The 2016 Kia Sorento: Everything You Need To Know

There’s a certain grace in accepting limitations but seeing possibility everywhere; exceeding expectations without being boastful.  The all new 2016 Kia Sorento has risen to the occasion and provided Kia dealers in Miami with a perfect balance of refined elegance and mature sophistication.  It knows exactly where who should be driving it and what how to cater to your needs.

This is the Sorento consumers have been waiting for.  With its elegantly sculpted surface, updated and refined interior and a new style.  Showcasing influences from  Kia’s friends in Germany and California the 2016 Kia Sorento has a european appeal with California style.  The 2016 Sorento is turning heads and ideas around.  This is the crossover for the next generation of affordable and refined luxury.  

For the last five years, Kia has been relentless in improving conditions, challenging standards and pushing forward in design.  The Kia Sorento has been improving in sales every year since its showed up.  In 2010, the Sorento sold over 100,000 units that year alone which was the first Kia to do so.  The Sorento has been propelling Kia toward greatness with each new model year.  The 2016 is no exception, just exceptional.  

The Makeup

Immediately noticeable upgrades, the 2016 Sorento did not compromise integrity or appeal.  The overall look is sleek with elegant lines and matured exterior.  With its tiger nose-shaped grill and Projector Beam Headlights that stare purposefully, intentionally down the road to illuminate your path.  Optional stainless steel bumper trim offers exquisite shine and attention to any model.  It’s clear Kia wanted a captivating look for the 2016 Sorento and they achieved it.   

The Interior

The entire body was elongated by 3 inches.  The wheelbase also increased by 3 inches and though the roof line was lowered, the bottom was dropped another 2 inches closer to the ground to make up for it.  All this space adds to the overall expansion of the interior including 4 extra inches of legroom to the very back third row seat.

Spaciousness isn’t the only option being celebrated by all passengers as they sink into the nappa leather upholstery.   Heated seats are provided not only in the front but also in the rear.  The design is handsome, smart if not a little futuristic, but that sort lends itself to the Kia brand.  A panoramic sunroof not only provides a feeling greater head room, but expands your view to the sky above.  


The Smart Power Liftgate that once opened by sensory now opens when sensing your smart key for a hands free helpful experience.  With a liftgate that can be adjusted to your preferred height setting, the intuition and technology to make both these real life situations easier for the consumers are what make Kia the respected and trusted brand.  

The Powertrain

With three different engines offered, the base comes with  a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine that has 186 horsepower.  There is also another 4 cylinder choice; a 2.2L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that is well worth the test drive.  With 240 horsepower and 260 pound to feet of torque, the turbo is rated at a combined average of 23 mpg, 20 city mpg/27 highway mpg.  

While this is still better than the V6’s rating, it doesn’t beat the base 4 cylinder at a 22 city mpg/29 highway mpg making a combined average of 25 mpg.  Still, neither the base nor the turbocharge have it over the V6 when it comes to towing capabilities.  At 290 horsepower with 252 pound to feet of torque, the V6 has 5,000 lb. of towing capacity.  If this is something necessary in your life, the V6 will more than impress you.  

Upgrades were also made to the suspension.  A new front subframe with longer rear control arms and four point bushings help isolate the cabin from imperfect road conditions making for a smoother ride.  With your choice of drive mode (sport, winter, economy), rack mounted power steering, and improved conditions in materials to limit sound pollution, Kia is confident you’ll not just see, but hear and feel the difference of driving the 2016 Sorento.


Providing an impressive list of safety features, Kia is providing the proof that your family’s safety is as much their concern as yours.

With the 2015 Sorento named Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the 2016 has already been awarded the Overall 5-Star Safety Rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  

Knowing that a price simply cannot be put on the safety of loved ones, 53% of its body is reinforced in advanced high quality steel.  

Utilizing the best in technology safety with features like Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection, Forward Collision Warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Advanced Smart Cruise Control.  

Standard in all Sorentos are features like brake assist, electronic brake force distribution and hill-start assist.

All Wheel Drive is available and if your geography is one that experiences most to all weather conditions, I would recommend this upgrade.  Every AWD Sorento comes equipped with ROM (Roll Over Mitigation) as well as Cornering Brake Control (CBC).  


Options of a 12 speaker surround sound speaks to those who care to hear nothing but the best.  With an optional Clari-Fi music restoration software which seeks to enhance tuning by removing distortion from your music files the result is an enriched clear and more precise  audio experience.

Uvo infotainment system is shown on the 4.3 inches of color touchscreen interface.  Uvo is Kia’s on board infotainment system.  Utilizing such technology as voice recognition to enable you to make hands-free calling or activate your music library, it also provides you with an updated diagnostics capabilities.  Uvo comes compatible with your smartphone as a free downloaded app.  An 8” touchscreen is provided for better viewing of your navigation and rear-camera display.  To help keep track of your inexperienced teen driver, Uvo also offers a selection for them with Speed Alert, Curfew Alert and Driving Score.  Keeping track of how our loved ones drive means always being able to improve.  


Catering to the variety of consumers that celebrate the Kia Sorento, there are a number of different trims to choose from.  Specific upgrades with each trim and customizing at every turn allow you to build the Sorento that best suits your needs.  From heated mirrors on the base model to LED front fog lights on the Limited V6, there is a 2016 Kia Sorento that especially suited for you.  With SUV’s and crossovers dominating the industry today, its exhausting researching which is most affordable while being the most efficient and top end.  The Kia Sorento proves to have it all.  The high end luxury, competitive fuel economy while offered at affordable prices.  

Almost overnight, the 2106  Sorento went from the girl next door to girl everyone wanted to date.  How did that happen?  You mean, she was there this whole time?  Yes, the Sorento has been there this whole time, but now she’s refined, with her an air of sophistication.  The all new, redesigned 2016 Sorento is catching the eye of everyone.  Find out what makes it so special.  





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