Jeep Club Raises Money for Charity Through Road Trip


The Jeep’s first prototype was revealed on September 23, 1940, and the company began producing their vehicles for the military in 1941. Almost 75 years later, enthusiasts will be driving their four-wheel drive vehicles for more than 300 miles as they honor their favorite company.

Sure, it’s nowhere close to your local Miami Jeep dealership, but it still makes for a great story, regardless of where it takes place.

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Jeep Changes its Mind About All-Aluminum Wrangler

15 wrangler

In a decision recently made by Fiat-Chrysler, the 2017 Jeep Wrangler will not be getting an all aluminum body.  The frame will stay steel while aluminum will be used in other places to keep it weighed down.

Rumors about an all aluminum body frame for the next generation Jeep Wrangler have been circulating for a couple years now.

Putting to rest the rumors was FCA chief, Sergio Marchionne.

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Bantam Festival Hosts Record Number of Jeeps

Jeep Parade

If you happened to be in Butler, Pennsylvania this past weekend, you probably saw your fair share of Jeeps. To clarify, you wouldn’t have come across two or three Jeeps… you’d have seen a record-breaking 2,100 Jeeps participating in the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival.

Butler County Sheriff Mike Slupe’s count is unofficial, but his tally would crush the previous record from April, when 1,846 Jeeps took to Daytona Beach, Florida to take part in Jeep Beach USA. This event broke the previous record of 1,106… held by none other than Butler, Pennsylvania. Read the rest of this entry >>

Ten Popular Jeep Grand Cherokee Accessories


Now that you are the proud owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the only way to make this car cooler is to outfit it with some fun and practical accessories.

Many of these, among the most popular current accessories for Jeep Grand Cherokee, actually protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Although you can easily order these online, it’s always a good idea to stop by your area’s Jeep dealerships to see what some of these options actually look like, once installed.

While there are countless accessories and customization options when it comes to Jeeps, and Jeep Grand Cherokees, specifically, here is a list of the ten most popular right now.

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2015 Jeep Concepts from MOAB


Not just a lucky number, seven is the total number of unbelievable Jeep concept vehicles created for the 2015 model year.

Unveiled right before the 49th annual off-roading extravaganza known as the Jeep Easter Safari in Moab, Utah, these vehicles are not only just plain cool, but possibly practical enough to make it to production lines in the future.

At least that’s what this girl, a long-time Wrangler driver, sincerely hopes.

After all, what’s the point of imagination if you can’t set it in motion? And while these concepts are not found at your local Jeep dealership, much of their inspiration is. When’s the last time you felt inspired?

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The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee: More Than Meets the Eye

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee has been one of the top SUVs on the road for many years. From its affordable starting price to its on and off road capabilities, there is more to this vehicle than you can see with a passing glance at a Jeep dealership in Miami.

On the surface, many consumers see nothing more than a rugged vehicle that is capable of taking on any terrain. While this is true, there is more than meets the eye. There are other benefits of the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee to be aware of.

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The Mechanical and Design Evolution of the Jeep Wrangler


You never forget your first set of wheels.

Especially if that first set was attached to your dream car. In my case, it was a Jeep Wrangler, specifically a 1999 model, brand new at the time and painted chili pepper red.

Without necessarily realizing it, I think one of the things I loved so much about that new Jeep was its long history.

Even though, I didn’t appreciate the exact details of that history, I knew that Jeep Wranglers were simply everywhere and it seemed like they always had been.  Instantly recognizable, driven by some of my relatives, many of my classmates, and routinely featured in war movies on the big screen.

Jeep Wranglers were, for my generation, what muscle cars were for my parents’ generation. Undeniably iconic.

The storied legacy of the Jeep Wrangler line is most certainly an exciting one and something you can be a part of by exploring either the preowned or just-arrived inventories at a Jeep dealership in Miami.

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Top Options for the 2015 Jeep Wrangler

2015 Jeep Wrangler

As you walk the lot of your local Jeep dealership, you will be presented with quite a few Wranglers. Some models will “speak to you” while others will come up short in terms of what you are looking for.

If you want to get the most out of your 2015 Jeep Wrangler, it is important to consider each and every available option. This is the best way to ensure that your vehicle gives you exactly what you want, regardless of what it may be.

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