Why You Should Lease A Jeep Grand Cherokee

As fall starts to fade away, smart consumers are taking advantage of leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Winter is coming, and with it nature shapes and reshapes itself in ways as beautiful as they are surreal, and oftentimes, challenging on the road. With a Jeep Grand Cherokee lease, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the elements, thanks to the Jeep Grand Cherokee's reputation, celebrated for reliable performance and safety. 

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Excellence

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a history of excellence, so now is the perfect time to talk to your local Miami Jeep dealership about optioning a Grand Cherokee lease. It's been awarded the title of SUV of Texas by the Texas Auto Writers Association five years running—FIVE YEARS! Think back to what you were doing five years ago; that was when the Jeep Grand Cherokee first garnered the title SUV of Texas. And it has continued to do so every year since.

And the part where most luxury SUVs falter is where the Grand Cherokee excels. No one likes to drive a dirty vehicle, because except for rolling coal, it's just not that fun to feel the pain at the pump. In an era of modern technology so easily streamlined into seamlessness, manufacturers are near without excuse for vehicles with poor fuel economy. Something to talk to your local Jeep dealer about when thinking about a Grand Cherokee lease is that the Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel was recently awarded the 2015 Green SUV of the Year of the year award from Green Car Journal.

Something that ties into the fantastic fuel economy of the Grand Cherokee is its engine. Two out of the last three years it has been included in the Ward's 10 Best Engines picks. It's an honor and a privilege for any vehicle to be included on the prestigious list, but in conjunction with the award for being Green, and the many other awards—of which there are many—it seems almost unreal that a Grand Cherokee lease is so affordable.

Especially considering the flexibility that a lease can offer. With so many great models to option a Grand Cherokee lease, drivers don't want to buy and own just one. While there are definite upsides to owning the vehicle outright, drivers everywhere are jumping at the opportunity to lease one kind to see how it compares to the next they have their eye on. Because in today's world drivers don't want to be restricted to one driving experience for years on end, and that's something that the Jeep brand understands completely. Things in the financial industries have been changing just as quickly as technology and performance have been advancing in the auto industry, so leasing is more affordable now than ever before.


The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the kind of vehicle you might actually write to your parents about. Rated at 30 miles per gallon for highway miles, and with a range of 730 miles, the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 Engine may not be technically a force of nature, but it's certainly a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, but this engine offers best in class towing rated at 7,400 pounds. The engine's refined powertrain is best taken in when you ask the dealer working the showroom floor to give it some gas, because after that you'll be asking about a Grand Cherokee lease knowing that you are driving something that promotes a shift to greener technology.

Part of the secret of the engine's efficiency is Eco Mode—a smarter way to drive. Eco Mode isn't something that a driver can do on their own, it's a combination of innovation and technology that is expected when buying or optioning a Jeep Grand Cherokee lease. Eco Mode will lower the vehicle's overall silhouette by adjusting the Quadra-Lift air suspension system when the Grand Cherokee exceeds fifty-five miles an hour. Not only will this special mode lower the vehicle for improved aerodynamics but it will also, for the four-wheel drive models, alter the ratio of torque that goes out from the engine to the front and rear sets of tires to ensure the maximum amount of power is applied in the right spots. Not many vehicles on the road can boast nearly as much as what drivers can expect from a Jeep Grand Cherokee lease.

Not only does the suspension adjust for how fast the Grand Cherokee is moving, but it also knows when you are parking on pavement or traveling off road. What does this mean for the driver? It means that drivers don't have to choose between off-road capability and whether or not they want to be comfortable when they enter and exit their vehicle. Now, with the suspension system offered by a Grand Cherokee lease, the vehicle adjusts to a certain height in park mode, and a much, much taller height when off roading. Family members that are more junior in age and smaller of stature will especially enjoy this feature, as will the most seasoned drivers whose backs now require them to step upward into a vehicle to be comfortably seated.

Help Where You Need It

Many drivers ask when the Grand Cherokee stops being amazing and starts being just another luxury SUV. The answer is never. The one thing so many drivers can't seem to really get a good grasp on is driving down from mountainous terrain, where the grade of descent can vary greatly, and the descent can continue for hours at a time. In these situations, drivers most frequently complain that they aren't sure how much brake is too much because they fear overheating them. This is a real concern for many people, and optioning a Grand Cherokee lease will seem like the utmost of a no brainer after trying out the Selec-Speed feature.

Selec-Speed Control doesn't just assist with the descent, though, it's also the ascent. It helps drivers monitor their speed, braking, and throttle. In short it removes a lot of the guessing game associated with mountainous driving. This kind of guess work while driving down a steep descent can prove to be very perilous to everyone on the road if a driver isn't very aware of what's going on. Will a Grand Cherokee lease put you behind the wheel of a vehicle that has Hill Start Assist? The answer is yes because Hill Start Assist is part of the Selec-Speed—applying the brake even after the driver removes their foot to give them a chance to hit the gas without the dreaded rollback.

The Time to Lease Is Now

Take the opportunity to inquire about optioning a Grand Cherokee lease as soon as you can. Jeep has stepped up and satisfied drivers' demands for supreme fuel economy, towing ability, ease of driving, and safety. 

Drivers will be in good hands, and the flexibility offered by a Jeep Grand Cherokee lease will allow them to enjoy driving a top of the line luxury SUV while they survey the landscape and also survey the entire Jeep lineup in pursuit of their next dream driving experience. 



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