place by a total of eight latches. Two can be found behind the sun visors, while six L-shaped latches remain around the roof of the cabin. Pull the L-shaped latches towards the center of the cabin and unlock the two remaining latches behind the visors.
  2. Now that the panels are loose, lift them one at a time and store them. Many companies offer freedom panel storage bags as added accessories.
  3. Next up, open the trunk and locate the wiper fluid line and accompanying electrical harness. Disconnect the wiper fluid line and lock it into the nearby receptacle to secure it. Repeat these steps to disconnect the electrical harness by pressing on the red tab and pulling down, and lock it into the nearby receptacle as well.
  4. Along the inside roof of the hardtop, there will be a total of six screws, three on each side. Use the toolkit that comes with the Wrangler to unscrew these screws.
  5. There are only two screws left – on the top front corners of the roof – their function is to attach the hardtop to the top of the frame. Unscrew these and the hard top is officially loose.
  6. Jeep has a convenient feature on the edge of the trunk to store the loose screws for safekeeping. Just lift the felt cargo cover in the middle and pop them in place.
  7. It’s time for the assistant to step in – the actual removal of the top will require an extra set of hands. The top is heavy, and accidentally dropping it will become a nightmare scenario of expensive repairs. Slide the hardtop away from the frame of the Jeep for leverage and proceed to lift it off in unison. Store the top responsibly to avoid any damage.

Jeep clearly listened to consumers and made terrific strides with their new-and-improved tops, making it easy to enjoy the Wrangler the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – topless and without a fuss. Rumor has it that Jeep is saving their ‘Sky One-Touch Power Top’ (a feature that will retract the canvas roof of the Wrangler with just the touch of a button) for the 2019 model.

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