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The crossover market is growing as more and more families are demanding stylish vehicles that can also accommodate their large space needs. Frumpy minivans are falling by the wayside, and sporty SUVs are becoming ever more popular.

Enter the Mitsubishi Outlander. The mid-size crossover is now in its third generation, and it has been making waves across the United States. The Japanese SUV is roomy, stylish and modern, providing everything that a family needs.

The History of the Outlander

The year 2001 marked the introduction of the Mitsubishi Outlander, but it would be a few years before we would see a Mitsubishi Outlander dealer. The Outlander was first marketed as the Mitsubishi Airtrek, and it was initially sold only at a dealership in Japan known as Car Plaza.

The Outlander/Airtrek was modeled after the Mitsubishi ASX (Active Sport Crossover) concept vehicle, which was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in 2001. The vehicle sought to balance SUV qualities like off-roading capability and all-season competence with car-like qualities such as fuel economy and lower emissions.

The first generation came with either front- or four-wheel drive and one of two engine choices. A high-performance model was introduced the following year with an optional turbocharged engine.

The Outlander name was introduced in 2003, when the vehicle came to the United States and replaced the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. The name was chosen for the sense of adventure it invoked. Mitsubishi would drop the Airtrek name completely with the second generation, introduced in 2005.

The second generation was produced until 2013, and it underwent many changes. The first rollout included a new 3.0-liter V6 SOHC MIVEC engine that offered more power. The body was shortened to protect the fuel economy, but the Outlander was still able to seat seven.

The second generation Outlander also introduced the "Flap-Fold Tailgate," which allowed one half of the back gate to fold flat for easy loading and for use as a seat during tailgating.

Design updates were introduced in 2008 and 2010, including exterior style changes and engine updates. Mitsubishi also slowly dropped its other SUV offerings over the years of the Outlander's second generation, eventually making the Outlander the only model with all-wheel drive to seat up to seven.

The third and current generation of the Mitsubishi Outlander was introduced in the United States in 2013, but it made a preview in European markets in late 2012. The new model was built with high-tensile strength steel and dropped about 200 pounds, improving the fuel economy. Other updates included higher-quality materials in the interior, more insulation around the cabin for a quieter ride, improved suspension, and improved safety features such as a forward collision mitigation system and a lane-departure warning system.

A plug-in hybrid was also introduced in the third generation. The hybrid had a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine and a 300V 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack with an all-electric range of 37 miles. In hybrid mode, the Outlander could get 44 mpg.

Sales of the Outlander have stayed strong over the years, and a new model is getting ready to make its debut at your local Mitsubishi Outlander dealership.

Coming Soon: 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

In a few more months, we should see the next iteration of this popular mid-size crossover at a local Mitsubishi Outlander dealer.

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander has received a makeover for a more distinctive look. The front grille is all chrome and sharp angles, with a couple of headlights and the Mitsubishi diamonds logo thrown in. Tiny daytime running lights look like diamonds hidden in pockets flanking the grille. Chrome accents are seen throughout, such as along the roof edges, at the side mirrors, at the body base, and across the rear fender.

Inside, the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander has new soft-touch trim and seating. The same three rows of seating are present, offering room for seven.

Improved sound insulation, dynamic front suspension and rear differential dampers make for a quieter and smoother ride, even over bumpy terrain. Creating a quieter ride was a priority in the redesign, and Mitsubishi delivered on its goals.

Under the hood, the Outlander boasts a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, a continuously variable transmission and front-wheel drive. The engine only puts out 148 horse power, which is not quite as much as some other SUVs in the class. However, the Outlander's target market is the family, and few of its buyers are likely to need to haul heavy loads or to ramble over challenging off-road trails on the weekends. All-wheel drive is optional for those who want a little more oomph in inclement weather, such as for tearing through snow more safely.

The higher trim level GT also comes with a more powerful 168-horse power engine that comes standard with all-wheel drive.

What many families will love is that the new Outlander comes with more safety features, including adaptive cruise control, forward-collision mitigation, and lane-departure warning system (all standard on SEL and GT trims).

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander will also come with a modest price cut, starting at just $23,845 for the base model. The Outlander is one of the least expensive vehicles to seat seven on the market. (The Dodge Grand Caravan beats its price, but the minivan is slated to be discontinued as Dodge shifts its focus to performance vehicles.)

Outlander Sport: The People's Crossover

Unlike its namesake, the Outlander Sport is much smaller and is built for fast-paced urban living. This is a crossover that will serve small families just as well as young professionals or couples. You can feel as good running errands in it (thanks to its fuel economy) as you can driving it for a weekend camping trip (thanks to its large cargo room and its durability).

The Outlander Sport loses the third row of seating, which may be limiting for some families but is more accommodating for a larger market. '

The Outlander Sport trades power for adept handling. You won't be able to crawl over boulders in the Outlander Sport, but you will be able to maneuver in and out of traffic quickly. The continuously variable transmission provides fast responsiveness, giving you more control on the road. If you opt for the all-wheel drive system, you can also choose from different driving modes to adapt to your conditions, such as a "lock" mode when driving in snow or other tenuous conditions.

Plenty of features are available on the Outlander Sport, and you can choose optional packages that include items like a nine-speaker premium audio system or advanced safety features. Even with the optional extras, you'll enjoy features like a voice-controlled audio system, heated front seats, 18-inch wheels, an interior pollen filter, and leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Sport starts at $19,595, making it one of the most affordable SUVs on the market. Even if you get a fully-stocked Sport, you'll barely crack $30,000.


Whether you're interested in the 2015 Outlander, the Sport, or the upcoming 2016 model, now is the time to visit your local Mitsubishi Outlander dealer. Miami Lakes Mitsubishi has a wide selection of affordable Mitsubishi models, including the Outlander and Sport. You'll also be able to test drive the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander in just a couple of months. Visit us today to take a test drive of a Mitsubishi and learn more about our affordable financing options.




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