Duck, Duck, Jeep! Owners Get Creative With Their Jeep Vehicles

September 17th, 2021 by

Duck Duck Jeep

Duck Duck Jeep

Looking at Jeep, drivers can drive any other vehicle owners to envy. Just look at the Jeep wave. The Jeep wave is more natural than riding a bike. When two Jeep owners cross paths, it’s as if watching two family members embrace. Jeep’s loyalty program, the Jeep Wave Program, is commemorating camaraderie. But seasons come and go, and muck like Summer fading to Fall, so has the Jeep Wave, with Jeep Ducking. The 2021 Jeep Ducking is the new craze systemic to sweep owners.

How One Small Gesture Brought A Wave of Rubber Duck Jeep Influencers Everywhere

Allison Parliament had no intentions of changing the world, but evolving the world is precisely what the Jeep celebrity did. So one day in June, Allison took a trip from Clanton, Alabama, to Ontario. Allison needed gas, so she stopped her 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara at the nearest gas station in a small Canadian town. Allison added a rubber ducky to the Jeep vehicle parked by her and the rest was history.

One Quacker to Change the World

Once Allison left the store, another beautiful Jeep lay in the parking lot. Allison inscribed “Nice Jeep” on the ducky and placed it on the stranger’s vehicle, and the owner noticed. “(He) came out and laughed. Said, ‘You need to put this on social media. We figured it would go around town, make a few people happy, and then fade out.” -Allison

That was far from the case. Instead, the spontaneous moment became a social media sensation, with Allison gaining 10,000 followers on Facebook. The rubber duckies appeared on Wranglers , Liberties, and Cherokees populating the US, Canada, and Mexico. Eventually, the rubber ducky traveled to Germany, Japan, and over thirty other countries. Jeep took notice of the notoriety and incorporated the new Wrangler Rubicon with the hashtag Jeep Ducking. Jeep Ducking unraveled a global game that’s prevailed beyond the Jeep, incorporating Subaru and classic cars.

“We don’t cap it off at just Jeep, Everybody needs kindness and I think the last year has shown that we need more kindness than normal.”-Allison

Ducks for Education

Allison observed the kindness she spread and wanted to go a lot deeper than that. So the Ducking creator created the non-profit “Ducky Grants,” educators can apply for funds upward of $100 to buy supplies for the classroom, which often comes from the educator’s own pockets.

“So many teachers give so much more than they have, we decided, why don’t we turn what good we have into something better.” – Allison

Ducky Grants sells t-shirts and decals, with all proceeds going to the grant program. With Allison making great preparations for the Duck Duck Jeep Invasion in Wetumpka, Alabama. The event serves a double motive: for the non-profit and reconstructing downtown, which was devastated by a tornado two years prior. The Duck Duck Jeep Invasion runs from October 17th through the 19th, and tickets are available through the Jeep Ducking Facebook page. The Invasion will raffle off a $10,000 1995 Wrangler CJ with several mods, including a lifted suspension, to add more heat to the Flames.

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