Autonomous Off-Roading Anyone? Jeep Says Yes!

July 15th, 2021 by

Miami Lakes Auto Mall Jeep Wrangler 4Xe

On July 8th (2021), the parent company of Jeep, Stellantis, organized an EV day event. On this day, Jeep declared it would electrify every single model by 2025. Jeep already maintains the number 1 best-selling PHEV, the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe . But Stellantis stated the Wrangler would need to morph into an electric vehicle to survive far beyond this decade. Jeep didn’t unleash any fully EV vehicles for the event, but they did provide a detailed release video that promised an array of Electric Jeep’s.

The video begins with the very first Jeep; the 1945 CJ then comes the love story. In 2021, viewers follow two Jeep lovers hit with love at first sight at a solar charging station in the wilderness. Fast-forward to 2025, and the boyfriend proposes in a beautiful lake with an even more beautiful electric Wrangler in the background.

Two variations of the Jeep were presented during the video, the four-door and two-door Wrangler. When the two-door model receives some solo shine, viewers can see the words “Freedom” inscribed on the side of the hood. In addition, the text “Concept BEV model shown” is also captured at the bottom of the screen, which coincides with Jeep’s new slogan “Zero Emission Freedom,” which implies the vehicle has an electric powertrain.

There is a lot to take away from the 2025 scene. To begin, the future Wrangler will be equipped with biometric recognition. The lovely couple walks towards the vehicle, and it recognizes the boyfriend’s face, unlocks, and the Wrangler starts up. Peer-to-peer charging is also demonstrated when the girlfriend plugs the two-door into the four-door. The 2025 segment ends with the couple’s drone flying above, providing extra light on the nighttime off-road travel—another monumental scene to promote the future of Wrangler’s drone pairing capabilities.

After 2025 comes 2030, where the couple camps with the accompanying four-door model. While the couple is hiking, the four-door Wrangler is seen piloting through the off-road trails, to the amazement of a fellow Jeep owner driving in the opposite direction. This scene suggests the Wrangler will be proficient in autonomous off-roading by 2030. The final clip is the EV Jeep promoting flat-seat stargazing with the couple engulfed in each other watching the sky while the Jeep drives them to their destination.

“Future models and features may vary,” this is what Jeep annotates at the bottom of the screen to inform viewers that futuristic technology is not promised. Nevertheless, the video provides some insight into what could potentially be next for the Wrangler EV and gives viewers a taste of what off-roading may look like for the future.

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