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Owning a Jeep has so many advantages. Take it off-road, customize it to make it your own, be part of the cool wave tradition…Unfortunately, with all of the fun and adventuring, many Jeep owners see high fuel costs.

Luckily right now, gas prices are down, but we all know that won’t last forever. However, the fuel-efficiency of models at your local Jeep dealer in Miami is continuously improving, and there are a few easy things you can do to conserve fuel in your current Jeep.

Get an Alignment

If your alignment is off, then there is unnecessary drag occurring while you’re driving. Plus you’re tires are getting extra wear that they certainly don’t need.

To make your tires and your tank of gas last longer, check your alignment regularly to make sure it’s correct.

Double Check Those Tires

When you’re heading off-road, lowering your tire pressure can be extremely beneficial. And as all Jeep owners know, inflating your tires to the correct pressure before hitting the pavement again is a must.

With all of those pressure changes, it’s easy to end up with tires that are just a touch off. Double check your pressure now and then to make sure you’re right on. Being even a little over or under-inflated can have a major effect on your mileage.

Make it a Smooth Ride

Stopping and starting frequently, especially abruptly, eats gas like you wouldn’t believe. If you tend to be a bit of an excitable or aggressive driver, try to hold back during your daily commute, and save it for the trails.

By leaving more space between you and the car in front of you and accelerating and braking more gently, the time between fills will definitely be extended.

Turn Her Off

Idling is a huge waste of gas that we often just don’t think about. You pull over to chat with a friend, and it just seems easier to leave the engine running.

However, it actually requires more fuel to idle than it does to start your Jeep. So whenever you’re going to be hanging out for a few, go ahead and turn it off.

Unpack After Trips

Added weight can seriously impact how many miles per gallon you get. Whenever you return from a trip, be sure you unload.

It can be easy to put off if you’re tired from an epic off-roading experience, but if you carry the added weight around all week, you can kiss some extra cash goodbye.

Unpack and try to keep the overall weight of your Jeep as light as possible. Removing the things you don’t need will keep you from visiting the pump quite so often.

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