Why You Should Consider Buying a Diesel Truck 

When you're on the hunt for a new pickup, there are many things to take into consideration. You have to determine what kind of setup will best suit your lifestyle, how much power you're going to need, and what's going to fit within your budget.

Another major decision that you'll be faced with is whether to go with a diesel truck or a gasoline-powered pickup. While you'll find good arguments for both options, diesel trucks, like the ones you can find at Dodge RAM dealers, have a lot of advantages that can really benefit you in the long run.

When you're making such a big investment, it's critical to know the facts. So here's a look at what makes a diesel pickup a better buy than one that relies on gas.

More Torque

If you're looking for a truck with some real grit, a diesel is the only way to go. Because of the way their engines burn fuel, significantly more torque is delivered to the driveshaft, giving them more direct power.

This allows diesels trucks to accelerate and maintain power more easily, even under stress. And in cases that involve heavy duty towing, you'll find that there's much less wear and tear on the engine than there is in a pickup that relies on gas. 

It's also why diesels trump trucks with gasoline engines when it comes to towing. Not only can diesels haul heavier loads, but they can also do it more efficiently, saving on fuel. 

That's why they're the perfect trucks for work-related or recreational use. They can handle tough challenges on the job, and they can also tow sport vehicles, trailers, or campers without hesitation.

Smoother and Quieter than Ever

Diesel engines of the past had a reputation for being noisy or feeling clunky. But the improvements that have been made to modern diesel trucks are unbelievable.

New engines are extremely quiet, so much so that you'd be hard pressed to make a guess about whether a pickup is powered by diesel or gas. And the same goes for the feel of the ride which is now just as refined as it is in gasoline counterparts. 

Better Fuel Economy

Fuel-efficiency is another one of a diesel truck's strong suits. An article from Work Truck Magazine noted that "According to the U.S. Department of Energy, diesel engines offer 30- to 35-percent greater fuel economy than comparable gasoline engines."

A diesel engine's combustion process is a lot leaner, meaning it doesn't have to burn as much fuel to power a vehicle. The other advantage of diesel is that is more energy-rich, so you use less fuel than you would with gas.

Even with slightly higher fuel costs, you'll still save a substantial amount of money because a tank lasts so much longer. In the long-term, you'll keep more money in your wallet than you would filling up more frequently with gas.

Now one thing you do have to keep in mind is that a pickup with a diesel engine will cost more upfront. You have to look at it as an investment.

Though the price stickers will be steeper than those on comparable gasoline-powered trucks, the real pay-off is what you'll save in the long run. 

By using significantly less fuel, the cost of ownership is less with a diesel pickup, and if you're planning on hanging onto your vehicle for several years, you'll definitely see major returns on your investment.

Less Maintenance

Trucks with diesel engines have fewer finicky components traditional spark ignition engines. You don't have to worry about spark plugs or distributors, which in turn means fewer tune-ups.

However, regular maintenance is still a must. You do have to perform oil changes, and many diesel vehicles still have water separators that have to be taken care of.

It's also essential that air, oil, and fuel filters be changed regularly. While the maintenance is fairly minimal, failing to take care of it can result in larger issues. 

Because diesel engines are more technologically advanced, they have to be serviced by certified mechanics which can entail higher repair fees. But if you're responsible about routine upkeep, you shouldn't have any problems.

The nice thing about diesel engines is that they tend to last longer because of their tough build. They are specifically designed to handle high compression.

Because they're so dependable, they perform for years without calling for major repairs. So you can hang onto your pickup for quite some time or get a good trade in or selling price if you decide to upgrade.

Resale Value

If it comes down to two comparably equipped trucks, one gasoline-powered and one diesel-powered, with similar mileage, the diesel pretty much always comes in with a higher resale value. 

Diesels are known for their exceptional reliability and longevity, making them prime purchases for consumers who choose to buy used.

If someone is buying a vehicle that's already logged a number of miles, they want to know that it's still going to continue running without a hassle for a reasonable amount of time. A diesel's fuel savings and minimal maintenance also factor in.

That's why savvy shoppers typically opt for a used diesel pickup over one with a gasoline engine. And because used diesels are more in demand, dealerships and private buyers are willing to pay more for them.

Just another perk of investing in a diesel truck. You can rest assured that when you do decide to turn it around, you'll get your money's worth. 

Constant Improvement

Because of new government mandates and an increasingly strong push for more efficient vehicles with lower emissions, diesel technology is becoming better and better each year.

Many manufacturers have moved toward designing diesel-fueled cars and trucks to both meet tighter regulations and offer consumers better vehicles.

The stigma that diesel carried years ago is being wiped away by clean-burning engines that deliver optimal performance and exceptional mileage. And as the use of diesel engines continues to take hold, more innovations are sure to follow.



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