Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: History of the Fastest Jeep Ever Made

2015-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-SRT-Miami Jeep Dealers

In 2005, Jeep decided to make a bold move, introducing a Grand Cherokee that’s primary focus wasn’t off-road use.

The first Grand Cherokee SRT was about the kind of speed and responsiveness that drivers look for in high performance vehicles.

And over time, the vision expanded to include a level of luxury that you won’t find in many other SUVs on the market.

The unique thing about the Grand Cherokee SRT is that it can handle off-road challenges, haul heavy loads, and induce a hefty dose of adrenaline while at the same time making you feel like pampered royalty.

This one-of-a-kind SUV hits a niche that no other set of wheels fits into. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that knows how to make a commotion or one that gives you the finer things in life, the SRT is it.

Take a look at how it started out at Miami Jeep dealers and how it turned into the asphalt-eating SUV it is today.

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