5 Awesome Facts About Jeep’s 2015 Lineup

2015-Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimited-Jeep Dealer in Miami

Jeep is currently responsible for 25 percent of all new car sales in the U.S. which just further proves that this brand is an American favorite.

With models that exude the durability expected of a Jeep and the upscale surroundings expected of a luxury company, Jeep’s 2015 lineup is drawing in consumers left and right.

And that’s certainly no accident. The company is looking to the future by equipping their vehicles with performance engineering, high tech safety features and lots of amenities to make driving relaxing and fun.

Plus, they’re working to widen their audience. With the introduction of the brand new Renegade, the company is now offering what’s being referred to as a “Gateway Jeep.”

It’s got a little bit more of an urban flare, but in its Trailhawk edition, it can definitely match its brothers and sisters off the pavement.

Jeep is the brand to watch. They have a lot of exciting new things happening, and American buyers should be prepared to see more innovative moves from them.

But for now, here are five awesome facts about the 2015 lineup that will probably have you heading to a Jeep dealer in Miami as well.

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5 Jeep Concepts We Wish Would Come True

2005 Jeep Gladiator Concept Vehicle - Jeep in Miami

No one brings it when it comes to concepts quite like Jeep does. As with all of their production models, the brand is always pushing the limits.

The only problem is, many of us tend to fall in love and pine for their highly capable concept masterpieces.

While we know that many of the things Jeep develops for its concepts go into our beloved production models, we’d also love to have the concepts themselves.

Here are five that we truly wish we could buy at a Jeep in Miami. Is that so much to ask?

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Jeep’s Renegade is Dark Knight Approved

Batman Vs. Superman Logo - Jeep Miami

With impressive off-road performance, inspired design, and a price sticker below $20K, the Jeep Renegade is going to present some mean competition for other crossovers in the market.

The compact SUV is an exciting new entry into the segment, and buyers are eager to get behind the wheel.

Though the Renegade hasn’t officially hit the showroom floor at your local Jeep in Miami, it has already made several buzz-worthy appearances. From Vegas to Gotham, it’s no wonder this Jeep is the talk of the town.

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What It Takes to Be a Jeep: Tested on the Rubicon Trail

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - Jeep Dealer

When your Jeep dealer tells you that their vehicles are Trail Rated, it’s not just talk. Each of Jeep’s models undergoes hardcore testing at the some of the toughest off-roading destinations in the country.

One of those locations is the Rubicon Trail. Jeep has tested their vehicles there for years, even naming one of the Wrangler’s highest trim levels after it.

The trail, located in northern California, has also become a hot spot for enthusiasts. Jeep Jamboree, a group formed by brand fans, hosts off-roading extravaganzas there annually.

People travel long distances to be part of the Jeep Jamboree treks and to experience some of the most demanding terrain around.

The following are just three of the Rubicon’s most difficult tests. Would you be up for the challenge?

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Which Jeeps Get Googled the Most?

2015-Jeep-Cherokee-Sport-Jeep Dealer in Miami

What a world we live in. No longer do you have to wait for one of the cool kids to tell you what’s trendy. You can just check out what’s being Googled.

One of the most frequently searched automotive brands is Jeep, but you may wonder which of their models get the most action on search engines.

Well you won’t be too surprised. The vehicles that are inquired about most frequently online are also some of the best-selling models at your local Jeep Dealer in Miami.

These are the brand’s top three most researched vehicles. Which one would you love to have in your driveway?

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The Return of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer - Jeep in Miami

Word on the street is that your local Jeep in Miami is preparing for the return of one of their most classic models, the Grand Wagoneer.

You remember the Wagoneer…wood paneling and snazzy metallic trim. It was technically one of the first SUVs that ever existed.

Restoring the model’s place in Jeep’s lineup is a project that’s near and dear to the company’s CEO, Michael Manley.  He thinks that it would “very, very effectively compete with premium SUVs.”

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What is a Limited Slip Differential and What Does It Do?

2011 Jeep Patriot- Used Jeeps for Sale in Miami

If you’re planning for sear for your next ride at a Jeep dealer, it’s important to know what capabilities you’d like your vehicle to have. For instance, are you looking for four-wheel drive?

If you primarily use your current car for commuting and traveling on regular roads, you may just want the basics.

But if you’re hoping to spend time hitting the trails, you’ll want to carefully consider what kind of Jeep system is best for you.

Jeep offers several different 4WD systems to meet the needs of any off-roader. Part of understanding which one will fit your driving style is knowing about differentials.

Here’s the low down about what they are, how they work, and how they can enhance traction.

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Will the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Ever Go Hellcat?

2015-jeep-grand-cherokee-srt-Used Jeeps for Sale

At your nearest Jeep dealer in Miami, there are plenty of new and used Jeeps for sale to meet the needs of any driver. Their lineup is designed to work for the toughest off-roader, as well as the weekend beach-goer.

And when it comes to buyers who are shopping for SUVs, Jeep dealers have several exceptional models that consumers love for their incredible functionality.

For example, Jeep’s Grand Cherokee SRT is a totally unique kind of SUV that masterfully blends heavy duty capabilities and ultra luxurious surroundings.

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