A Look at Jeep’s Safety Features


Whether you are new to the Jeep brand, or are a loyal owner of a Jeep, you already know that Jeep’s vehicles deliver amazing performance. However, did you also know that when you buy a Jeep, you’ll have access to some amazing safety features?

Here at Miami Lakes Jeep, we are proud to sell the Jeep brand because they offer many features that appeal to everyone. Included in these vehicles are unique safety features, which can help protect you in an accident, provide your Jeep with more traction on slick surfaces, and give you better range of vision of your surroundings. With this in mind, here are three amazing safety features from Jeep.

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Jeep Cherokee’s Sales Continue to Soar


When Jeep introduced the Cherokee, it was a significant deviation from their previous models, as its sleek exterior design stood it apart from other Jeep’s offerings. However, it wasn’t just the new design that has increased demand.

Jeep’s marketing director Jim Morrison told USA Today that customers really enjoy all the offerings the Cherokee has and it is bringing more customers to the brand. Since its release in October 2013, Jeep sold 154,000 Cherokee models, according to USA Today. This represents a huge surge in interest making the Cherokee one of Jeep’s most popular brands.

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Prepare for Your Jeep Adventure With These Tips


Jeep encourages you to explore your adventurous side; this is why they made vehicles that can handle your demands. Whether you are looking for a spacious interior to hold your equipment on family camping trips, or you want to test the Jeep’s four-wheel-drive systems on off-road trails, Jeep’s vehicles can meet your demands.

Whether you plan on going camping or taking your Jeep off-road, here are some preparation tips that can help make your trip run smoother.

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2015 Jeep Cherokee to Have Improved Fuel Efficiency


The Jeep Cherokee has quickly become one of the most popular Jeeps for sale in 2014. When examining it, it isn’t hard to discover the appeal, as the Cherokee has exceptional styling, great efficiency and superior craftsmanship. Now, with the 2015 model on its way, Jeep will enhance the Cherokee’s appeal by increasing its fuel efficiency with a great new feature.

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The 2015 Jeep Compass Provides Perfect Mix of Value and Performance


When searching for a compact SUV, you should consider Jeep. The Jeep brand has built a reputation for delivering vehicles that give drivers outstanding performance and style. An excellent example of this, and one of the best Jeeps for sale in Miami, is the 2015 Jeep Compass. This SUV gives you an exceptional array of options at an affordable price. Here is a closer look at the SUV’s many features.

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The Best Jeeps of the ’90s

Even as the best Jeep dealer in Miami, we acknowledge nostalgia for all things ’90s is a hot topic of discussion right now. And, if we’re being totally honest, we’re kinda getting swept up in all of it too!

So, to excise the nostalgia from our system, we’re highlighting some of the best Jeeps of the ’90s. It was truly great decade for 4×4 technology, and here’s why!

1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer


The Grand Wagoneer was a rare brand of Jeep offered only in 1993, but it remains a memorable addition to the Jeep lineup nonetheless. It’s woodgrain siding made it stand out from the pack and it delivered quality performance rivaling other Jeep vehicles at the time.

It may not have lasted long, but it became synonymous with an era of Jeep known for its fearlessness in trying new things.

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