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Miami Lakes Automall Jeep Adventure Reality App

Are you ready for your own Jeep ® adventure? Ready to take an off-road trip and do some rock crawling? Or how about hopping in the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL and hitting the beach? Ever since its debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, off-road enthusiasts have been itching to build and take a ride in their very own Jeep Wrangler JL. Still in production, this off-road warrior may not hit dealership showrooms soon, but that doesn’t mean potential buyers and lessees can’t start building their own. It may just not be in the conventional sense.

The All-New Jeep Adventure Reality App

When a customer wants to build a vehicle, the process is relatively simple. Go to the dealership website, choose what model to build, choose the trim level, engine options if available, the paint job and interior color, a package to spruce it up if available, maybe some aftermarket accessories, and that’s it. Straightforward, and the most the customer gets is a digitally-rendered image of what their new car will look like. Not very flashy.

What if that customer could see what that same vehicle will look like in their driveway? Or on a dirt road? Or even hop into the driver’s seat without leaving their couch? All of that is possible with the Jeep Adventure Reality App.

Although the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL debuted in 2017, apparently there was a lot of nifty tech Jeep was keeping underwraps for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in January. The new Wrangler JL comes with four all-new connected services through Uconnect 4, a Jeep skill available through the Amazon Alexa (or Echo/Echo Dot) virtual assistant for remote services, and of course, this new Adventure Reality app. Here’s how it works and how consumers can “build their own” Jeep Wrangler JL, or any (currently available) Jeep vehicle for that matter.

The Jeep Adventure Reality app is a sort of virtual reality app without the goggles. It uses technology called “augmented reality.” For anyone who played _ Pokemon Go _ when the servers weren’t crashing every five minutes, then they know a little about this augmented reality. The app makes use of the phone’s camera and then superimposes images or animations onto the foreground while using whatever the camera is capturing as the background. Same principle here.

Upon activating the app, the user can explore Jeep models, trim levels, colors, and all of the configurations available. This ranges across two-door or four-door models, the choice of a hardtop or soft top, color choices and combinations, the wheel sizes and designs, and of course, the interior. Via high-resolution imagery and user-interaction, the app is actually an augmented reality configurator .

As one normally would, they may configure and “build” their Jeep vehicle as they wish. Where the Jeep Adventure Reality App takes it up another level is being able to superimpose that image using the smartphone’s camera. Check out what your new Jeep looks like in your driveway. Take a trip to your favorite off-road trail and snap a picture there. Remove the doors, put the windshield up and down, turn on the headlights, open/close the doors, honk the horn, or simply turn the wheels.

The impressive bit about this is new app is the ability to actually sit inside the Jeep vehicle following its customization. Think “holopod” for this bit. Once the vehicle is built, there will be an option to explore the interior, and the app will digitally place the user in the cabin of the vehicle. Then, all they need to do is move their smartphone around. Pan it from left to right, turn around, zoom in or out. Wherever the phone is pointing, the interior of the vehicle in that direction will be displayed on screen. Pretty cool, ey?

Of course, just building a fake vehicle in an app isn’t any fun. Sure, the app also allows the user to share their custom Jeep on social media, but is that all? Nope. After building their vehicle, the consumer can also find a dealer and search new inventory for a Jeep they can build much like they did using this app, but with a price tag attached.

* Now that’s how to win a customer! Jeep, and the FCA Group as a whole, are really making use of all modern technology has to offer when it comes to connecting with their customer base. Interested in building your own Jeep? The app is already ready for download. But it’s only available for iPhone 7, 8, X and iPad Pro at this time. If you get a chance to use the app and build your own Jeep, share some images with us on Miami Lakes Automall social media . *

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