Inside Look at the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Hard Rock


For Those About To Rock, We Salute You

I want a Jeep.  Not a Cherokee, a Wrangler.  Not just a Wrangler, a Rubicon.  And not just a Rubicon, I want the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock - Unlimited.  There are very few times in my very adult life I get to be as excited about something so hard core as this, but I am.  

I’ve seen myself driving it.  I’ve put myself in the driver’s seat maneuvering over boulders, splashing into mud, traversing fields so far off the beaten path that I wonder if anyone could ever find me.  ...would I?  should I?  ….dare I get lost in this dream?    Nah, I’d rather make it my reality with my Miami Jeep dealership.  

The brand new 2015 Jeep Rubicon Hard Rock is aptly named.  It is indeed, hard core. I get the choice of ten different striking colors, each one makes it stands out of in the crowd by looking sharp.  The Jeep Hard Rock looks more refined than my old muddy wrangler.  As an adult who still loves to off-road, but likes to clean up as well, I appreciate it.  

Black Leather Rock

The interior is all black leather.  Not only does black leather always look good, it looks even better when contrasted against the bright bold color palate of the body.  These leather seats are also heated, perfect for freezing winter nights.  

The steering wheel is also leather, which some my question its function, but it’s one of those things that completes the picture.  Its a finishing touch which solidifies the sophistication and refinement this adult jeep offers.  

Devil in the Details

This is the adult Jeep that speaks to the teenager in me.  The Rubicon emblem is embroidered on the seats along with ornamental stitching along the leather seats.  The devil really is in the details of this Hard Rock Unlimited Edition.  

Does there need to be a leather clad steering wheel?  No, but did Robert Plant’s leather pants need to be so tight?  You don’t ask when it comes to leather.  You just say “yes” because it feels good.  

The all black dashboard is broken up by select accents of QuickSilver hardware that add an overall modern and finished style.  The steering wheel, besides being wrapped in leather, features audio controls for the Alpine audio system.  


Along with bluetooth connection and Alpine Audio, Jeep Rubicon is offering UConnect, an onboard computer system that allows you to stay connected.  By offering steering wheel controls as well as a touch screen display on dashboard, you can also chose to operate this system by voice or remotely from your cell phone by bluetooth compatibility.  

By syncing UConnect with your cell phone all your contacts become available.  You can also used voice activation for commands that will direct you to applications like navigation, satellite XM radio or hands free calling so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.  With Wifi connectivity you have access to email, weather, websites and all information to guide your trip.  

Alpine Audio Goes to Eleven

This Jeep comes equipped with a killer audio system and I should expect no less of the Hard Rock edition.   As one of the world’s best automated audio systems, it is no surprise I should find it an Unlimited Edition.  

The Hard Rock boasts a nine speaker system to emphasize full surround sound.  

Being that I missed the best of the ‘Arena Rock’ years as a zygote in my mother’s womb, appropriately placed speakers provide me with the exact sound quality to give the experience of being in a full stadium while driving down the open road.

An all weather subwoofer protects your base against the elements ensuring that rain or shine, you feel that way down inside, woman, like John Paul Jones intended.     

In the Days of My Youth….

Listen, if I could go back to the days of my 1990 Wrangler with an unlimited budget to make it ready for all the trails and off roading I know it could’ve handled, I would, but in this world, I can't.  That’s why the Hard Rock Jeep is the perfect answer to the teenager that’s still inside this adult body.  It already comes equipped all the power to boast high performance.  

I don't need to do anything extra to it.  Jeep's already taken care of that for me.

Ramble On

Basics:  V6 engine, roc 4X4 system, and keeping with the Jeep brand, it boasts trail rated capability.  

With 17” aluminum wheels shod with LT255/5R17 black sidewall off road tires, and a dual intake power hood dome custom designed with functional vents for cooling and added performance.  Also, with the tons of extra goodies to make me feel as giddy as Christmas morning, its like all those years without my jeep has spiraled me into off-roading heaven.  

4:1 low gear ratio, brake lock differentials, Tru-Lok electronic locking differentials, electronic front sway bar disconnect, Dana 44 front and rear wheel axles and standard 4.1 rear axle ratio.  also dual red two hooks on both front and rear bumpers. premium rock rails and rear bumper capable of accommodating spare tire carrier.   

Good Times 

Owning a jeep this hardcore, you’ve tapped into a special part of yourself.  You’re celebrating that part of you that loves to get lost in the wilderness, who seeks outdoor adventure.  As lovely as it is to sometimes be alone in these moments, its comforting to know that there’s an entire community of people who’ve tapped into that same part of themselves.  Jeep owners and enthusiasts are just those people.  Stay connected by sharing your stories with other owners who have the same love for getting muddy and getting outside on the Jeep.  

Rock On

When you think Hard Rock you think Zeppelin, you think Ozzy and Lemmy, you think Spinal Tap (well, I do).  Hard Rock is celebration of loud aggressive riffs played by professional musicians clad in skin tight leather and  who’s job it is to transcend, to lead you to another place take you right to the very edge. The Hard Rock Jeep does exactly that.  It appeals the teenager in me who needs it cranked to eleven.  It appeals to the extremist in me who sees that mountain and needs to climb it and and it appeals to the adult in me who knows I can still rock it, but now I do it with it bit more polish.  



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