2019 Jeep Cherokee is Quintessentially American

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According to the latest report from Cars.com, the Jeep Cherokee remains the most American-made vehicle on the market for the second year in a row. The annual study takes into account where the vehicle parts are sourced, where the vehicle is assembled, and how many jobs it creates. The economic impact of the production of the vehicle remains the most important factor in determining a winner.

Jeep rejoiced in being the winner, stating: “As we approach the Fourth of July holiday, we are especially pleased to celebrate Cherokee’s place as the most American vehicle on Cars.com’s American-Made Index for the second consecutive year. We salute the dedicated employees who build the Cherokee, the most capable midsize SUV on the planet, as well as all the loyal Jeep owners who drive it,” said Jim Morrison, Head of Jeep Brand — North America.

How Does the American Made Index (AMI) work? With revised methodology, the AMI relies on five different factors to render a score that reflects the economic impact of any given model. AMI relies on: assembly location, engine sourcing, transmission sourcing, factory jobs provided by the automaker’s U.S. plants, and the domestic parts content as required by the American Automobile Labeling Act. The law requires automakers to discern the percentage of American (or otherwise) content and labor used to produce the vehicle on or near the window sticker of every new vehicle sold.

Both the AMI and the American Automobile Labeling Act take into account the countries of origin for each vehicle’s engine and transmission as well. This particular requirement ensures that the two most labor intensive components – not to mention the most expensive components as well – are from the U.S. and not anywhere else. Not all cars that are sold in the U.S. are available for consideration by the AMI. Those in their final model year or those facing discontinuation are not eligible. Additionally, cars that sell less than 2,500 units within the first quarter of the current calendar year are also disqualified. Heavy-Duty vehicles that weigh more than 8,500 pounds aren’t subject to the American Automobile Labeling Act and are thus excluded from the AMI as well.

Besides being a quintessentially American vehicle, the 2019 Jeep Cherokee boasts a more authentic and premium design for this model year along with a brand new engine option – a 2.0-liter inline-four engine. Performance sees a significant improvement and a new fuel efficiency rating up to 31 mpg makes the 2019 Cherokee the original SUV to beat. The 2019 Cherokee also features a refreshed fascia, LED headlamps, fog lamps, liftgate, a lightweight hood, and daytime running lamps all while maintaining its renowned and unmatched capability – both on- and off-road. As of 2018 the Cherokee boasts more than 2 million sales annually while competing in the country’s largest SUV segment.

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