jeep wrangler tailgate mods miami lakes automall

Is your Jeep Wrangler Tailgate Ready?

jeep wrangler tailgate mods miami lakes automall

Tailgating season is upon us! Whether you tailgate college football, NFL, or both, you want to be prepared! There are several items you can purchase for your Jeep Wrangler to make sure it is tailgate ready.

Roof Rack

There are plenty of roof racks out there for your Wrangler at some really awesome prices. No need to stuff all your friends and cargo in the car. Strap down the big stuff to the roof, pack up the Jeep and be on your way. Plus, roof racks can be beneficial for much more than tailgate days like camping, road trips, water sports and the list goes on.

Cargo Carrier

Consider adding a cargo carrier to your Jeep! These hook onto the back under the truck and allow for extra cargo carrying. The cargo carrier could hold your grille, chairs, cooler or anything else that didn’t fit up on the roof rack! Read the rest of this entry >>

Retractable Roofs – From Stadiums to Minivans


It’s football season and we can’t help but admire all of the stadiums that have retractable roofs — it’s got to be one of the best stadium amenities. When the weather is nice, it’s great to be able to open up the stadium and let the sun light the game and tan your face, but when the weather is not nice, open stadiums are total bummers. Snow, rain, cold temps can make long football games unbearable.

The same enjoyment of retractable roofs also applies to vehicles, too. There’s nothing better than cruising around with an open top on your vehicle, especially on all of those perfect weather days in the winter and spring in South Florida, but of course, having a vehicle with no roof would be a miserable, and that’s why vehicles with retractable roofs, like the Chrysler Pacifica, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler, are so much fun to own and drive.

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2018 spied jeep wrangler

Spied 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL – What’s Different?

2018 spied jeep wrangler

Finally, a nearly “naked” 2018 Jeep Wrangler was spied and now we have a much better idea of what’s new on the next generation 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL, which is debuting at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December 2017! JL Wrangler Forums posted plenty of photos of the latest “naked” spied model and everyone is loving it!

In the photos you will see the Jeep is still covered in camo to hide new changes. However, according to The Drive it is closest anyone has been able to get to a non-covered up model (hence why they are calling it naked). As you can see in the photo the front grille isn’t even covered! These are some of the most obvious things spied on the model!: Read the rest of this entry >>

Jeep winch miami lakes automall

Winches for Jeep Vehicles and How to Use Them!

Jeep winch miami lakes automall

The best part of owning Jeep is adventure! Off-roading, rock crawling, muddin’, the works. No matter what kind of off-roader you are, chances are at some point or another you’ll get stuck. Of course, the golden rule of off-roading is to never go alone, that way you have someone to pull you out. However, stuff happens. You both get stuck, you decide to go alone, the situation is just too sticky for another Jeep to come get you. That is where the winch comes in handy! A winch is a handy device to pull you out of any situation without needing another truck or Jeep.

No Jeep model comes standard with a winch, however, Wrangler Rubicon models are winch-ready which means they have equipment that easily allows for a winch to be hooked up. No matter which Jeep model you get, whether it be a Wrangler or a Renegade, there is a winch that can be attached. If you aren’t interested in having a winch on your vehicle, they make portable electric winches that you can take with you when off-roading which require no other vehicle or yours to have an attached winch. As long as you have tow hooks, you can hook the portable winch up to your car and then follow the same directions as below.

Of course our favorite brand to buy a winch from is Mopar. Mopar is the official parts company for FCA brands including Jeep, so they definitely have some great options. Some other aftermarket resellers that make winches compatible with Jeeps are Morris 4X4, Summit Racing, and AutoAnything, but what is even more important than the brand you buy is knowing how to use it!

How to use a winch:


  • Connect the remote control – The first step is connecting the winch remote control to the designated port according to Live Outdoors, then route the line and make sure there is no way the remote will pinch.
  • The hook – Now that the remote is in place it is time to roll out a couple feet of line. There needs to be enough slack to disconnect the hook.
  • Anchor point – Do you have your anchor point selected? If not, choose one! A thick tree, tree stump, or buried log are always our go tos. Any sturdy piece of nature will do. Once you’ve chosen it you can pull the line from the winch to the anchor. Pull the line straight to the anchor point using winch controls.
  • Connect and hook – Now it is time to connect to the anchor point and hook the winch line. To connect to the anchor point, wrap the winch strap around the anchor point in a U shape and at the lowest place possible, slide a d-shackle through the strap, and secure the shackles anchor bolt. Hook the winch line by sliding the winch hook up through the d-shackle and re-engaging the clutch on the winch controls. Wind the winch back till there is slight tension!
  • Winch it – Alas, you are ready to winch! To use the winch, just slowly spool the cable back into the winch using the remote control and continue reeling till your vehicle is on a steady surface!

It’s that simple!

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Photo source: Rugged Ridge