Exploring the Jeep Compass' 'Convenience Groups'




If you're familiar with Jeep's various offerings, you're probably aware of the brand's many 'option groups.' These available packages help transform your desired nameplate, adding touches of convenience, comfort, and technology. 

The 2016 Jeep Compass certainly offers a whole lot of optional choices, which we've previously touched on. While we all can appreciate the amenities and features available via the 'Performance and Capability Groups,' we're going to dive into more specifics on the Compass's available 'Convenience Groups.'

Each of these offerings provides drivers with creative features that aren't included in the standard Jeep Compass. For instance, drivers can acquire the heated foldaway mirrors via the 'Power Value Group,' while the 'Security and Cargo Convenience Group' provides the helpful and informative Electronic Vehicle Information Center. Drivers can even opt for an elaborate sound system via the 'Sun/Sound Group.'

As you can see each of these offerings appeals to different types of drivers. Fortunately, each of these 'groups' has been generally commended and embraced by pundits and customers, so no matter which option you choose, you won't be making a bad decision. Let's dive into the specifics on each of these groups and see what features and amenities they offer...


Power Value Group



Are you looking to spruce up your new Jeep Compass without breaking the bank? Perhaps the available 'Power Value Group' package will be the best option for you. This offering includes a number of amenities that will help modernize your exterior.

For starters, the Remote Keyless/Illuminated Entry system impacts convenience and security. Thanks to the technology, drivers can lock or unlock their doors or activate the Panic Alarm from up to 300 feet away. This means owners can detract any potential thieves from entering their new SUV. Meanwhile, the ability to automatically access the rear liftgate may not seem like a big deal, but you'll quickly recognize the importance of this function as you're attempting to load two handfuls of groceries.

Speaking of convenience, the power windows with the 'driver one-touch' capabilities allows drivers to easily access the fresh air. With a simple push of a button, a driver can choose to either open or close their windows. As a result, they don't have to unsafely shift focus away from the windshield as they attempt to get some fresh air.

Meanwhile, the power and heated foldaway mirrors provide the driver with optimal visibility. The mirrors can automatically be adjusted to provide the best possible vantage point of the road, and they can even be hidden, thus protecting them from any unruly drivers. Plus, the mirrors' ability to melt snow and ice will assure that you can rely on the feature even during the coldest months. While you'd ordinarily have to wait for these mirrors to slowly defrost, you can be confident that they'll clear of accumulation in no time.

Other amenities included in the package are the body-color door handles and liftgate applique, automatic headlamps, and the speed-sensitive power door locks (which will automatically activate when a driver has reached a certain speed).


Security and Cargo Convenience Group



Jeep's SUVs already offer a number of security features, as well as an abundance of cargo room. Still, there's no reason why drivers can't ask for more from their Compass, even despite the presence of these impressive attributes.

For example, the accompanying security alarm keeps track of the Compass's door movement, assuring that no unwelcomed guests suddenly access the cabin. Meanwhile, the universal garage door opener allows drivers to easily park indoors, so the driver doesn't have to walk through the dark to enter their home.

Engineers even included a soft tonneau cargo cover to their Compass, allowing passengers to hide their most valuable equipment. While some thieves may be enticed following a simple peek through the windows, the cover will hide any cargo that you wish to leave unseen.

There are several other convenience features included in the 2016 Jeep Compass Latitude. The Electronic Vehicle Information Center provides drivers with a wealth of useful information, including their speed, vehicle diagnostics, and fuel economy. The accompanying Tire Pressure Monitoring Display will alert the driver when their tires have gotten too low, thus preventing any unexpected accidents. If drivers opt for the High Altitude edition, they'll receive access to a remote start system, a unit that will be much appreciated during the cold winter months.


Sun/Sound Group



Drivers want an ideal driving experience, regardless of the nameplate they ultimately opt for. The Sun/Sound Group will deliver two features that will help transform any commute or road trip.

For starters, the power sunroof includes an express open/close feature, meaning owners won't have to finagle with the controls to access the fresh air. The inclusion of the sliding sunshade also means that occupants won't be bothered by that warm, pesky sun.

Of course, if you're going to be traveling with your windows down and the sunroof open, you're presumably going to want to be jamming out to all of your favorite tunes. Well, drivers will be hard pressed to find a better sound system and listening experience than the one delivered by the Compass. The 368-watt, nine-speaker Boston Acoustics Premium Sound System (available on the Latitude and High Altitude) includes a powerful subwoofer and a pair of flip-down rear liftgate speakers, meaning drivers can appreciate their music even when they're not operating the vehicle.

Of course, there are plenty of ways that drivers can access this music, whether it be via the standard radio or the SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Drivers can even seamlessly connect their smartphone to the Compass's infotainment center, allowing them to enjoy their favorite playlists.


To be clear, we're not saying that the 2016 Jeep Compass isn't already a capable and extravagant vehicle. The compact SUV pairs excellent performance with innovative (albeit, necessary) features, making for an ideal driving experience.

Of course, as you've seen, there are always ways to take any vehicle to the next level, and the 2016 Jeep Compass' available 'Convenience Group' offerings will deliver both the major and minor amenities you have been seeking.