Getting Your Jeep Wrangler Ready for Summer

June 2nd, 2021 by

No better time to be a Jeep Wrangler driver than during summer. Warm temperatures give the go-ahead to take the top off and bask in the sun while pushing a Wrangler to its limits on the trail or simply cruising around town. Aside from an annual service check, there are plenty of other things owners can do to get their Wranglers revved up for the summer months. Here are some tips tricks to kick summer into high gear behind the wheel of a Wrangler.

*Wash & Wax *

This tip may appear counterintuitive, given that off-roading is notoriously messy, but a Wrangler’s exterior is put through the wringer when it’s cruising off the beaten path. Removing leaves, debris, dirt, and anything else that may have accumulated behind trim pieces and other moving parts before hitting the road is recommended. Washing and scrubbing your Wrangler and applying a thin layer of wax to the dried surface can go a long way and protect paint throughout the year.

Clearing Out Water Channels

Here comes that pesky debris again. Small fragments can easily become trapped in the water channels behind the Wrangler’s interior trim, posing a possible problem should too much debris accumulate. Water channels are usually responsible for redirecting any moisture that accumulates outside the Jeep and preventing interior leaks. Using an air compressor, owners can blow out these channels to keep them free of debris, thus preventing them from letting rainfall flood the cabin area.

Replacing Air Filters

High humidity levels, especially in south Florida, can wreak havoc on some of the paper components in the Jeep’s air filters. Restoring the filter’s functionality is easy by simply replacing the filter with a brand new one. Most vehicles have filters in the engine bay, as well as within the heating system and cabin space. There’s even a permanent solution to a smelly air filter rife with humidity — buyers can invest in a semi-permanent filter made of cotton fibers instead.

Tire Alignment

Whether a Wrangler has all-season tires or season-specific tires, Jeepers can improve their safety and performance by having a mechanic perform a preventive tire check during scheduled maintenance. A technician can measure tire wear, air pressure, and assess the overall state of tires to make sure the Wrangler is ready for the road. To improve overall drivability and comfort, owners should also have their suspension alignment checked. Routine tire alignments also protect tires from excessive wear and tear, saving money on maintenance costs down the road.

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