Top Customizations Available for Dodge Trucks

Part of the reason that used Dodge trucks are so popular is that they are both stylish and powerful, delivering the look and performance that people need. No enhancements are necessary to get these benefits.

However, some people really enjoy customizing their vehicles, whether to make the look a better reflection of unique personal style or to enhance the performance for special endeavors. For example, someone who enjoys mud racing may want to change out the tires or add on other accessories that will protect the truck and make it handle better on the track. Others may want a custom exhaust system for a better, more agressive sound. 

Customizing your truck can be fun, as well as practical. Here are a few top customizations you might consider for your used Dodge truck:

Air Intake System

By increasing air flow to your engine, you can improve its response time, which will improve your acceleration rates, ability to shift quickly, torque and horsepower. These changes will make it easier for you to react quickly to obstacles or give you more power to take on rougher terrain.

 A new air intake system can also improve the "roar" you hear from the engine, which can make you feel like a king on the road. The engine will sound as powerful as it performs, which will make you feel pumped up while you are driving. 

Performance Chip

Most Dodge trucks have a lot of horsepower and torque in the base model. You don't need to do anything extra to tackle tough terrain like mud paths and rocky mountain trails.

However, if you like extreme adventure sports, you may want to tweak your truck to get a little more power. A performance chip can help you do just that. You can buy a power programmer or a performance monitor to help you assess the current performance levels of your truck or to help it go to the next level. 

You'll need to have a performance chip installed by a dealer or qualified technician since it involves some of the most complicated and expensive parts of your truck. If you attempt to make this modification yourself, one wrong move could invalidate your warranty and make your truck's performance worse.

Suspension System

You may love rolling over rocks and hills like they are anthills, but you may not love getting bounced around the cabin in the process. Your Dodge truck provides a comfortable ride for most everyday scenarios, but you  may want to customize the suspension if you know you'll be tackling some more extreme terrain.

The right suspension system will absorb the shock when you go over jagged terrain, which will make things easier on you and your truck. A custom suspension system can also support your truck for hauling heavy loads.

Exhaust and Muffler

Like the air intake, the exhaust and muffler on your Dodge truck have a big influence on how the engine sounds when you are driving. Some people like a quiet engine so that they aren't distracted while they're driving. However, most truck drivers want their engine to sound just as powerful as it is. Getting a custom exhaust or muffler can help you match the sound of your truck to its overall look and muscle.

Grill Guard

When you are tearing through mountain trails, you are likely to get a lot of flyback. Rocks, gravel and other debris will hit your grille and fender first, which can do a lot more than make a lot of noise. Installing a grille guard can protect your truck from the larger pieces of debris that can dent the grille or damage the air intake.

Running Boards

A running board or nerf bar provides an easy step up to your truck while also giving you an area to kick the gravel and mud off your feet before spreading it all over your cabin. A running board is also a nice exterior detail. You can choose from different finishes such as a matte black or a polished chrome to accent your truck's exterior. With one simple accessory, you'll make your truck look better, protect the interior and enhance your experience with your truck.

Seat Covers

Seat covers aren't just a good option for protecting your truck's upholstery. The right seat covers can also make your seats more comfortable in all kinds of weather. For example, cloth seat covers can protect you against hot leather in the summer and cold plastic or leather in the winter.

Specialty seat covers can also express your personal style. You might get a seat cover embroidered with the logo of your favorite sports team, or you might show off your Dodge pride with your covers. You have dozens of options from which to choose, helping you to create just the look you want.

Bed Covers

When you're not hauling something, you probably don't want to leave your truck bed open to the elements. You can protect your truck and improve its profile by adding a bed cover. You can add a hardtop bed cover that is the same height as the cab, or you can add a soft-top tonneau cover that just adds a lid to the bed, leaving the rear window unimpeded.

If you carry gear in your truck, a bed cover will also hide it so that your truck looks nicer for formal or social events. Of course, the cover will also protect your gear from rain or theft.


No matter what kind of Dodge truck you drive, you can customize it with modifications and accessories that make it uniquely your own. Miami Lakes RAM has some of the best deals on Dodge trucks in South Florida, and you can choose many optional features through performance and accessory packages.

Our service department can also assist you in making other after-market modifications so that you can get the performance you want while also protecting your warranty. Visit us today to explore our selection of Dodge trucks and to discuss your options for accessories and modifications. 




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