Ready for the Super Bowl? Best Football Accessories for the Colorado



The 2016 Chevy Colorado is known for its power and hauling capabilities, and many drivers appreciate the abundance of cargo room. However, many of these pickup owners are unaware that their vehicle is actually the perfect vehicle for a tailgate. With plenty of room to store food and beverages, you can count on your Colorado to accompany you to that stadium parking lot. Furthermore, that powerful engine will also be appreciated as you look to get out of that parking lot at the end of the game.  

Of course, you're going to want to equip your truck with some much-needed tailgating accessories. We've got you covered there, as we've compiled several of our favorite tailgating features. This way, when next football season comes around, you know that your Colorado will be primed and ready...





You're going to want some relief from the sun, especially if you're tailgating in the middle of the summer. That's when an awning comes in handy. The shade easily mounts to the roof of your Colorado, and you could be hiding from the sun in a matter of minutes. This is especially important if you're going to be drinking, as the sun could really take its toll. 

Of course, you can get a bit more creative than the awning shown above (although that's still perfectly capable). Some awnings feature a surrounding mosquito net, and some even provide "sturdy" walls to create a makeshift room. You can also accessorize the awning with a wind breaker, helping shield you and your guests from the weather and wind.





If you're planning on throwing quite the shindig outside of the stadium, you're going to want to stock up on food and drinks. Even with the Colorado's sizable truck bed, you're always going to be looking for some extra room. Hidable storage cases are perfect for packing those extra drinks and snacks. Many of them install to the side or roof of your pickup, and they don't get in the way of any of the truck's occupants. Other cargo containers can seamlessly fit under the Colorado's seats, allowing you to hide some of your more treasured beverages. 

Of course, there are also accessories that can help you better utilize the space in your truck bed. Wheel well storage containers will seamlessly fit on the side of your bed, giving you an extra place to keep your ice. Meanwhile, a cargo bar will assure that all of your goods stay secured and separated. Finally, a Tonneau cover will help keep all of the food, drinks, and tailgating accessories dry. 





Now, we're not talking about the grille you'd find in the front of your Colorado (thanks for allowing us the pun). We're talking about an actual grilling grill, allowing you to cook up some burgers or steaks before the big game. 

You don't need anything too elaborate, and there are several portable grills that will mount to the back of your truck bed. This means you won't have to waste that precious room on a giant grill, but this also means you won't have to rely on chips and cookies for dinner! A grill is an absolute necessity for tailgating, and considering the convenience of some of these units, there's no excuse not to have one.





You're going to want a place to put all your food and beverages, especially if you're going to be cooking. That's why a table is an excellent idea for tailgating. To be clear, we're not talking about a generic fold-up table that you can throw into your truck's bed. That's not only boring, but it would also take up some dedicated space. 

That's why you should add a hitch-mounted table to the back of your pickup. The unit will unfold right from the back of your vehicle, transforming into a serving area. 

If you're going to be using your truck bed as a serving area, you have to make sure that all of the tailgating participants can easily get in and out. That's why a step set is a perfect inclusion to a pickup, as it allows for easy access. That means no one will have to uncomfortably climb into the back of your truck to get that one final burger, and trust us... that's better for everybody. 

It probably goes without saying, but you're going to want places to sit as well. The back of a truck is a solid spot if you only have a couple of buddies, but that could get real crowded, real fast. If you grab several foldable lawn chairs, they'll barely take up any room in your truck's bed.


Air Mattress



Drinking and driving certainly isn't the right option when you're feeling good after a game, so it might be clever to plan ahead. There are actually air mattresses that will fit into specific truck beds, with the designers taking into account the amount of space and the wheel wells. While you'd probably want to pursue a tent or some kind of protective covering, the air mattress will at least provide you with some comfort as you get that much-needed rest.





Speakers can truly transform your party from a dud into a rocking good time. Sure, the Colorado's audio system is actually fantastic, but you're going to want something crazy as you attempt to compete with the hundreds of other speakers that will likely be in the parking lot. 

Therefore, you should bring along some high-power speakers, and there are several affordable options online. Whether you want to listen to some sports talk or crank some music for the dance floor, it will now all be possible. 


There's no reason to have an ordinary tailgating experience. Why not make it the ultimate party by opting for any of the accessories mentioned above. Whether you're looking for some extra cargo space, a place to serve all of your food, or just simply a place to sit, there are plenty of ways you can adapt your 2016 Chevy Colorado for the stadium parking lot.