A Peak at the All-Electric Jeep Wrangler

October 16th, 2023 by

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As the automotive industry gradually shifts towards electric vehicles, many popular cars are learning to adapt to an electric future. The Jeep Wrangler is a renowned SUV set to embrace electrification, as evidenced by the plug-in hybrid Wrangler 4xe. However, going fully electric would require more extensive modifications and may take some time to implement.

At the Easter Jeep Safari event (April 2023), the automaker showcased a series of electric Wrangler Magneto concepts, the latest being the Magneto 3.0. The Magneto 3.0 boasts 650 horsepower, 900 lb-ft of torque, and massive 40-inch tires. Surprisingly, the special edition Wrangler concepts are based on a traditional two-door layout and feature a manual transmission. While a production version of the Wrangler EV will likely be more practical and marketable, these concepts demonstrate that the off-road capable SUV will read true to the name in every sense.

During an interview, Jeep CEO Christian Meunier revealed that the next-generation Wrangler will be the most capable off-road model yet. Meunier stated that while the Trail Rating currently rates at a level 10, the next generation aims to push the Trail Rating to 12. Meunier also emphasized that electrification will not limit the Wrangler’s off-road capabilities.

The Jeep Recon is the automaker’s latest electric vehicle, and many believe the SUV will run on a different platform from the future Wrangler EV. According to Mopar Insiders, the Wrangler EV may feature a smaller STLA Frame platform, while the Recon sustains mobility on the STLA Large crossover platform. 

Jeep has made different commitments in different regions. In Europe, the automaker aims to be 100 percent electric by 2030, while in America, it has a target of 50 percent electric. Given these targets, Jeep may offer a hybrid 4xe or a combustion-engine Wrangler alongside the all-electric Wrangler. However, Jeep’s electrification plans for America’s favorite off-roader have yet to be confirmed.

The pricing landscape for the Jeep Wrangler has changed significantly in recent times. Nonetheless, it’s too early to determine the pricing of an all-electric Wrangler. Yet, given the higher costs associated with developing and producing electric vehicles, they may be less expensive. Regardless, the exact pricing of the electric Wrangler will depend on various factors, including the level of demand, production volumes, and the cost of batteries and other vital components.

Jeep has not announced an official debut date for the all-electric Wrangler. There is no indication that the vehicle’s launch is imminent, especially given that the Recon and electric Wagoneer SUVs will debut later this year (2023) are yet to be seen. Moreover, the American automaker recently gave the current-generation Wrangler a mid-cycle refresh for 2024, suggesting that the company is still committed to the gasoline-powered Wrangler. The all-electric Wrangler may not arrive until 2027. However, Jeep must confirm and provide an official update before we get excited. 

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