Your local Miami Dodge dealership is ready and waiting for drivers to come in and survey the technological advancements and streamlined innovation that have become a part of each and every vehicle in our lineup. Don't wait; now is the time to stop in and see what we have to offer. Things have never been better for buyers in the automotive market, and your local Miami Dodge dealership is happy to assist you in making a purchase. But first, let's talk about what we have in store for you.

The Journey

One SUV crossover that will be worth the journey is named as such—the Dodge Journey, at your Miami Dodge dealership. Seating five to seven people the Journey was made specifically to provide drivers with an option that didn't have a big bulky silhouette like so many of the other luxury SUVs. The Journey stays sleek and stylish in all of its presentation, but it is especially so when compared with others that try and fail. 

And drivers won't be sacrificing power when they climb into the Journey to check it out as it rests on their local Miami Dodge dealership show room floor. The Journey will nearly vibrate with anticipation as drivers clamor about the intuitive cab design, their feet brushing up against the gas peddle making the Journey wish it was out on the open road, using its 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine to zip and zoom around curves and twisty roads that would leave other, lesser SUVs panting in exhaustion.

The Journey's 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine conjures 283 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, sending the competition doggedly running for the hills. The Pentastar engine is a four cylinder, meaning that it's intuitive that the Journey would have a great fuel economy, one of the best in its class. Smooth, sleek, stylish, streamlined, and raring to go, the Journey waits for you at your local Miami Dodge dealership. Don't keep it waiting. This crossover SUV wants to move!

The Durango

If you haven't seen a black on black Durango Citadel yet, then you need to check out what has connoisseurs of high end SUVs making sure they aren't dreaming. The way the Durango Citadel seems to tower up from the asphalt, striking an impressive pose that moves with a ride so smooth you'll wonder if there isn't some kind of next generation technology keeping it afloat. This ivory tower of SUVs is something truly to behold, and can be at your local Miami Dodge dealership. 

But it's not all looks with the Durango, as most drivers are aware since this beast casts a long shadow of impressive reputation. The Durango is revered and trusted by those that need to safely and efficiently move their family from home to vacation, or just from home to school, and even those who only need worry about themselves. There is a reason that these gems gleam so brightly at Miami Dodge dealerships everywhere, and that's because the Durango can stand tall and proud and still run twenty-five miles to every gallon of gasoline you fill it with. Meaning that you can drive this behemoth with an easy mind, knowing that you aren't leaving a massive carbon footprint everywhere you go—although you will, most assuredly, leave a lasting and indelible impression on everyone that lays eyes on your Durango.

The Viper

Some drivers don't come to a Miami Dodge dealership for the SUVs, though. In fact, for many drivers that is the absolute last thing on their minds; they want raw power and the ultimate in luxury—a status symbol in and of itself. For these drivers the Viper exists. This kind of extreme excellence is the sort hard earned, and the three models—SRT, GT, and GTS—have price points of $84,995, $94,995, and $107,995 respectively. And although that amount of money sounds like a bundle, drivers have cried out for a super car, and that's exactly what Dodge created.

The Dodge Viper looks like something that would zip out of a race car drivers dreams; except instead of making break neck speeds to the track, this super car is so stylish that it'll stop people dead in their tracks all over town. The engine the Viper sports is a hand crafted, all aluminum 8.4L V10. It's a manual, giving drivers the control they want over their vehicle, and musters 645 horsepower along with 600 foot pounds of torque.

And something that really sets this super car a part from the rest, something that many manufacturers will boisterously claim to support but never deliver on, is that it's made in America. Not only is it made in our great nation, it's made in Detroit, the cradle of automotive innovation. How fitting that patriots everywhere can purchase this vehicle and know that the money they spend will support the working men and women of the United States of America, making this super car as American as apple pie and as exciting as landing on the moon—something well worth stopping in your local Miami Dodge dealership to check out.

The Challenger

The challenger is a muscle car that won't break the bank. With a price point of $26,995 dollars it's as affordable as it is sexy. Because this muscle car isn't bulky at all, instead opting for simple lines and gracious curves. And not only is it simplistic in its over beauty, but its fuel efficiency is something so common sense drivers everywhere are wondering why some of its features aren't standard in every dealership, not just Miami Dodge dealerships.

When the 485 horse power 6.4L HEMI engine detects that all eight cylinders are no longer needed, it drops back to utilizing just four cylinders. How long will this transfer take? Many drivers ask this, fearing that it will take more than a second and come with the tell tale jerking of something being shifted in the engine. Drivers can rest assured that there is not tell tale shift in momentum, though, and that the change in cylinder use takes less than a tenth of a second. That's right, drivers won't even have time to register that the shift even took place. That's something that can only be found in Dodge innovation.

Head to Your Local Miami Dodge Dealership Now

Besides maybe death and taxes, nothing in life is certain. But, if you head to a Miami Dodge dealership you can know that not only are you making one of the wisest automotive investment choices that you can make, but that you are looking at the best line up of cars, trucks, SUVs, and super cars in the world. There is simply none that surpass Dodge ingenuity and invention. Not only this, but with the Dodge Viper being made in Detroit, the engine hand crafted by American men and women, shopping Dodge is one of the most patriotic things you can do.

Don't settle for less. Don't think that you'll get the Dodge you want next year—make a Miami Dodge dealership a destination spot today so you can seat yourself behind the wheel of success when you purchase a Dodge, and know that your patronage supports the great nation that means so much to you.