The 2015 Corvette Z06 Reigns Over Its Rivals

When it comes to competition, Chevy's 2015 Corvette Z06 is it. No other supercar can keep up with it. Literally. The Z06 is the fastest supercar on the market. Somehow, it is also the most affordable in its class. Think you can't afford a supercar? Think again. Better yet, let your local Chevrolet dealer prove it to you.

As that old saying goes, it's what inside that counts. The Corvette Z06 is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. It's inner beauty makes the rest look lackluster in comparison. Speaking of the rest, let's take a look at the Corvette's bragging rights.

Beautiful Inside and Out

If you haven't driven or ridden inside a supercar before, you don't know what you're missing. But, we'll tell you. Driving a supercar is all about the experience. In the Chevy Corvette Z06, that experience is as driver-centric as you can get, with a jet fighter-like feel reported by those lucky enough to get behind the wheel.  

The seats for both driver and passenger are sturdy, but comfortable. Depending on how you intend to drive this machine, Chevy offers power side bolsters for the seats. Optional sports seats enhance that feeling of being securely in place and solidly in control.  

Speaking of control, the Corvette's center console has a dial that allows the driver to choose from five driving options: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track. Even cooler, drivers can customize each one with a unique layout displayed on the dash. The Vette's infotainment capabilities are controlled on an eight-inch display.

Though most consumers wouldn't think it, the Corvette Z06 actually features an impressive amount of storage in the coupe and convertible models. The coupe has fifteen cubic feet of cargo space - ideal for weekend getaway luggage, while the convertible's is smaller due to the car's design, but still spacious at ten cubic feet.

Powering the Corvette Z06 is a naturally aspirated V8 engine which roars to the tune of 650 horses flying out of the gate before the competition has even posted to their positions.  

The Rest of the Supercar Class

There are plenty of supercars available today. As a status symbol, supercars reign supreme. But, when it comes to the best, there can only be one. And that one is the Corvette Z06. In order to fully appreciate the muscle and grit of this machine, consider its rivals.

Dodge Viper SRT - Track or Bust!

Ah, the Dodge Viper. Chevy's longtime rival in the historic American pony wars. This car is fast, make no mistake. Running just shy of the Vette by ten horses, the 640 horsepowered Viper might be close, but it's about as far from the Vette's price point as you can imagine. Those ten missing horses come at a hefty tag of $102,385.  

There is no hiding that this serpentine sports car is lacking when it comes to creature comforts. Leather only goes so far when it comes to a cushy ride. Consider the fact that the Viper is equipped with six-point racing harnesses and its narrow seats sport extra-large side bolsters. This car is meant for the track. Unless you intend to race it, this sports car is not ideal.

Nissan GTR - A "Normal" Supercar

The Nissan GTR's interior was recently reviewed as comparable to a "normal" car, but with significantly less storage space at 8.8 cubic feet. Add that to its engine's 545 horsepower, the weakest among these rivals, and what's left is a supercar, minus the super part. Although it's priced like a supercar at $101,700, the Nissan GTR doesn't offer nearly as much bang for your buck as the Z06.

BMW M6 - An Inconvenient Interface

One of the draws of the BMW's interior is the iDrive interface system, which drivers use to control all of the systems. However, many drivers bemoan the amount of time and maneuvers on the dial needed to arrive at the function you want. With the Z06, drivers can access all systems easily, which makes the Corvette a more convenient and safer interior design.   

Priced at $111,900, the BMW M6 generates 560 horsepower, no where near fast enough to keep up with the Z06.  

Audi R8 V10 Plus - A Dull Dash

Slower by a full 100 horses compared to the Z06, the Audi R8 V10 Plus might be comfortable, but it's inconvenient. The swooping center stack looks good, but makes it hard for the driver to reach the necessary controls and buttons. Compared to other supercars, the Audi R8's electronics look dated, and for $173,500, no one expects anything less than cutting edge.  

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS GT - Created for Contortionists

Although they look cool in an old-school superhero kind of way, the gullwing doors on the Mercedes Benz AMG SLS GT open wide enough, but require passengers to contort themselves in order to reach their seats. Once seated, reaching the door to close it requires serious arm length, stretched upwards.  

For a base price of $221,580, this GT generates 583 horsepower. Not enough ponies for the price.  

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 - It's a Stretch

Priced similarly to the Mercedes Benz GT, the Lamborghini Huracan costs $237,250, but does offer more horsepower at 601, but still not as much as the Corvette Z06. Again, not unlike the GT, the Huracan's design tests passengers flexibility when it comes to getting into and out of the vehicle.  

Just as the BMW M6 features a problematic interface, the Huracan leaves every control to the driver, which isn't a great idea when it comes to infotainment features. Given the power of this supercar, allowing the passenger to play deejay is probably wise.  

The 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 Reigns Supreme

When you consider everything that a supercar stands for: speed, style, the quintessential driving experience, it is easy to see that this year's Corvette Z06 has it all.  

Although it has been an icon on the American automotive scene for generations, the latest iteration of the Corvette proves that Chevy is committed to moving with the times and creating cutting edge performance machines for its consumers.  

Between it's unbelievably reasonable pricing, segment-leading power, and enviable interior, Chevy's Corvette Z06 is the most super of the supercar class.  



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