Four Reasons Jeep Concepts at the Easter Safari are Awesome

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Rabid Jeepers have been converging on the town of Moab, Utah, for the past 53 years for the Easter Safari. Jeep vehicles surrounded by red slick rock and some of the most memorable and iconic martian landscapes the U.S. has to offer makes for some of the best concept debuts every year. National Parks such as Arches and Canyonlands provided a memorable background with this year’s event and its 40 designated trails for Jeepers to gobble up. The upcoming launch of the 2020 Gladiator was the inspiration for this year’s concepts – with five out of the six concepts presented entirely based on drivable production vehicles. Here are four reasons this year’s Easter Safari concepts rock.


Two of the six concepts presented were based on the Scrambler CJ8 of the 80s. While the Scrambler was never officially labeled as a Jeep truck, it did have a pickup-esque box instead of a truck bed. Jeep completed their Scrambler concept featuring all the perfect retro colors (cheekily named Punk’n Metallic Orange and Nacho) and decorative decals. There was also the Gladiator J6 concept that is considered a true representation of the old CJ8 Scrambler. Clad in Metallic Blue paint and featuring a chassis with an extended wheelbase, the J6 concept could easily go into production in the future according to Jeep.


A 1968 Military M517 truck was transformed into a one-of-a-kind speed demon called the Five Quarter. Roaring under the hood is a 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8, causing the Five Quarter to generate more than 700 horsepower. Additionally, the Five Quarter features a retro reserve fuel tank for gin and tonic, low-back leather seats, 40-inch tires on 8-lug 20-inch beadlock wheels, and Dana 44 axles.


Decals and badges on Jeep vehicles at the Easter Safari are some of the best little details on these Jeep concepts. A special Mopar decal appears on the Gravity rock-climber concept, one that features over 200 aftermarket parts already available for the Jeep Gladiator. Mopar has a fantastic rolling catalog for those prospective Gladiator buyers that are looking to outfit their rig come tomorrow. With tube doors, lift-kits, all-weather mats with a water-draining plug system, to Katzkin leather seats, the Gladiator Gravity concept is the perfect Mopar showcase. Other concepts also feature a retro-inspired 4WheelDrive badge, a menacing “HellCrated” badge on the Five Quarter we mentioned earlier, and a “Solo Rated” badge on this very same Gravity rock-climber concept.


One of the biggest selling points of the upcoming Gladiator is its best-in-class towing figures. Jeep wanted to showcase the towing and hauling prowess of the Gladiator and the brand chose to do so with the Flatbill concept. Equipped with the same five-coil rear suspension setup as the all-new Ram 1500, the Jeep Flatbill means business. The Flatbill has no tailgate and installs two tracks to carry dirt bikes, complete with a 4-inch lift kit and rolling on 40-inch tires.

These amazing concepts notwithstanding, a stock Jeep Gladiator with the roof and doors off is just as impressive. It’s undeniable that the Gladiator is a unique looking truck that’s set to revive the waning midsize pickup truck segment. Follow Miami Lakes Jeep on social media to find out when the Jeep Gladiator arrives at our dealer lot.

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