Top Interior Features of 2015 Mitsubishi Models

Mitsubishi is known as a stylish yet affordable vehicle. When you shop a Mitsubishi dealer in Miami, you will have your choice of high-quality vehicles with some of the best design and safety features. You will also be able to find something that fits in your budget, whether you are looking for an upgrade to your current vehicle or you are looking for a low-cost option for your teen's first car.

Others might appreciate the stylish exterior of your car, but you're the one who will be spending all the time inside. It's important that you choose a car with some high-end luxury features to make your ride more comfortable and pleasant. Mitsubishi more than delivers.

Here are some of the top interior features of 2015 Mitsubishi models to consider while you're shopping:

Six-Way Adjustable Seats

Everyone likes their seat a little different. Some might like to be up close to the steering wheel, and others like to lean back to relax while they are driving. An adjustable seat ensures that everyone is comfortable.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander, Lancer and MiEV both come standard with a six-way adjustable driver's seat and a four-way adjustable front passenger seat. Drivers and passengers both can get their seat just right for maximum comfort for even the longest rides. 

The Mirage has a four-way adjustable seat on the DE trim level and a six-way adjustable seat on the ES trim level. 

Heated Seats

When you hop into your car on a cold, winter morning, the cold seats can send chills up your spine. You can turn on the heat, but it will take several minutes for the engine to warm up and then the interior to warm up. You can speed up the process with heated seats.

Heated seats will feel like a warm blanket on a cold night. The Lancer includes heated seats on the SE AWC trim, and they are optional on the GT trim. The Outlander includes heated seats on the SE, SE S-AWC, and GT S-AWC trims. Heated seats are also standard on the I-MiEV.

Folding Seats

No matter how big the trunk space, sometimes the trunk just isn't big enough for what you need to haul. In that case, folding seats can provide some more space for cargo. Some Mitsubishi models have folding front seats, and some have folding rear seats.

The 2015 Mitsubishi I-MiEV has 50/50 folding rear seats. The seats also recline for greater passenger comfort. The Mitsubishi Outlander has 60/40 split folding rear seats as well as 50/50 folding third-row seats. The Lancer has a 60/40 split folding rear seat.

Adjustable Tilt Steering Wheel

Just like the driver's seat, the steering wheel isn't always in the right place for every driver. The adjustable tilt steering wheel allows you to get it into just the position you want.

The Lancer comes with the adjustable tilt steering wheel on all trim levels, as does the Mirage. The Outlander comes with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel on all its trim levels.

Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel

Having the steering wheel wrapped in leather doesn't just look nice; it also helps to control the temperature of the steering wheel. The leather helps to warm up the steering wheel in the winter and to make it a little cooler in the summer.

The Mitsubishi I-MiEV and Outlander both come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The feature is optional on the Lancer and is standard on the higher trim levels for the Lander and the Mirage. 

A leather-wrapped shift knob is also standard on the I-MiEV and Outlander, and is optional on the Lancer and the Mirage. 

Navigation System

A navigation system makes it easy to get to any place you want to go. Just plug in the address and let the navigation system give you turn-by-turn directions. The system features directions on a touchscreen on the center console, making it easier to use than holding up directions on your phone. 

A navigation system with high definition, voice command, 3D mapping and other features comes optional on the Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander and Mirage. 

Power Outlets

You never know when your phone or tablet will give out, leaving you in the lurch right when you need to make an important phone call or check an important email. Power outlets right in the car give you a chance to charge your phone or other personal devices on the go.

The Mitsubishi I-MiEV and the Mirage both come with a 12-volt power outlet, and the Lancer and the Outlander both come with two 12-volt outlets.

Steering Wheel Controls

Having controls right on the steering wheel allow you to do things like change the channel on the radio or make a phone call without having to reach for dials and buttons. This feature enhances both convenience and safety.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer and Mirage include a variety of steering wheel controls, including audio controls, cruise control and Bluetooth controls. The Outlander has audio controls mounted on the steering wheel.

Push Button Start

Push button start makes it more convenient to start your car and improves the security of the car. You don't have to fumble around in your purse or pocket to find your keys to start the car. The fob just needs to be nearby for the car to start. This same feature is what makes the car more secure. If someone steals the car without the key, it won't start. If the car is taken while it is running, the car will stall out once it gets out of range of the fob.

Push button start is available on the Mirage and the Outlander.


A Mitsubishi offers everything you need in one comfortable and stylish package. Shop Miami Lakes Mitsubishi, the top Mitsubishi dealer in Miami, to find the Mitsubishi with all the features you need. We have plenty of options to suit your budget, and we offer affordable financing terms. See us today to take a test drive.



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